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providing children with help and hope mission statement the second mile challenges young..been a rare occurrence in the history of the second mile,..past year’s financials are an aberration in our history of supporting...

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Providing Children with Help and Hope Mission Statement The Second Mile challenges young people to achieve their potential as individuals and community members by providing opportunities for them to develop positive life skills and self-esteem as well as by providing education and support for parents and professionals addressing the needs of youth. THE SECOND MILE ANNUAL REPORT 2010
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A Year Like No Other In this column last year, we wrote that “we anticipate that 2010 will continue to be challenging” and, indeed, it was – challenging like never before in our history. As in 2009, The Second Mile received more requests to help children and teens than ever. Unfortunately, unlike the previous year, in serving the children who needed us, we spent significantly more than we raised in 2010: we had a $228,000 loss in our net cash flow for operations. Thanks to you, our donors, spending more than we raise has been a rare occurrence in the history of The Second Mile, but last year, overall giving to all charities was down 11%. So we are very thankful that our Board has managed The Second Mile prudently, creating a “rainy day” fund for years such as this past one. The Second Mile was able to use that fund to provide the needed services. Of course, we want to continue serving those children who have come to count on us, but we cannot continue to operate a deficit budget. The arithmetic is clear: $228,000 = our entire Leadership Institute or all 6 of our Friend Programs or 4 Challenge Program camp weeks. In order to keep our commitments to those children who are now part of The Second Mile family, we need your help to make sure that this past year’s financials are an aberration in our history of supporting the children who need us. The children we serve have often experienced many broken promises in their young lives; that’s why our mantra has always been, “No broken promises, ever.” We need to continue to be the family they can count on! You generously reached into your pockets and your purses last year and continue to do so, and that is certainly what makes it possible for so many children to count on us. But we know that you, too, want to make sure we return to a funding level this year that enables us to serve every child who is part of our family. Can you introduce the needs of Second Mile children to friends and family? Is there a business colleague who might be interested in sponsoring a Second Mile event or a corporation that might be willing to sponsor a camp week if you asked? This year, more than any other, we are asking for your help in connecting us to others, like you, who care Board Chairman Bob Poole and President/CEO Dr. Jack Raykovitz about children who need someone to “go the second mile” for them. Let us know if you need additional information from us or The Second Mile staff in order to do that. Together, we can keep our promises. Jack Raykovitz, Ph. D. President/CEO Bob Poole Board Chair
Revenue Other Revenues Special Projects Net Assets Released from Restrictions Individuals Statement of Revenues, Expenses, & Changes in Fund Restrictions REVENUES Individuals Corporations Foundations Organizations Special Events Income Expenses Special Projects Other Revenues (Expenses) Net Assets Released from Restrictions Total Revenues 76,377 217,746 $ 2,659,396 $ 1,030,386 $ 304,861 725,525 147,944 $ 438,308 633,880 361,783 57,833 Special Events Corporations Organizations Foundations Operating Expenses 218,330 161,565 166,902 221,724 148,192 87,216 43,062 390,387 196,466 356,454 921 EXPENSES Community Education Foster Care Friend/Friend Fitness Fundraising General Programs Leadership Institute Management and General Nittany Lion Tips $ 290,080 241,295 398,362 423,586 239,640 247,567 269,099 131,090 31,988 571,318 $ 2,844,025 Foster Care Fundraising Challenge Management and General Leadership Institute Community Education Nittany Lion Tips Friend/Friend Fitness Prevention: Education & Awareness for Kids (PEAK) Summer Challenge Total Expenses PEAK General Programs FUND RESTRICTION CHANGES Contributions Interest Income Realized and unrealized loss on investments, net 28,008 Net Assets Released from Restriction (217,746) $ 142,202 62,069 $ 14,533 $2,300 $ (167,796) $ 9,142,485 $ 8,974,689 NONOPERATING REVENUE INCREASE IN NET ASSETS NET ASSETS, BEGINNING NET ASSETS, ENDING
Programs and Services 2010 Number of Individuals Served* *Nittany Lion Tips, PEAK, Leadership Institute, and Challenge Programs only ERIE 8,302 CRAWFORD 3,202 1,990 Northwest Region FOREST VENANGO WARREN 2,790 ELK MCKEAN 1,890 CAMERON POTTER BRADFORD 1,156 TIOGA 3,029 SULLIVAN SUSQUEHANNA 2,980 3,675 WYOMING WAYNE 250 2,795 LAWRENCE MERCER 2,770 2,365 CLARION JEFFERSON 3,508 520 4,432 CLEARFIELD CENTRE CLINTON 8,032 LYCOMING 598 730 LACKAWANNA 4,394 1,501 MONTOUR COLUMBIA 1,910 BEAVER 8,610 BUTLER 8,581 ARMSTRONG 20,613 5,397 MIFFLIN 3,195 3,541 JUNIATA SNYDER UNION 1,520 4,931 6,912 6,915 SCHUYLKILL CARBON LUZERNE Northeast Region 2,346 NORTHAMPTON MONROE 1,020 PIKE 2,232 NORTHUMBERLAND 4,529 Southwest Region 23,756 WESTMORELAND ALLEGHENY 2,231 17,051 CAMBRIA INDIANA Central Region BLAIR 9,749 6,330 10,909 HUNTINGDON 1,037 11,524 21,175 BERKS LEHIGH 6,915 2,577 14,536 CUMBERLAND PERRY 19,962 DAUPHIN WASHINGTON 11,638 4,512 8,473 LANCASTER LEBANON MONTGOMERY 15,317 BUCKS 2,540 Southcentral Region YORK 26,271 PHILADELPHIA 1,020 GREENE 3,770 FAYETTE 2,510 SOMERSET 2,416 BEDFORD 521 FULTON 6,885 FRANKLIN 26,718 5,728 ADAMS 24,978 23,310 CHESTER Southeast Region 7,009 DELAWARE 11,705 Additional Regional Program Services: Central Region 380 Participated in Friend 26 Participated in Friend Fitness 53 Received Children’s Fund awards 1,008 Participated in Foster Family activities 82 Attended 395 Counseling Sessions (not included on map) Southwest Region 200 Participated in Foster Family activities Southeast Region 147 Participated in Friend 93 Participated in Friend Fitness 47 Received Children’s Fund awards 127 Participated in Foster Family activities Southcentral Region 99 Participated in Friend 45 Received Children’s Fund awards 2,021 Participated in Foster Family activities Northeast/Northwest Region 2 Received Children’s Fund award 773 Participated in Foster Family activities
You Help Change Children’s Lives… A “THANK YOU” FOR YOUR IMPACT FROM TWO SECOND MILE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE PARTICIPANTS “During high school, I participated in The Second Mile Leadership Institute. Through the program, I learned leadership skills and ways I can give back to my school and community. The program gave me confidence to run for my high school’s student council, where I was elected Vice President during my senior year, and I was also selected to as Salutatorian at my graduation ceremony. Now, as a freshman at Penn State University, I am looking forward to expanding my leadership skills and meeting new people. I would not have had the skills or confidence to do any of this without The Second Mile. Thank you for all that you have done for me.” -Poi Veng Suon Statewide Program Service Totals 626 119 782 82 124 147 4,124 322 201,825 280,125 582 5,754 Participated in safe activities with caring mentors through the Friend Program Built outer strength and inner character through the Friend Fitness Program Developed key skills and set personal goals through the Challenge Program Benefited from 395 Counseling sessions Received Guidance and Referral information Received critical support through the Children’s Scholarship Fund Enjoyed recreation and support through 59 Foster Family Support activities Learned leadership skills to heal communities through the Leadership Institute Addressed important issues through the Nittany Lion Tips Program* Learned new skills through PEAK Videos I or II or Play Kit I* Participated in Professional Training through 55 different sessions Attended 50 Community Education presentations * estimated number based upon counselor reports The Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society The Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society recognizes those individuals who have made an estate provision for, or a planned or deferred gift commitment to, The Second Mile. These gift commitments could include a bequest in a will or living trust, the designation of The Second Mile as Anonymous John Barry* Daniel and Kimberly Bright Wendell and Linette Courtney Doris Daniels Kenneth and Susan Ewing Robert Forbes Frank Franco Blake and Linda Gall Drew Garban Les W. Hart Ben and Robin Heim Bruce and Susan Heim Robert* and Carol Herrmann Steve and Ricki Hevner Martha Hostetter Lloyd and Dottie Huck Jack Infield Robert and Jean Kistler Sanford and Kathryn Kranich* Dallas and Di Krapf Ronald and Dianne Lewis Ralph Licastro and Laura Reidy Brad and Susan Lunsford Bill and Amy Sue Martin Bob and Marilyn Mayer Jack R. Nemes Fred* and Joyce Nicholas Kim Ortenzio-Nielsen Mike Patrick Sophie W. Penney Carol Pioli Alec Pringle John R. Raykovitz and Katherine Genovese Neal and Linda Rhoads Dan and Nancy Ring Jerry and Dorothy Sandusky DrueAnne Schreyer The Schreyer Foundation - William Schreyer Steve and Amy Seltzer Lance and Ellen Shaner Harold and Eileen Shaub* Jack Shaub Harry K. Sickler, Jr. J. Lawrence and Molly P Snavely . Donald Stripling Fred Strouse Mike and Lynda Sullivan Peter and Karen Weiler Verne Willaman David and Hollie Woodle *Deceased “Staff who work with students in the Migrant Education Program nominated me for a wonderful opportunity – to participate in The Second Mile’s Leadership Institute. The Second Mile motivated me to learn how to be courageous, confident, and resilient, and taught me the importance of staying positive in order to be a great leader. The Institute also helped improve my social skills as my team initiated a project in our schools, a Celebration of Diversity. I also decided to serve others in ways beyond our team project: the program motivated me to spend time doing community service by becoming a companion to the elderly and disabled and by picking up trash to beautify our neighborhood. The Second Mile taught me that I can have an impact on our society, the environment and my community. As a freshman at Penn State University Park, I want to continue to give back by volunteering to educate and encourage my peers to accomplish their goals. I know that without the support of The Second Mile, I would not have gotten this far.” -Theara Lanh the beneficiary of a retirement plan, a charitable remainder trust, the gift of a life insurance policy naming The Second Mile as beneficiary, and/or the execution of an estate note. We wish to thank the members of this society for providing a foundation for the future of our organization. “We are very proud to support The Second Mile in their endeavors to make life better for today’s youth. The opportunity to change lives and better prepare our youth for life is very Dallas and Di Krapf exciting, and the programs that The Second Mile offers truly have a big impact on young people when they need help most. One of the ways that The Second Mile’s impact can continue to grow is if you plan to make a gift to the Arthur C. and Evelyn M. Sandusky Society and challenge others in the community to join us. We look forward to the year ahead and welcome you to be a part of this wonderful organization, making it a part of your estate planning.” —Dallas and Di Krapf
Prevention Programs Nittany Lion Tips Nittany Lion Tips are sports trading cards featuring short educational or motivational messages from Penn State athletes. These are timely and diverse messages that pertain to issues of normal development. Each set consists of 25 unique Tips from student-athletes on the football, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, and wrestling teams. Nittany Lion Tips have been distributed by more than 1,755 school counselors and other youth-service professionals to students in elementary and middle school. Counselors reported that, on average, they used the program with 115 students. Each of the two annual additions are accompanied with a facilitators guide, which offers further concepts and activities that expand on the ideas found on the cards. The Second Mile Leadership Institute teaches, encourages, and empowers students from across Pennsylvania to make a difference in their school communities. Each spring, teams of high school sophomores, along with faculty mentors, attend a four-day conference featuring workshops and guest speakers that focus on topics ranging from fundraising and publicity to group function and communication styles. After the Institute, students return home to carry out a service project that they planned during the conference. In 2010, 322 participants representing 62 high schools attended the Institute and are now working on a broad range of projects that will improve their communities. “Thank you for providing this wonderful resource. I used them as a reward during Red Ribbon week this year.” —School Counselor from Lackawanna County “I want to thank you for the Tips program. We find it very helpful, and the children love the sports cards.” —School Counselor from Erie County “This has been such a valuable experience for our students and even for me as a teacher. The students were able to grow an amazing amount in only four days. The staff made it so productive and used the time so efficiently. Nittany Lion Tips’ athletes share important messages with youth on the card backs. A team at The Leadership Institute works together to guide a ball through a maze. Second Mile Leadership Institute They were creative and dynamic with the kids, good role models, flexible when they needed to be, and always seemed to know the right thing to say to get through to the kids. We cannot wait to implement our project and apply what we all have learned.” —Faculty Mentor from Delaware County Ned and Chris Faust Craig Fayak FB Fiore Brothers, Inc. Leasing Company Michael and Kristen Fiaschetti Brian and Christine Fields Pete and Sue Forster Fort Pitt Capital Group, Inc. Freas Foundation, Inc. Freedom Forge Foundation Frost & Conn, Inc. C. Thomas Fuller Fulton Bank-State College Fulton Bank - Drovers Division Gateway Financial Group, Inc. Daniel and Joyce Gifford Karl and Mary Ann Glocker H.B. Frazer Company The Hankin Group Harrisburg Kiwanis Youth Fdn Inc HB Alexander Foundation, Inc. Heinz North America Bob Hoffman Foundation The Hollinger Group Howard Hanna Real Estate Ifft & Palmer Associates The Angel Society The Second Mile thanks the members of the Angel Society—those individuals, organizations, foundations, and corporations that made an annual gift equal to or greater than $2,000 during fiscal year 9/1/2009 through 8/31/2010. We also recognize here all donors who made an annual gift of more than $500, providing an Angel Scholarship through their annual support. You all are truly “the wind beneath the wings” of Second Mile children. Thank you for helping them soar. $50,000 and Above Blake and Linda Gall Bruce and Susan Heim and Keystone Real Estate Group The Hershey Company Highmark Foundation Maier Family Foundation and Wilheim and Peggy Maier Robert and Marilyn Mayer Bob and Sandra Poole and The Poole Foundation The Schreyer Foundation Shaner Hotel Group and Lance and Ellen Shaner Clyde and Nancy Shuman and Precision Medical, Inc. Turner Construction Company Warnaco Foundation Ferguson Foundation First Community Foundation of PA Gilbane Building Company Graystone Bank Jack and Nancy Hewes Benjamin and Genevieve Hulburt Keystone Real Estate Group and Mick Trombley Kohl Building Products KPMG, LLP Di and Dallas Krapf Leonard S. Fiore, Inc M&T Bank Matt and Patricia Millen David and Carol Nevins Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Poole Anderson Construction Comcast D.C. Goodman & Sons, Inc. JoAnn DeRose and Heritage Hills Golf Resort Dominion Foundation The Family Clothesline Michael and Barb Fiore First National Bank of Pennsylvania Frito-Lay The Gamber Foundation Giorgio Foods, Inc. Glatfelter Insurance Group Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. The Graham Group The Hall Foundation Harry K. Sickler Associates D. Michael and Melissa Hawbaker Benjamin and Robin Heim Heim Family, LP Hoffman Ford Dorothy and J. Lloyd Huck Jack Infield The Jerlyn Foundation O.J. Johnston Kicks 4 Kids Thomas and Sara Songer Linda Strumpf The Struthers Family Foundation Sweetland Engineering & Associates and David Sweetland Kenneth and Patti Sweigart Three Rivers Marine & Rail Terminals United Concordia Companies, Inc. Utz Quality Foods, Inc. Walmart #1640 Walmart #2230 Charles and Patricia Wilcox David and Hollie Woodle World Marketing of America $2,000-$4,999 A. D. Starr A.W. & Sons Enterprise The Air Products Foundation William and Marion Alexander Almo Distributing Pennsylvania, Inc. and Gene and Roz Chaiken Altoona Mirror American Eagle Paper Mills Anonymous Armstrong Foundation *deceased
$20,000 - $49,999 Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Computer Aid, Inc., the Salvaggio Family Foundation, and Tony Salvaggio Ken and Celina Fox The Hamer Foundation Highmark Blue Shield KVF Associates, Inc. L.B. Smith Automotive Group and L.B Smith Estate Foundation The Louis Silvi Foundation Charles and Virginia Pearson L. Edward and Beverly Sausman Sheetz, Inc. Philip and Judy Sieg State Farm Companies Foundation $10,000-$19,999 Anonymous Carlisle Carrier Corporation DeAngelo Brothers, Inc. John and Lisa Dimakopoulos The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation Eddie and Connie Dunklebarger Alec and Jodi Pringle William and Susannah Rothman Richard and Sharon Struthers Super Bakery, Inc. Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. Universal Media, Inc. $5,000-$9,999 AAUW State College Ameriserv Financial Ameron Construction Anonymous Avail Technologies Babst, Calland, Clements, Zomnir Baker Concrete Construction Dennis and Michele Baltzley Bank of America Bill Benton and Lynn Shaub Benton The Blair Companies Blaise Alexander Chrysler-Jeep Carlisle Events Chambers Environmental Group Chester County Community Foundation Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co. Coastal Defense, Inc. Martin Cohen and Cohen & Feeley Colonial Oaks Foundation Dick and Sandy Kile John Lieb Peter and Bonnie Marshall William and Amy Sue Martin Mike McCloskey The McCormick Family Foundation Shawn McCoy Mobile-Rec, Inc. Nittany Beverage Novinger Group, Inc. Paris Business Products The Patrick Organization Petroleum Products Corporation A. Duer and Edna Pierce Pierson Computing Connection Inc. RBC Foundation - USA Rex Energy Rhoads & Sinon, LLP Martin and Laura Riehl S & K Leasing, Inc. and Clyde Shuman S&A Custom Built Homes DrueAnne Schreyer and Rodney Frazier Steven and Amy Seltzer Louie and Holly Sheetz Doug and Tracey Sieg John Smith Edward and Jeanne Arnold Bellefonte Elks Club and Garver Fund Roy Belli Russell Brierley and Sheri Pudlosky-Brierley Capital Blue Cross Donald and Heather Carlino Chad and Jennifer Carlson Centre Concrete Centre County Community Foundation, Inc. Cephalon, Inc. Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort Citizens Bank of PA Citizens Charitable Foundation Clinton County Community Foundation Barbara Conklin Lloyd Dahlem Deloitte & Touche Derry Presbyterian Church Mission and Peace Committee Douglas and Helen Didyoung Diversified Asset Planners, Inc. Gary and Julie Dubler Dubois Business College Tom and Katie Ellis Todd and Julia Erdley Joel Confer Auto Outlet The John Frederick Steinman Foundation Johnson Controls, Inc. Josiah & Bessie Kline Foundation, Inc. Jostens Foundation, Inc. William and Kimberly Kerlin Alan Kirk and Patricia Roenigk Kish Bank Thomas and Phoebe Knepley A. Lawrence Knorr KS Tooling, Inc. L.B. Smith Estate Foundation Lee Industries, Inc. Don and Heidi Leitzell Hank and Karen Lesch Liberty Tire Recycling Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. Dennis and Denise Magill Renee and Donald Marks Jon Martin and Kathy Anderson-Martin Massaro Corporation Marc and Denise McCann McClure Company Members 1st Federal Credit Union Mercedes-Benz of State College Dale and Margy Miller D. Scott and Karen Mitchell PEAK Prevention: Education and Awareness for Kids (PEAK) is a series of videotapes and a play kit that highlight issues such as peer pressure, rejection, and self- esteem. There are currently three modules available to educators, with more than 2,075 school counselors currently using them. All modules are accompanied with facilitators’ guides that provide additional opportunities to further apply the information from the modules. “We used this kit during anti-bullying week. The kids really took a lot from it, and we had some interesting class discussions. I feel like several of the kids made a breakthrough by connecting their actions to the characters in the play.” —Teacher from Allegheny County “The kids enjoyed acting out the play and rotating who got to be each character. Thank you so much for providing this program to schools The Second Mile’s PEAK (Prevention: Education and Awareness for Kids) play kit helps schools combat bullying throughout the Commonwealth. Early Intervention Programs Challenge This year, The Second Mile helped 782 young people develop the skills they need to succeed through its Challenge Program. During their week-long session of residence, Challenge Program participants set behavior and academic goals and decide on community service projects for the upcoming school year. Through encouragement and a positive environment, collegiate counselors, professional staff, and volunteers guide the children to work on self-awareness and skills in conflict resolution and effective communication, as well as goal setting. at no cost.” —School Counselor from Westmoreland County continued next page
Challenge continued “The Second Mile has changed my life. I don’t pre-judge others anymore. I can make friends easily and, most importantly, have fun.” —Participant from Berks County “I am switching jobs, but I will continue to refer kids to the Challenge Program because it is so valuable to the kids who are in it. It’s a great program!” —Youth Service Professional from Juniata County These Challenge campers display teamwork as they propel their canoe through the lake. During the following year, participants use these new skills to earn their way back to the Challenge Program by meeting their goals. The Second Mile offers year-round support to participants, their families, and their counselors through written, phone, or in-person contact to assist in the child’s efforts to achieve his or her goals. During the 2009-2010 school year, The Second Mile staff made 9,308 contacts to participants and 6,924 contacts to school counselors to help them stay connected to the program and focused on their goals. We also held 32 mid-year events, attended by 1,295 participants and their families. In 2010, 536 past participants who had earned their way back to residential weeks received achievement certificates and 172 children were given special recognition for their community service. Through mentoring and individual strength training exercises, The Friend Fitness Program helps adolescents achieve personal, academic, and fitness goals. In 2010 the Friend Fitness Program provided opportunities for improvement to 119 teens at sites located in Centre and Chester Counties. During bi-weekly sessions, 73 adult mentors assisted students in working on their goals while providing positive encouragement. This Program also includes social and team-building activities such as picnics, group workouts, and luncheons for students and mentors. Friend Fitness “My favorite thing about the Friend Fitness program is the fun and friendly environment. My mentor really helps me stay motivated and has given me great advice over the years.” —Friend Fitness Mentee from Centre County A Friend Fitness mentor works with her mentee on an abdominal exercise. $2,000-4,999 continued Charles and Peggy Mogish New Holland Autogroup Heidi Nicholas and Bruce Fleischer Nittany Bank Northwest Savings Bank Orrstown Bank Kimberly Ortenzio-Nielsen and Robert Nielsen Parker Agle Enterprises, Inc. The Patriot-News PCI Insurance Penn National Insurance Pennsylvania Automotive Association PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company PNC Foundation PNC Bank - State College PNC Wealth Management Property Management, Inc. Charitable Foundation Dennis and Jenny Pyers Pyramid Health Care, Inc. Frederic and Maria Ragucci Suren and Barbara Rao Jack Raykovitz and Katherine Genovese Vinnie Raineri Memorial Fund Walmart #2049 Walmart #5356 Walmart #5470 Tara Weiner Steven and Claudia Williams Willow Brook Land Development Corporation and Peter and Joan Fuller Wilsbach Distributors, Inc. Wirehead Business Technologies York Container Company $1,000-$1,999 William Achenbach Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Anonymous AXA Foundation Baldrige Asset Management and Ed Baldrige and Lydia Panas Barton Associates, Inc. David Becker Clifford and Cheryl Benson Best Buy Children’s Foundation Todd and Cherie Blackledge Felix Boake and Kelly Grimes Ronald and JoAnn Bowes Dembert & Hoyne Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. Mark and Deborah DuMars Merlin and Wendy Dunkelberger The Edward H. & Jeanne D. Arnold Foundation Suzanne Edwards Elizur Corporation Buddy Ellis ELS Marketing, LLC Kenneth and Susan Ewing John and Jennifer Farrell Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Foundation for Enhancing Communities Frampton Kimmel Group Drew Garban Geisinger Medical Group-Centre County Gene Latta Ford Louis and Judy Geschwindner Michael and Bree Gillespie David and Virginia Glickman Frederic Gover Grand Street Boys’ Foundation Peggy Grove Stephen and Katherine Groves Mark Kotanchek and Theresa Guiton Kotanchek KW Gas & Oil Co., LLC Jimmy Lamb Brian Lee Lehman Volvo/Jaguar Harrisburg Eric and Beth Loop Lutron Foundation Malady & Wooten Public Affairs Kurt and Lynn Malick Steven and Patricia Masterson Thomas Meade MGM Enterprises, Inc. Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Mission Critical Partners Inc. Mullins Heating & Cooling Greg Murphy John Murphy National Philanthropic Trust Charles Navasky & Company Robert and Rikki Nevins North Hills United Presbyterian Church Occupational Athletics, Inc. John O’Dea Old Philadelphia Associates George and Barbara Parmer The Shipley Group The Sides Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Jack and Linda Sommer Kevin and Elizabeth Splaine Lewis and Susan Steinberg Stern Properties, Inc. Fred Strouse Susquehanna Health Susquehanna Transit Tecport Solutions, Inc. Texas Roadhouse-State College The Pennsylvania State University Jens and Becca Thorsen John and Maureen Tierney Mark and Anne Toniatti Tri-Emerald Financial Group, Inc. Frederick Trimmer William and Estelle Turney UGI Utilities, Inc. University Orthopedics Center Valley Preferred Vermeil Enterprises, Inc. Vinart Dealerships Wachovia Bank Walmart #2663
Restek Neal and Linda Rhoads Nancy and Dan Ring Richard and Carol Rostmeyer Spencer and Laura Scheeler SF & Company, P.C. Sheetz, Inc. and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sheetz Sherwin Williams Co. Smith Land & Improvement Corporation Sovereign Bank The Specialists State College Young Professionals Steve Seltzer Honda Edward and Janis Stewart Stuckeman Charitable Trust Michael and Lynda Sullivan and Automated Records Centre Turnbridge Group at RBC David Udovich Wienken Associates - uFinancial United States Steel Corporation University of Pittsburgh Vibra Healthcare Boyer & Ritter, CPAs Michael and Barbara Brodsky Brown Advisory Buckno, Lisicky, and Company Burns Mechanical, Inc. Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Robert and Jacquelyn Capretto Caruso Benefits Group, Inc. Case New Holland Centric Bank Century 21, Heritage Realty Thomas and Katherine Cestone William and Cathleen Christopher Ciocca, Benton, and Okonak, P.C. Stanley and Susan Cipar James and Miriam Coady Karl Colyer Concannon, Miller & Co., P.C. Wendell and Linette Courtney Michael and Terese Cudwadie John and Ann Curley DelGrosso Foods, Inc. William Hagerman Brian and Nina Hand Hanna Electric, Inc. Anthony and Celeste Hartlaub Derek C. & Margaret I. Hathaway Family Foundation Carol Herrmann Hershey Trust Company P. Douglas Hoke Howe Engineers Michael and Elizabeth Huegel John Iannantuono IBM Employee Services Center Integrity Bank Jersey Shore State Bank The Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania JLG Industries/Caterpillar Alliance Group JP Morgan Chase Foundation Edward and Betty Kasody Timothy and Sandy Keohane Michael and Nancy-Ellen Kiernan King Printing Seth Kleinle Penn State Altoona Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Daniel and Jane Persa PNC Bank - Camp Hill Populous Ryan Powers R.A. Kennedy & Sons, Inc. Gary Raykovitz Stanley and Jean Raykovitz Redline Speed Shine of State College, LLC John and Patty Reidell Reilly, Creppage, & Co., Inc. Ridgeview Limited Partners Robert Rissinger Family Charles and Mary Rost Gary Rotella Dr. Robert E. Saylor, DDS Scott and Carol Schaffer Seaboard Marketing Associates Shaner Investments Jack and Amy Shepley Shipley Energy Company Walmart #4348 N. Daniel and Trudy Waltersdorff Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen, & Tennis Waste Management Weis Markets, Inc. Leigh and Ethel Wheeler Ruth Wodock Alan and Kathryn Woolslare York Mail Service - Prospect Hill Cemetery Young, Oakes, Brown, & Company Ron Zimmerman $500-$999 Alexander Building Construction Kurt and Kimberly Allerman Alshefski Enterprise, Inc. Melinda Ampthor D. Reed Anderson Anonymous Apple Ford James and Rose Marie Armstrong H. Jesse and Carolyn Arnelle Art Leach and Sophie Penney Friend The Friend Program is a mentorship program that joins together a collegiate volunteer with an elementary student in need of extra support to participate in healthy, educational activities. The Friend Program is currently available at six sites: Blair County, Centre Region, Clinton County, Lancaster County, Lehigh Valley, and the Southeast Region. Over the past year, 626 Young Friends, 155 adult volunteers, and 355 student volunteers participated in 55 events, including picnics, holiday parties, swimming, and bowling. Counselors who refer kids to the program have cited improved social skills, goal-directed behavior, and attention to academics as some of the benefits of this program. “I am truly honored to be one of The Second Mile’s scholarship recipients. I participated in the Challenge Program for seven years, earning my way back to camp each year and eventually serving as a camp ‘Leader.’ The Second Mile prepared me with the skills and confidence to get me where I am today – attending community college and volunteering at our local Humane Society. The Second Mile taught me goal setting, teamwork, and leadership skills and gave me self-confidence. I know my education is essential, and without generous people like you, community college wouldn’t be possible. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity so that I can make a difference in the lives of others – and animals – on a grander scale in the future.” —Kristin Community-Based Programs Children’s Fund-Grants, Recognition, and Scholarships The Children’s Fund offers support by providing scholarships, grants, and community service awards to youth across the Commonwealth. Children’s Fund Grants seek to offer assistance that other agencies or government programs may not provide. Grants are given for needs like school supplies and extra curricular activity registration fees. Eighty-three (83) young people were awarded grants this past year, while hundreds of additional children received non-monetary grants, such as clothing, through in-kind donations. In addition, former Second Mile participants have the opportunity to receive Post-Secondary Scholarships to assist with school-related expenses. Last year, The Second Mile awarded 52 such scholarships. Finally, through Community Service Awards, The Second Mile recognizes high school seniors for their exemplary commitment to community service. Last year, 12 seniors were awarded a certificate and savings bond for their service of others. continued next page
“This was my first event and we enjoyed the Foster Family Support In partnership with Pennsylvania Children and Youth Agencies, The Second Mile’s Foster Family Program works to recruit and retain foster parents. Through the use of tools aimed at attracting foster parents, recognizing outstanding foster parents, and offering recreational activities for foster families, more than 4,000 foster family members benefited from this program in 2010. These family members represented 33 counties and took part in 69 recreation events, all at no cost to them. Among these events were multi- county activities held at sites including Hersheypark, Allenberry Playhouse, Knoebels, and Lakemont Park. The Second Mile offers counseling services and provides referrals to outside professionals and agencies in cases where needs fall outside of the scope of existing Second Mile programs. In 2010, the Second Mile was able to refer 124 young people to appropriate sources of support. Additionally 82 young people received 395 counseling sessions through the State office. Allenberry Playhouse thoroughly! We like to do different activities with our kids like this. Great job!” —Foster Parent from Perry County “Thank you for inviting us back to Lakemont Park once again this year. We had so much fun and this is a great opportunity to connect with other foster families. Our children meet other children in same situation as them. Seeing the smiles on their faces is priceless! We hope to be invited back again next year!” Volunteers in our Foster Family Support Progarm work hard to get lunches set up for foster families attending our event at Hersheypark. Counseling and Referral —Foster Parent from Blair County Austin Meehan Memorial Fund Craig and Mary Kay Avedesian Joseph and Sherry Baird John and Julia Banks Beasley Ford Lincoln Mercury Larry and Deanna Bellis Joshua and Patricia Bennett R. Clifford Berg, Jr. David and Mary Bernitt Frederick and Polly Beste Susan Billy Patrick and Paula Bisbey Peter and Victoria Bordi Kirsten Braley Bravo Health Dan and Del Bright Edie Brinkley and Lia Sophia Brodhead Dental Center, Inc. Linda Brown Dr. Robert Bruegler, The Smile Artist Bull Pen Restaurant John and Jennifer Caldarella Capital Business Systems Felix Carr and Kelly Kline-Carr CFMC, Inc. Pete and Carole DeSoto Dexter-Carpenter Coal Sales Corp. Bob Dix Dave and Tina Dix Tom and Sheela Donchez Greg and Kerry Dubois E.J. Breneman, LP Eastern Account System Eastern Athletic Services, Inc. eciGroup Robert and Judith Ecker EDA Contractors, Inc. William and Teresa Eichelberger The Elks Club of State College James and Linda Erickson Fasnacht Family Foundation Michael and Clare Fitzgerald Flight Systems Electronics Group FMA Advisory Dave and Dana Fonash James and Jacqueline Ford Richard Fry William and Kitty Lou Gamber Gardners Candies Eric Gearhart E.Z. and Arlene Jackson Jack and Janeal Jaroh JEB Environmental Technologies, Inc. Richard and Patricia Johnson Jack and Peggy Johnston Richard and Sharon Jordan Timothy and Brenda Kauffman Harry and Susan Kauffman Donald and Hannah Kaufmann Joseph and Deborah Kearse Laurene Keck Mark and Tiffany Kellar James and Jody Keller William and Sharon Kennedy Tom Kennington Kinsley Construction, Inc. Tom and Staci Kirchhoff Kissinger, Bigatel & Brower Robert and Karen Klock Laurie Knisely Stephanie Kochenour Kohl’s Cares for Kids Art Krysko Marc Kuster L & L Ford, Inc. P. Thomas and Ellen Kay Padden ParenteBeard, LLC Frank and Valerie Parker Penn National Employees’ Association Penn State Alumni Association-Lake Erie Chapter Eric and Debra Peterson Richard and Lois Peterson James Pinto and Nancy McClure- Pinto Jim Plessinger Post & Schell, P.C. PPL Electric Utilities Corporation Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Gregory and Rosalie Radio RBC Royal Bank RCB Associates John and Jillian Reese Reliance Bank Relocation Consulting & Management, Inc. Robert Ricketts Thomas and Dawn Ring Clyde Robbins Rotary Club of Colonial Park SPS Associates Diana Stapleford Doug and Andrea Strang T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. Thompson Masonry Contracting Company Jami and Paul Tomczuk Tyrone Shopping Center, Inc. The UPS Store and Colleen Small, State College Terry and Sondra Varner Gary and Tammy Vratarich WAM Associates The Ward Foundation Amy Wenger Wolf Furniture Enterprises Quentin and Louise Wood Alex and Helen Woskob Paul and Karen Yarrish Scott and Gig Yocum Timothy and Susan Yoder York Area Sports Night, Inc. Calvin and Pamela Zimmerman Jane Zimmerman
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