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herbal remedies for fibroids the herbal remedies most powerful for clearing fibroids include: • vitex (chaste tree berry or chasteberry) • red raspberry • siberian ginseng ...

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Fibroid Cure pdf

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Fibroid Cure The 7-Step Action Plan By Shola Oslo Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 1
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Table of Contents Introduction What Is The Fibroid Cure? How To Get Started 4 4 4 Step 1: Throw out Household Toxins Identify Household Toxins Sources Of Xenoestrogens Steps To Take 5 5 5 5 Step 2: Dietary Changes Xenoestrogens In Food Actions To Take 6 6 6 Step 3 Detoxification Which Cleanses To do First What To Eat While Cleansing 7 7 7 Step 4: Supplements Supplements To Take Supplement Buying Advice 8 8 8 Step 5: Herbal Remedies Herbal Remedies For Fibroids 9 9 Step 6: Acupressure And Massage Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 10 2
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Step 7: Exercise Best Exercises For Fibroids 10 10 Best Exercises For Overall Female Health 10 Conclusion 11 Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 3
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Fibroid Cure The 7-Step Action Plan INTRODUCTION Thank you for your purchase of The Fibroid Cure, I’m sure that you will find all the information you need to get rid of your fibroids, restore your menstrual cycle (and bleeding) to normal, and have the best health possible What Is The Fibroid Cure? The Fibroid Cure is a protocol - a set of actions - required to detoxify the body and shrink fibroids completely. I use this protocol with all my clients who visit my kinesiology practice and have great results. I’d like to share them with you, so you can get the same results I get, but at a fraction of the price. How To Get Started There’s a lot of information for you to go through, but please take your time to read through it and understand exactly where I’m coming from. This will be very important for redesigning your lifestyle, and becoming fibroid-free. Read this 7-Step Action Plan first, so that you have an overview of what you should do, then read the Fibroid Cure book, to fill in the blanks and answer any remaining questions you might have. I’ve listed some resources on my website : especially for customers. Also, if you’ve done one or two of the suggestions in the past, don’t lose heart. You need to follow the entire protocol laid out in the book in order to get best results. Try not to skip anything and cheat yourself of the health and healing you deserve. Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 4
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STEP 1: THROW OUT HOUSEHOLD TOXINS Identify Household Toxins Environmental factors count for a large proportion of fibroid cases. Many sci- entific and medical studies have shown that women with fibroids suffer from an excess of estrogen. But where is all this estrogen coming from? Sources Of Xenoestrogens Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimmic the actions of estrogen in the body. They overload the body with artificial estrogen, disrupt hormone balance and promote the growth of fibroids, development of fibrocystic breasts, endometri- osis and even breast cancer, Typical sources of xenoestrogens include: • Plastic containers, including water bottles, tupperware food storage, micro- wavable dishes • Cleaning fluids, such as dishwasher soap, bleach, laundry detergents, fabric softeners • Cosmetics and hygiene items like soap, shower gel, moisturizer, toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, makeup remover, hairspray, nail polish and nail polish remover Steps To Take Read Chapter 8, and replace these products as soon as you can with natural, or- ganic alternatives. This is a very important and easy action to follow, which could make signifi- cant changes in your health, without much effort. In fact, many women with small fibroids, or mild symptoms can feel the difference after a few weeks of making the switch. Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 5
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STEP 2: DIETARY CHANGES The most important dietary change you can make right now is increasing your intake of water. Water kick-starts the digestive system, helps you detox and can ease difficult and painful menstruation. Chapter 4 contains more information on this subject. Xenoestrogens In Food Also, be aware that you are probably consuming xenoestrogens in the food you eat. The main sources of xenoestrogens in food include: • Pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables, including fungicides and herbicide • Hormones in meat and dairy products • Water kept in plastic bottles The last one shocks everyone, including me, as I used to drink a lot of bottled water. When I switched from plastic bottles to glass, my periods became symp- tom free. Try it for yourself. Actions To Take Read Chapter 4 for more information on what to eat, but general guidelines are to eat organic food wherever possible, and be careful with how you store and cook your food. Avoid cooking in plastic - especially in the microwave, as the harmful chemi- cals leach out of the plastics into your food. Also avoid the following fibroid-aggravating foods: • Alcohol • Salt • Sugar • Saturated fats Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 6
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STEP 3 DETOXIFICATION I can’t stress how important this step is. The fact that you have fibroids means that your body has accumulated toxins somewhere along the way. Even the most healthy person with fibroids has an excess of estrogen, which the liver is unable to detoxify. So its important to give your organs a boost, before starting to take herbal remedies and supplements, as an overly toxic body wouldn’t be able to absorb the supplements and put them to good use. Which Cleanses To do First I’d suggest doing the cleanses in this particular order: 1. Colon cleansing 2. Kidney and bladder cleansing 3. Liver and gallbladder cleaning You can start taking supplements and herbal remedies after your colon cleanse (and at the same time as the kidney and liver cleanses) but I would not suggest taking herbal remedies before doing a colon cleanse. I use the Body Cleanse Kit with all my clients - What To Eat While Cleansing If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2, you should by now be eating fresh organic foods, and cutting down on your intake of meat and dairy. That’s all that’s re- quired for the cleansing program, there’s no need to go overboard and follow a strict diet. Read Chapter 8 to learn more about why you should cleanse, and how to do each of the cleanses. Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 7
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STEP 4: SUPPLEMENTS Once your colon cleanse is complete, it’s time to give your body the nutrients needed to fight fibroids. Unfortunately, the food we eat does not contain suffi- cient nutrients to keep us healthy, and many of us have vitamin deficiencies which manifest themselves in the form of painful conditions, such as dysmen- nohrea or abnormally heavy periods. This is why its important to start taking supplements. Supplements To Take I’ve covered this in more detail in Chapter 5, but here’s a summary of the bare minimum you need to take: • Antioxidant Supplements - such as Vitamins A, C, and E • B Complex Vitamins to regulate hormonal balance and heal fibroids • Iron supplements to replace lost iron due to heavy periods • Magnesium Citrate to assist the liver and relax uterine muscles • Essential Fatty Acids to help reduce heavy bleeding and balance hormones I haven’t included this supplement in the book, but will recommend it to any- one who wants to be proactive in detoxifying excess estrogen: Calcium D- Glucarate. Most local health food stores stock it. Supplement Buying Advice Aim to buy the best quality supplements you can afford. Organic or “Food state” supplements are going to be superior to regular supplements, so check labels carefully before buying. Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 8
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STEP 5: HERBAL REMEDIES Herbal remedies are the most powerful step in getting rid of fibroids, but need to be started after making the lifestyle changes in steps 1 and 2, and after the colon cleanse. You can take a herbal remedy alongside your vitamins and min- erals, and you need to read through the information in Chapter 9 to identify ex- actly what each herb is for, so you can make a decision as to whether its right for you. Herbal Remedies For Fibroids The herbal remedies most powerful for clearing fibroids include: • Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry or Chasteberry) • Red Raspberry • Siberian Ginseng • Licorice Root • Red Clover • Echinacea • Goldenseal • Motherwort A master herbalist, Amina Christie has created a blend of herbs that help shrink fibroids, and relieve the symptoms of fibroids. It’s called FibroidClear, and is available at However, the other herbs listed in Chapter 9 help fibroids considerably, by sup- porting another organ such as the liver - the organ responsible for detoxifying estrogen. Other herbs, such as Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose Oil are best for relieving symptoms of fibroids like heavy bleeding and cramping. Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 9
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STEP 6: ACUPRESSURE AND MASSAGE You can start these steps any time during the 7-Step plan, but you will find they work better while you’re taking the herbal remedies. Please read Chapter 6 to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine to learn more about the massage techniques. I’ve listed the points you need to stimulate with your fingers, to help get rid of fibroids fast: Fibroid Cure • • Shola Oslo 10
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