Becoming a Prayer Warrior

Becoming a Prayer Warrior free pdf ebook was written by Elizabeth Alves on October 20, 2008 consist of 181 page(s). The pdf file is provided by and available on pdfpedia since December 20, 2011.

praise for becoming a prayer warrior beth alves has a beautiful way of expressing deep truths with simplicity and clarity. becoming a prayer warrior has blessed my ...

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Becoming a Prayer Warrior pdf

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: December 20, 2011
: Elizabeth Alves
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Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 1
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Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 2
Praise for Becoming a Prayer Warrior Beth Alves has a beautiful way of expressing deep truths with simplicity and clarity. Becoming a Prayer Warrior has blessed my life, and you, too, will receive blessing and insight through the pages of this book. Bobbye Byerly Director of Proper, World Prayer Center Colorado Springs, Colorado "Been there, done that" is a popular slogan these days. When it comes to in-depth intercession and practical patterns for personal prayer, Becoming a Prayer Warrior will take you where Beth Alves has "been" so you can do "that," too! Dick Eastman International President, Every Home for Christ Colorado Springs, Colorado Are you a believer who longs to deepen your prayer life—yet you struggle with feeling guilty and inadequate? Becoming a Prayer Warrior will increase your understanding of prayer and provide practical guidelines to help you become an effective prayer warrior. Ruthanne Garlock Coauthor, How to Pray for Your Children Bulverde, Texas Beth Alves is a woman of prayer! She has taught the principles of prayer found in Becoming a Prayer Warrior at Cornerstone Church, producing a blessed time of brokenness and spiritual refreshing. I recommend her book to you. John Hagee Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church San Antonio, Texas Beth Alves is a personal friend, and I've appreciated the influence of her prayers on my life. Her book Becoming a Prayer Warrior contains the essentials for a powerful prayer life. It teaches the basics of prayer as well as principles that can make all of us mighty and effective warriors. Ted Haggard Senior Pastor, New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 3
Praise for Becoming a Prayer Warrior As a "mother in Israel," Beth Alves has much to share with the Body of Christ. She writes from a vast reservoir of wisdom and understanding gained from years of experience in the international prayer movement. Her teachings are not only practical, but very -do-able" as well. She has the wonderful ability to bring the power of prayer to where we live and walk every day I highly recommend this book! Jane Hansen President/CEO, Aglow International Edmonds. Washington Beth Alves's Becoming a Prayer Warrior is one of the most practical books on prayer ever written. Full of insight and a must for every believer's library, this book will prove useful to beginning prayers and seasoned intercessors alike. I highly recommend it. Cindy Jacobs Cofounder, Generals of Intercession Author, Women of Destiny and The Voice of God Colorado Springs, Colorado Beth Alves has authored a rare book. Ideal for use by individuals and prayer groups, Becoming a Prayer Warrior serves as both a "prayer primer" for Christians newly seeking to be effective in prayer, as well as a graduate manual for seasoned prayer warriors. Dee Jepson Director, Women of Faith Port Charlotte, Florida Beth Alves is a woman of prayer and a wonderful human being. For Beth, prayer is not theory. She lives what she writes, and she writes what she lives. In this very special book, Beth opens her heart about down-to-earth prayer that reaches heaven and assaults hell. Gary D. Kinnaman Senior Minister, Word of Grace Mesa, Arizona
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 4
Praise for Becoming a Prayer Warrior Practical and powerful! Wisely, Beth Alves informs, trains and equips God's army before marching us off to the spiritual wars. With strong. Spirit-led instruction, she shows you how to stand up to the devil and establish a nearly impenetrable prayer covering for yourself, your family and your leaders. Jimmy and Carol Owens Founders, Heal Our Land Movement Colorado Springs, Colorado Prayer is the key discipline whereby all spiritual work and vision is accomplished. If you are a new Christian seeking your created destiny, you must first develop a vibrant relationship with a Holy God, and Becoming a Prayer Warrior will help you to enter His Throne Room boldly. For you who have been prayer warriors for years, this book is like a second honeymoon! Chuck Pierce Director, World Prayer Center Colorado Springs. Colorado A sound, thoroughly scriptural, down-to-earth presentation of prayer. John Robb World Vision Prayer Initiatives Coordinator Monrovia. California A wisdom-packed manual for transforming your prayer life Becoming a Prayer Warrior will cause demons to tremble as together we change the world through prayer! Dutch Sheets Pastor, Springs Harvest Fellowship Colorado Springs, Colorado
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 5
Praise for Becoming a Prayer Warrior Standing in the prayer gap for others is much easier when you practice what Beth Alves teaches in this excellent book. 1 recommend it to all who are interested in a more serious, disciplined prayer life Thank you, Beth. You have long been a leader, teaching others how to pray more effectively. You have greatly mentored me in this area. Now you have given the Church a book to help us all grow in our communion with Him. Quin Sherrer Author. How to Pray for Your Children and Miracles Happen When You Pray Colorado Springs, Colorado Beth Alves is an outstanding prayer leader and teacher. God has uniquely gifted her to teach others how to pray effectively. Join her at the feet of Jesus and you, too, will become a mighty warrior. Mary Lance V. Sisk Chairperson. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself USA National Committee A. D. 2000 North American Women's Track Charlotte, Norm Carolina Christians have been called to become prayer warriors in God's army and I know of no other person who has earned the right to be called 'warrior* more than Beth Alves. I appreciate the hours and years Beth has invested in the prayer closet that, through this book, we may become the beneficiaries. Alice Smith Prayer Coordina tor, US. Prayer Track of the A.D. 2000 & Beyond Movemen t Houston, Texas
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 6
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Published by Renew Books A Division of Gospel Light Ventura, California, U.S.A. Printed in U.S.A. Renew Books is a ministry of Gospel Light, an evangelical Christian publisher dedicated to serving the local church. We believe God's vision for Gospel Light is to provide church leaders with biblical, user- friendly materials that will help them evangelize, disciple and minister to children, youth and families. It is our prayer that this Renew book will help you discover biblical truth for your own life and help you meet the needs of others. May God richly bless you. For a free catalog of resources from Renew Books and Gospel Light please call your Christian supplier, or contact as at 1-800-4-GOSPEL or at All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated are taken from the the New American Standard Bible, © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. Other versions used are: AMP. N. T . — Scripture quotations are taken from the Amplified New Testament, copyright © 1954,1958.1987 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. AMP. 0.T.—From The Amplified Bible, Old Testament. Copyright © 1965, 1987 by The Zondervan Corporation. Used by permission. KJV—King James Version. Authorized King James Version. NIV— Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version ®. NIV®. Copyright © 1973,1978,1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved. © Copyright 1998 by Elizabeth Alves All rights reserved. Cover Design by Barbara LeVan Fisher Interior Design by Carolyn Henderson Edited by Karen Kaufman Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Alves. Elizabeth, 1938- Becoming a prayer warrior/Elizabeth Alves. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8307-2333-1 (pbk.) 1. Prayer—Christianity. 2. Spiritual warfare. I. Title. BV210.2.A46 1998 248.3'2-dc21 Formerly published by Canopy Press as The Mighty Warrior 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 / 05 04 03 02 01 00 Rights for publishing this book in other languages are contracted by Gospel Literature International (GLINT). GLINT also provides technical help for the adaptation, translation and publishing of Bible study resources and books in scores of languages worldwide. For further information, write to GLINT at P.O. Box 4060, Ontario. C A 91761-1003, U.S.A. You may also send e-mail to [email protected], or visit their web site at 98-40569 CIP
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Dedicated to The glory of God, the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit and to Faithful intercessors throughout the world who stand in the gap for His leaders, continually building a hedge of protection around them, that kings and kingdoms might be changed for the glory of God.
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 9
CONTENTS Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction 11 13 15 I. The Purpose of Prayer 1 Why Pray? 2 Teach Me to Pray 3 Types of Prayer 19 21 31 41 II. Hearing from God 4 Hearing God's Voice 5 Understanding the Holy Spirit 6 Journaling: Recording What You Hear 57 59 67 77 III. Spiritual Warfare 7 You're in a Battle 83 85 IV. Weapons of Warfare 8 The Christian Arsenal—Part I 9 The Christian Arsenal—Part 2 107 109 125 V. A Guide to Prayer 10 Daily Prayers Glossary Recommended Reading 143 145 185 187
Becoming a Prayer Warrior - page 10
Foreword A great prayer movement began sweeping the world in 1970. It had been going on long before that in Korea; then God started bringing the rest of the Body of Christ on board. Pastors of all denominations in all parts of the U.S.A. are talking about prayer, teaching prayer and praying more than any other time in living memory. And the interest in prayer continues to increase. Many feel that we are now witnessing the precursor of the great revival, a worldwide outpouring of the Spirit of God on all flesh which will see vast multitudes turn to Jesus and glorify God. I personally began to tune in to the prayer movement in 1987, making it a high agenda item for my research, writing, teaching and personal ministry. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that previous to 1987 I knew relatively little about prayer. As I began to collect a considerable amount of the available literature on prayer, one of the items I secured was The Mighty Warrior, at that time published in a preliminary edition. As I read it, I became very glad that Elizabeth Alves had been a long-standing participant in the prayer movement, and that she had decided to share what she had learned with those like me. This was just the book I needed. In a rare combination of thoroughness and conciseness. Beth Alves provided exactly the information I was looking for. I used it as an outline to teach some of my first lessons on prayer. Later I found out that Beth Alves was an unusual person who had gained a widespread reputation as one of America's foremost prayer leaders. Even before I had met her personally, I knew that she had a delightful mix of both giftedness for intercession and much experience in praying and mentoring others for prayer ministries. I have now had the privilege of knowing Beth for some time, and I greatly admire her as a person of integrity and as a woman of God. Becoming a Prayer Warrior is the right book at the right time. The demand for a basic guidebook on all the facets of prayer is escalating rapidly because of all the Christian people who are tuning in to what the Spirit is saying to the churches about prayer these days. God is calling out a vast army of His people to pray, and they are saying, "Show me how!" I have found no better training manual than this book. It explains what prayer is,
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