It's Kind of a Funny Story

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ext. brooklyn street - night craig gilner (16, handsome, but awkward) glides on his bike toward the brooklyn bridge. he is the only one on the streets....

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It's Kind of a Funny Story pdf

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: November 16, 2011
: Jeremy Walker
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It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 1
It’s Kind of a Funny Story Written for the screen by Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden Based on the novel by Ned Vizzini
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It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 2
EXT. BROOKLYN STREET - NIGHT CRAIG GILNER (16, handsome, but awkward) glides on his bike toward the Brooklyn Bridge. He is the only one on the streets. A rhythmic beating heart is the only sound we hear. BADOOM BADOOM BADOOM The heartbeat increases in pace as Craig nears the bridge. EXT. BROOKLYN BRIDGE PEDESTRIAN PATH We float behind Craig as he approaches the bridge’s first tower. Craig is still the only person there. BADOOM BADOOM BADOOM He arrives at the tower, steps off his bike, and looks out over the East River. BADOOM BADOOM BADOOM He climbs up onto a steel girder. Walks to the edge, over the speeding traffic below, then out over the water. BADOOMBADOOMBADOOMBADOOM SILENCE... Craig!? Craig looks behind him to find his mother (LYNN, early 40s), father (GEORGE, mid 40s), and little sister (ALYSSA, 8) all standing by his bike. LYNN What were you planning to do with your bike, honey?! CRAIG I don’t care about my bike! killing myself! I’m LYNN (O.S.) GEORGE But we spent a lot of money on that bike, Sport! We only ask that you take care of it! ALYSSA Think of me, Craig! I might want that bike when I grow up!
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 3
CRAIG I’m sorry, I just didn’t think-- LYNN That’s right, honey, you weren’t thinking of us when you decided to do this, were you? GEORGE Pretty selfish, I’d say. Have you thought about how this might affect your sister? ALYSSA I’ll be traumatized for life. Craig stares at his family for a beat. CRAIG I’m sorry, I-- A CAR HORN BLARES and Craig flinches, blinded by the oncoming headlights. He loses his footing on the thin metal plank. He SLIPS AND FALLS as his family watches in horror. CRAIG’S POV: hurling down toward the water below. At the moment before impact, the frame FREEZES a few feet above the water-- CRAIG (V.O.) This is the moment where I usually wake up in a sweaty panic. ANGLE ON CRAIG’S anguished face frozen in time. CRAIG (V.O.) But for some reason... this time was different-- The POV frame resumes action and Craig plunges into the water. TITLE: “IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY” EXT. ARGENON HOSPITAL - DAWN Craig locks his bike to a rack in front of an illuminated emergency room sign. He turns towards the hospital. Overhead the sky is illuminated by a pre-dawn glow. SUPER: “SUNDAY: DAY 1”
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 4
INT. EMERGENCY ROOM Craig wanders into the bright, fluorescent-lit room, approaches the NURSE at the registration desk. CRAIG Hi... I want to kill myself. Unphased, the nurse hands him a clipboard. NURSE Fill this out, please. INT. EMERGENCY ROOM WAITING AREA - NOT MUCH LATER Craig waits near an ear-infected KID, when his attention shifts to the sliding doors. A man, dressed in blue doctor’s scrubs, saunters in with a cup of coffee, takes a seat (unusually close) next to Craig. He is BOBBY (late 30s, semi- balding). Craig does his best to ignore him, until... Hey. Craig turns to him. Upon closer inspection, he appears a bit too disheveled to be a doctor or nurse. He looks at Craig with an unhinged intensity. BOBBY You gotta cigarette? Uh... no. CRAIG Sorry. BOBBY BOBBY What’s wrong with you? CRAIG I just don’t smoke. BOBBY No, I mean why are you in the E.R. at five o’clock on a Sunday morning? CRAIG (hesitant) Well, um, there’s been a lot going on in my head lately. Go on. BOBBY
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 5
CRAIG Okay, well, um... I don’t really know how to describe it. Like there’s a girl... BOBBY Yes. CRAIG And, you know, this summer school application I’ve been nervous about. BOBBY Summer school. CRAIG Yeah, it’s like this super prestigious-- BOBBY --Why would you want to spend your summer in school? Craig stares at Bobby for a beat. BOBBY You should be at Coney Island bird dogging chicks on the beach. CRAIG Are you a doctor? BOBBY What do you think? CRAIG You don’t really seem like a doctor. BOBBY Ever heard of Doogie Howser? Craig stares at Bobby, trying to make sense of the question. BOBBY (standing up) I hope they fix whatever’s wrong with you. Thanks. Bobby stalks off, disappears around a corner. CRAIG
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 6
INT. E.R. DOCTOR’S OFFICE - LATER DR. ISAIAH MAHMOUD, an E.R. resident (Indian, early 30s) takes Craig’s blood pressure. DR. MAHMOUD How long have you been feeling suicidal? CRAIG I don’t know... I’ve been depressed for about a year now. Thought about it a few times, but never like this. Never so... real. DR. MAHMOUD Did anything specific happen today that might have triggered these feelings? Slight PUSH IN on Craig... CRAIG (V.O.) Sometimes I wish I had an easy answer for why I’m depressed. My father beat me. Or I was sexually abused. But none of that stuff has ever happened to me... It was just a normal Saturday. INT. AARON’S BEDROOM - EARLIER THAT DAY Craig and his friends lounge around the room, listening to Aaron’s record collection. There is: AARON (not particularly good-looking, but supremely self-confident), his girlfriend NIA (an ultra-hip, tightly-clad cutie), RONNY (a 1990s hip- hop throwback), and SCUGGS (jew-fro). Ronny coughs, exhaling smoke, and passes a joint to Aaron, who cuddles next to Nia on the bed. Everyone talks animatedly, except for Craig, who stares at Nia, longingly. RONNY He practically had to strip search me to find it. It's like, dude, you're a security guard at a rock concert. Why are you taking your job so seriously? NIA He probably just wanted some free weed. AARON How much did they get?
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 7
RONNY An eighth. But it was worth it. was the bomb. APW AARON It was pretty jokes... But oh-eight was off the hook. CRAIG I need to go. AARON What-- you’re leaving? I didn’t even play Saucerful of Secrets yet. CRAIG Yeah, I just... SCUGGS Don’t bug Craig. He’s in the Craig zone. RONNY Yeah, he’s Craig-ing out! They all laugh. Craig forces a chuckle. EXT. BROOKLYN BRIDGE - DAY Craig rides his bike over the bridge, stops to answer his phone. Hey... INT. AARON’S BEDROOM - DAY Nia playfully pushes Aaron off her. NIA Hey Craig. I forgot to ask you to cover for me tonight, in case my parents call or whatever. Oh... CRAIG You’re staying over Aaron’s? CRAIG NIA I told them there was some school sleep over. They’re a little suspicious, so they might call. No problem. CRAIG
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 8
Craig hangs up, looks out over the East River. INT. CRAIG’S DINING ROOM - NIGHT Craig’s family sits around the table for dinner. GEORGE Hey there, Craigers. How’s the Franklin Gates application coming along? Craig stares at his dad for a beat, then VOMITS on the table. Gross. Craig’s parents look to him, concerned. CRAIG (to Lynn) I’m sorry. LYNN (with Dr. Mahmoud’s voice) Craig? Anything you can think of that may have set you off? INT. ARGENON HOSPITAL - E.R. DOCTOR’S OFFICE - PRESENT Dr. Mahmoud waits for an answer. Um... no. CRAIG Nothing unusual. ALYSSA DR. MAHMOUD Are you taking any medication? Zoloft. CRAIG But I stopped. DR. MAHMOUD Did your doctor take you off the medication? No. CRAIG I just stopped on my own. DR. MAHMOUD Oh... you shouldn’t do that. CRAIG Yeah, I know.
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 9
DR. MAHMOUD Do your parents know where you are? Craig shakes his head. DR. MAHMOUD Well, Craig, you don’t seem to be in immediate danger to yourself, so I think we should call your parents, tell them what happened, and refer you to one of our out-patient services. CRAIG But I need help now. you’d help me. The hotline said DR. MAHMOUD I understand you’re upset, but the people we admit to the hospital are very sick. CRAIG I am too. Can’t you, like, give me something... DR. MAHMOUD Not without parental consent. Look, this is serious business, Craig. We very rarely take in patients your age. I think it would be best if we tried to handle this without-- CRAIG Okay, maybe I'm not explaining right... how serious. See, my school is really-- and not just my school-- it's like I throw up sometimes because everything feels like it's building up. And everyone else seems like they're totally handling everything-- like my friends, right? Aaron and Nia-- They’re both so... But not me. I like sweat all the time. I'm sweating now, aren't I? Craig wipes his forehead, catches his breath. CRAIG You know what I mean? Dr. Mahmoud doesn’t move.
It's Kind of a Funny Story - page 10
CRAIG I’m scared, okay? I can’t go back out there... I don’t know what... I might do something... I just need some help. Please. I need you to help me. Dr. Mahmoud stares at Craig, concerned. INSERT: He thinks it over. Dr. Mahmoud signs the admittance form. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - DAY We follow NURSE SMITTY, a thin, bearded hippy-looking dude in blue jeans, as he leads Craig off the elevator. Craig notices a sign on the wall reading ADULT PSYCHIATRIC with an arrow pointing to the right. Smitty leads Craig towards a set of heavy double doors labeled THREE NORTH. Smitty flashes his ID, and the Three North SECURITY GUARD buzzes them inside. After they pass through the threshold, the doors shut, and the lock echoes through the corridors. ON CRAIG, peering over his shoulder at the prison-like metal doors. INT. THREE NORTH REGISTRATION OFFICE - MINUTES LATER A cute, West-Indian Nurse, MONICA, sips coffee behind the desk. Nurse Smitty shuffles papers nearby. MONICA Welcome to Three North, Craig. Let’s go over some rules. First rule of Three North: we do NOT talk about Three North. This grabs Craig’s attention. MONICA Just kidding. SMITTY That gets me every time. Craig forces a smile. CRAIG What exactly is Three North? MONICA Our adult psychiatric floor. Smitty cracks up.
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