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section: a @ sar&c south astan associaiion for recional cooperation secretariat preface soulh asia, with over 22% ofde elobal populatio. camot remain compiac€nt ...

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Regionol SAARC pdf

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Joinlly Developedby & SAARC UNAIDS
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SAARC Regionol SAARC Slrqtegyon HIV qnd AIDS (2005-2010)
Regionol SAARC - page 3
O SAAnC Secrerqriol, Kothrnondu Published by Division lnformotionond Publicolions SAARCSecretoriot PO. Box4222 Kothmondu, Nepol rel: (977-1) 4221785 -1) Fox:1977 4227 033 e-moil: [email protected] Web: provideo oy lhe ossislonce The SMRC Secreloriotgrolefully ocknowledges the Joint ljnited NcrlionsProgrommeon HIV/AIDS{UNAIDS)in supporling the publicotionof this documeni.
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Contents SECTIONA: l. PREFACE 2. OGCUTIVE SUMIATRY 3. LIST OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS B: SECTIoN BACKGROUND Resion I . HIV ond AIDS siiuoiion in rhe SAARC l.l Bonslodesh l-2 Bhdon....... 1.3 lndio 1.5 Nepol 1.7 Sri Lonko 2. HlVond AIDS Riskfoctorsinthe region 3. Heollh ond Socio EconomicimDoct t'l t4 . . . . . .t.4 . . . _ .t 5 ... 17 reSion SituorionofTB in the SAARC .....18 t8 19 ResionolSrrotesyon HIVond AIDS ............-... .. 20 5 . Need for S,AARC 2l sEcTloN C: VISION,GUIoINGPRINGIPII'GOAIANDSTRAIEGICOBJECTIVES . . .. . ._2 1 2. Guiding Principles 4. Slroleg;c Obiecliv6 _22 .72 sEcTloN D: SAARCISSUES, CHALIENGESAND OPX)RTUN|T|ES................,. 25 2. Chollens6 3. Opport'rnities HIVANDAID627 sEcTlON E: (EYCUI,IENISINTHESAARCREGIOt{AlSnArEOloN sEcTlON F: STEPS Ii,IPLEMENTATION lN SECTIONG: ANNEXES SAARC ExpertGroup on HIV ond AIDS .. ... 34 I. Siruchrre Proposed of 2. TOR of lhe Proposed SAARC ExpertGroup on Hlv ond AIDS ..... 35 RegionolSr.oregy... ... ... ... ... 36 3. lmplementotionPlonof ihe SAARC 4. ListoI Conlributors . . .. . . . . 5 2
Regionol SAARC - page 5
Section: A @ sAr&c preface SOUTH ASTANASSOCIAIION FOR RECIONAL COOPERATION SECRETARIAT over the Soulh Asia, with over 22% ofde elobal populatio. camot remaincompiac€nt in low prevalence ofHlv amongstthe'gen€ralpopulation',as thereis increase nurnbers of p€ople living wilh HIV in the region despite efforts to halt and reverse lhe spread of have been HlV, ar per the recent UNAIDS repon 2006. In addition, HIV/ AIDS c-ases r€ponedfrorDall the SAARC couqtries Out ofa.otal of 8.3 rnillion adulti and children living with HIv in Asia at the erid of 2005. over 5 million are estimatedlo be in the SAARC region. The size of the region, its diversity, the multitude of social and economic forces at work in fi6 SAARC region, pres€ntsboth opportunities and stateofHIV in lhe region. to challenges maintainthe low prcval€nce the uniqu€ness the SAARC of Keeping the above in mind, taking into consideration r€gioD, the lessons leamr from cou ries thal have halted or rev€rsed tbe epidemic. the SAARC Regional Strategy on HIv a[td AIDS Q0A6-2a10) has been formulated on the di.ection of the l2'" SAARC Summit (lslamabadJaruar,/2004),lhe wofk plan rec€nlly at of b€enendorsed the 2?osession the CouncilofM;nisters (Dhaka,2 August2006). The stmtegy has been developedthrough an extensiveconsultativeprocess$ith the Mernber States, Ll,lAlDS and ils othe! co-sponsors, members of lhe Expert Croup Cornrnitte€ and olhers. The vision of the shlegy is to hall and reveGe the spread and irnpacl ofHlv and AJDS, to corD,'nitleadersio lead the fight agajnst HV and AIDS and to provide People Living *'ith HIV and AIDS accessto affordable treatrnenl and care and enjoy a dign;fied life The regional nmtegy is {o guide the regional response 1o lhe epidemic. l wish to thanl the SAARC-UNAIDS Exp€rt Group Cormitiee members and all those l€adingup lo lhe anddiscussions ofconsultations who have been involved in the proc€ss the Regional SFat€gy and its work plan My special thanks io the developmentof LINAIDS Regionai Suppon T€am, Bangkok. for lheir conslantsuppon rhrougl$ut lhe in I am confidenrlhar $is publicdrionwill selc d \eq usefulpurposero rho.e enBdged prevent HIV/AIDS fmm spreading in the reSion and to find a efteclive cut effons ro for it I secrett{lcenerar .*"'1,#r*:' ki' Post Bor No J222. Kiihnrlnd!. h_epal T.l-: 42Zt 7a3, F!\ : 4221.)31, 422399| E-mail i [email protected] s o.g
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Executive Summory The countries of the Soulh Asion Associolion for Regionol Cooperotion (SAARC) region hove reqched o crilicol point with respect lo HIV qnd AIDS. However,lheir governmenls, donors ond stokeholder orgonizolionsbelieve lhey con overl o mossiveincreqsein infections, limil economiclosses ond sove millions o{ men, women ond childrenfrom obiectpoverty. Althougl', levels of infeclion remoin low comporedfo countries sub Sohoron of Africo, SAARCcounlriesore home to much lorgerpopulolions. Therefore even ot low prevolence rofes, the courseof lhe epidemicin the SAARC region will impocl upon the mognitudeof lhe globol AIDS pondemic over lhe next decode. C o m m u n i l yo n d c u h u r o lv o l u e s , o l o n g w i f h t r o d i l i o n o lo n d f o m i l , ploy o cenlrolporl in supporlsyslems the lives of people ocrosslhe SAARC r e g i o n .A s o r e s u l l d e v e l o p m e n t initiotives musl recognize lhe imporlonce lhesefoclors theyore of if fo be effeclive ond susloinoble. The SMRC RegionolSlroiegy HIV/AIDS on (lhe Regionol Slrolegy) hos been developed within this coniextond oims lo guide the regionolresponse lhe to epidemic over lhe next five yeors. SAARCREGIONALSIMIEGY E ON HIVANDAIDS J
Regionol SAARC - page 7
in HIV Keychollenges oddressing ond AIDS in lhe regionincludes: inodequote ond moniloringcopocityot oll levels;the surveillonce p r o v i s i o n f s u s t o i n o b l ee o d e r s h i p l o l l l e v e l s ;d i f f i c u l t i e sn l o i o lhe need for comprehensive noiionol levelprogrommes; susloining the need to deol with ol coordinolion regionolond notionollevels; groups;lhe need lo oddressprevenlionond treolmenl vulneroble stigmo issues, suchos genderequolity; ond, the needfor oddressing issues. ond discriminolion Processunderfoken fo develop the Regionol Sfrolegy The SMRC Regionol Sirotegywos developed lhrot,lgh on extensive process, lhe of loking inlo considerolion uniqueness the consuholive SAARCregion including lessonsleornt from couniriesthol hove holtedor reversed epidemic. lhe Experl the of Following firsl consr-rltotionthe .lointSMRC-UNAIDS Monogersin Group Meetingof NotionqlHIV ond AIDSProgromme ond circuloledio Dhoko in April 2005, o iirst drofi wos developed i h e p o r t i c i p o n l s o n d r e p r e s e n l o f i v e so { t h e c o - s p o n s o r i n g t i A o r g o n i z o i i o n s . s e c o n dd r o f f w o s d e v e l o p e d n c o r p o r o t i n gh e Thot drofi wos circuloledomong lhe SMRC commenls received. Member Stotes,prior to the Thirty-firstSessionof lhe Stonding SMRC The Leodersot the Thirteenth Committee{or concurrence. lhe 2005) welcomed preporolion Summii(Dhoko,I 2-,13November lo lesponse prevenlond spreod for SAARC of the Strolegy colleclive o{ HIV ond AIDS. Key directions token in fhe Slrofegy for o when developing sfrolegy o group o{ countries, It is ineviloble qre mode such lhol its ombit is oll such os SMRC, thoi oitempls Howeverlhe slrengthof ony slrotegyis iudged nof encompossing. to only by iis breodth of reoch bul olso ifs conduciveness limely Strolegy in With theseprinciples mind, the Regionol implementotion. os highlights key elemenls idenlifiedby the notionolporliciponis. The Vision of the Sirolegy is: r lhe to holt ond reverse spreodond impoctof HIV ond AIDS; r lo commil leoders leod the {ighl ogoinsl HIV ond AIDS;ond, lo lreolmentond core lo r wi$ occess offordoble to providePLWHIV ond, enioy o dignifiedli{e- I: \-,, STMTEGY SMRC PEGIONAL ON HIVANDAIDS
Regionol SAARC - page 8
The Regionol Strotegy will strengthen work ot the regionol level through improved coordinotion, colloborolion ond porlnership between regionol orgonizolions ond nolionol progrommes. This will be especiollythe cose for TB, HIV ond AIDS ond STI prevention ond treolmenl progrommes. Policies ond odvococy will form the bockbone o{ the Regionol Sfrotegy. Policies will be developed ond odvococy will be strengthened in key oreos including: the developmenf of o good surveilloncesystem for lrocking 'the epidemic; developmenl ond implementotion of o prevenlion slrotegy; developmenl of policies ond progrommes on lhe conlinuum of lreolmen'lond core; odvococy for counlering stigmo ond discriminotion; empowering PLWHA ond prolecling their righls lo guorontee the enioymenl of o digni{ied life; moinstreoming HIV ond AIDS into relevonl line ministries conducive to o mulli sectorol ond integrotedopprooch ogoinst HIV ond AIDS; ond, resource mobilizolion for both SAARC ond individr.rol Member Stotes. SAARCwill olso: focililote leodership support {or HIV ond AIDS, includingthe estoblishmentof o high-levelcommiftee, (suchos cobinet level), lo highlight the impo.tonce of the issues; ond, oppoint ond utilize SAARC goodwill ombossodors. In oddition, SAARCwill encouroge Member Slotesto involve civil socielyleodership such os religious, women, youth, medio, business ond olher leoders. Other key elemenls include: colloborolion, coordinotion ond networking, copocity building, lroining ond reseorch. Furthermore, on implementolion plon ond o moniloring ond evoluotion system ore feolured. SMRC REGIONALSTMTEGY 7 ON HIVANDAIDS /
Regionol SAARC - page 9
Acronyms & Abbreviotions Asion Developmenl Bonk AcquiredlmmuneDeficiency Syndrome AnlenololClinic Asio PocificEconomicCooperolion Associolionof Soulh EqstAsion Notions Behoviour Chonge Communicotion Behovior Chonge lniliotive Bonglodesh RurolAdvoncemenl Commiltee cBo Communily Bosed Orgonizolion CEDAW C o n v e n l i o no n t h e E l i m i n o t i o n f D i s c r i m i n o t i o n o ogoinsfWomen csw Commerciol SexWorker DOTS DirecilyObservedTreolmenl,Shorl-course DPM DeputyProgromme Monoger {or ESCAP Economic ond Scienlific Commission Asio ond lhe Pocific FSW FemoleSexWorkers HMG, Nepol His Moiesty'sGovernmenl of Nepol HIV Humon lmmunodeficiency Virus HT Humon Trofficking IDU lniectingDrug User KAP KnowledgeAitiir.rde ond Proclice MondE Moniloringond Evoluolion MDG MillenniumDevelopmenf Gool Minislry of ForeignAffoirs MOFA MoU Memorondumof Understonding MS Member Slole MSM Men who hove Sexwilh Men Molher io Child Tronsmission MTCT ADB AIDS ANC APEC ASEAN BCC BCI BRAC SqARcREGTONALSTMTEGY O c)N HIVAND AIDS /
Regionol SAARC - page 10
NACO NACP NASP NGO NTP PLF PLWHA PMTCT SAARC sTc STD sTl TB TBlHIV TOT UNAIDAS UNDP UNDOC UNGASS UNICEF UNIFEM UNFPA VCT WHO NotionolAIDS ControlOrgonizofion{lndio) (generol) NolionolAIDSControl Progromme (Bonglodesh) Progromme NotionolAIDS/STD Non Governmentol Orgonizofion Confrol Progromme Notionol Tuberculosis Pocific lslondForum Peopleliving wirh HIV/AIDS Monoger Progromme Prevention Molher lo Child Tronsmission of Soulh Asiqn Associolionfor Regionol Cooperolion Cenlre SMRC Tuberculosis SexuollyTronsmitiedDiseose SexuollyTronsmittedInfection SexWorker Tuberculosis from bolh TB bocillusond HIV virus Co-infeciion Troining of Troiners Joint United Notions Progromme on HIV,/AIDS United Nolions DevelopmenlProgromme for Drug Conlrol United NolionsOrgonizolion United Nolions Generol Assemblyon SpeciolSession United NotionsChildren'sFund Uniled Nolions Developmenl Fund for Women Fund Uniled Nolions Populolion for Voluntory ond Testing HIV Counselling Wodd HeolthOrgonizolion I n I \J ONALSTRATEGY ScaFCFEG ON HIVANOAIDS
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