VHCC Panel Members list

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vhcc panel members list - sorted by firm name application id firm..peirce & partners steven bird richard brown 400 498 281 bishop & light solicitors bivonas ltd bkrw solicitors andrew..house cambridge grove 24 cornhill 9 north street city post code london ec3n 1al dx address [email protected] london se1 7sj [email protected] manchester hayes m14 5jq ub3...

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VHCC Panel Members list pdf

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: June 17, 2012
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VHCC Panel Members list - page 1
VHCC Panel Members List - sorted by firm name Application ID 139 226 Firm Name A. A. Mirsons Solicitors A2 Solicitors Main contact name Mr Adam Mir Adewale Adesina Address 46 Aldgate High Street Aldgate Southbank House Black Prince Road Brighton House 273-275 Wilmslow Road Fallowfield 23 Clayton Rd 113 Station Road Chingford Kent House 16 Bull Close Lane 67a Camden High Street 111 Villa Road Handsworth 238 Stapleton Road Eastville 46 West Street 384 Bethnal Green Road Bethnal Green 80 Dunstable Road 5 Portland Square 1 King Cliff Road Birkby Unit 4.12 Bondway Commercial Centre 71 Bondway Vauxhall Nickleby House, Charles Dickens Terrace, Maple Road First Floor 88 High Road 257 Balham High Road 43a South Road Southall Trinity House Heather Park Drive Wembley 170 High Street, Acton 112-114 The Broadway 35-47 North Church Street Greystoke House 80-86 Westow Street 5th Floor Montrose Hse 412-416 Eastern Avenue Gants Hill 61A East Street 58 Southwark Bridge Road Bridewell Court, 14 New Bridge street 209 Sovereign Court, Witan Gate East 377a Palatine Road, Northenden 51 Lincoln's Inn Fields 39 Walton Vale 185 High Street Tonbridge 12 Carrington Street 275 Gray's Inn Road 1 Garratt Lane Wandsworth 14 Inverness Street Cambridge House Cambridge Grove 24 Cornhill 9 North Street City London London Post Code EC3N 1AL SE1 7SJ DX Address E-mail [email protected] [email protected] 341 449 272 309 245 243 170 425 359 338 137 493 Abbey Solicitors ABV Solicitors Achillea & Co ADL Solicitors Ltd Ahmed & Co Solicitors Ahmed Solicitors Aidan Woods & Co. Albin & Co. Alexander Johnson Solicitors Alexander Solicitors and Advocates Allen Hoole Solicitors Amal Solicitors Nadeem Ullah Deepak Vij A Achillea Yasin Mohammed Din Ms Nosheen Saleem Astakhar Ahmed Aidan Woods Chris Albin Anthony Marshall Fariquain Hussain Shah Terence Duncan Allen Imran Younis Manchester Hayes London Halifax London Birmingham Bristol Reading London Luton Bristol Huddersfield M14 5JQ UB3 1AN E4 7BU HX1 2EF NW1 7JL B19 1NH BS5 0NT RG1 1TZ E2 0AH LU1 1EH BS2 8RR HD2 2RR DX 28612 Withington DX 44650 DX 37852 Chingford 2 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DX121903 Kentish Town 3 DX 40904 Bethnal Green DX 5933 Luton DX 122083 Bristol 11 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 182 Amosu Robinshaw Ola Amosu London SW8 1SQ [email protected] 462 126 369 494 Andrew Keenan & Company Andrews Angels Solicitors AP Law Arani Solicitors Andrew Keenan Obe Paul Angel Ashok Patel Muddassar Arani London Ilford, Essex London Middlesex SE20 8RE IG1 1DN SW17 7BD UB1 1SW DX34860 PENGE DX 200852 Ilford 4 DX 34001 Tooting North DX 42051 Southall [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 142 307 337 194 285 Arora Brenyah Arora Lodhi Heath Solicitors Asghar and Co Ashton Morton Slack LLP Bagshaws Jettender Arora Raghwinder Arora Mr Mohammed Asghar Rodger Mark Fowler Mark Bagshaw Middlesex London Southall, Middlesex Sheffield London HA0 1SU W3 6QZ UB1 1QF S1 2DH SE19 3AF DX 51155 Wembley DX 80258 Acton DX 119576 Southall 3 DX 10545 Sheffield 1 DX 34150 Norwood North [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 303 149 151 488 409 492 446 122 367 238 179 480 496 400 498 281 Bailey Nicholson Grayson Bains Cohen Solicitors LLP Bankside Law Ltd Bark & Co Solicitors Bastian Lloyd Morris LLP Bayley Law Solicitors BCL Burton Copeland Bell Lamb & Johnson Berry & Berry Bhatia Best Solicitors Bindman and Partners Birds Solicitors Birnberg Peirce & Partners Bishop & Light Solicitors Bivonas Ltd BKRW Solicitors Mark Bailey Mrs Rupinder Bains John Williams Giles Bark-Jones Syvil Lloyd Morris Laurence Goldstsone Samantha Moore Jeremy Rawson Iain D Reed Ash Bhatia Michael Schwarz Steven Bird Richard Brown Andrew Bishop Tony Brown Keith Betts Ilford, Essex Barking, Essex London London Central Milton Keynes Manchester London Liverpool Kent Nottingham London London London Brighton & Hove London Ashford, Kent IG2 6NQ IG11 8EJ SE1 0AS EC4V 6AG MK9 2HP M22 4FY WC2A 3LZ L9 4ST TN9 1BX NG1 7FF WC1X 8QB SW18 2PT NW1 7HJ BN3 3ED EC1V 3ND TN24 8LF DX 8968 Gants Hill DX 8510 Barking DX 132068 London Bridge 4 DX447 London Chancery Lane DX 31429 Milton Keynes DX 29381 Northenden DX 37981 Kingsway DX 24703 Walton Vale DX 5500 Tonbridge DX 702153 Nottingham 6 DX 37904 Kings Cross DX59062 Wandsworth North DX 57059 Camden Town DX 96607 Hove DX 42613 Cheapside DX 30204 Ashford [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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VHCC Panel Members list - page 2
329 450 105 263 Blackfords LLP Blaser Mills Block & Co Bowden Jones Gary Bloxsome Stephen Bennett Richard Paul Block Huw Bowden 230 372 Brady Eastwood Pierce & Stewart Brian Jackson & Co Justin Pierce Mr. Brian Jackson 390 399 180 246 357 364 187 249 434 361 218 490 Brooklyn Solicitors BSB Solicitors BTMK Solicitors LLP Bullivant & Partners Solicitors & Advocates Burrows Bussin Solicitors Burton Copeland LLP Buxton Ryan & Co Byrne and Partners Caldicotts Solicitors Canter Levin & Berg Carney Solicitors Carter Moore Mr Amit Jaiswal Paul Butcher Michael Roy Warren Mr Avtar Bhatoa Wendi Bussin / Lesley Burrows Mike Mackey Gary Ryan Andrew Benson Ms Rosslyn M Caldicott Philip Moy Mark Harrison Mark Carter/Jeremy Moore Hill House 1 Mint Walk Park House, 31 London Rd, High Wycombe 16-20 Victoria Road 19 Newport Road Noah's Ark 229 Deptford High Street Deptford 22 Stanley Street Miller House Rosslyn Crescent Harrow 5/7 Euston Rd Baryta House 29 Victoria Avenue 15 Great St Thomas Apostle 196 Deansgate Astley House Quay Street 7-10 Market House, The High 77 St John Street 21 Burgess Street 1 Temple Square 24 Dale Street Gitana Street Hanley 12 St John Street Norwich Union House South Parade Old Market Square 17th Floor Wembley Point 1 Harrow Road 149 Cricklewood Broadway 2nd/3rd Floor, St Johns Chambers, 28-30 St Johns Square Guardian House Cronehills Linkway 116 Sunbridge Road 415-417 High Street Stratford Second Floor Lloyds Bank Chambers 45 Cranbrook Road 111 Asylum Road 42 Museum Street Bloomsbury Britannia Chambers 4 Oxford Place 2-4 Bradford Street Tonbridge 73 Church Street 83 Upper Clapton Road 19-23 Sir Thomas Street Yard House, May Place, Basingstoke 12 Devereux Court Strand 3A Station Parade 31 Oxford Row 52 Queens Rd 1 Callaghan Square 2nd Floor Bridge Street Chambers 72 Bridge Street 4th Floor Linton House 39-51 Highgate Road Windsor House Greville Road Bedminster Croydon Bucks Romford Cardiff CR0 1EA HP11 1BZ RM1 2JT CF24 0AA DX 2617 Croydon DX 139590 High Wycombe 6 DX 4605 Romford [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] London Liverpool SE8 3NT L1 6AF DX 56703 Deptford DX 14139 Liverpool 1 [email protected] [email protected] Middlesex London Southend on Sea, Essex London Manchester Manchester Harlow, Essex London Leominster, Herefordshire Liverpool Stoke on Trent Manchester HA1 2RZ NW1 2SA SS2 6AR EC4V 2BJ M3 3WF M3 4AS CM20 1BL EC1M 4NN HR6 8DE L2 5RU ST1 1DY M3 4DX DX 30455 Harrow 3 37095 Kings Cross DX2821 Southend DX 498432 Cheapside 2 DX 14366 Manchester 1 DX 14362 Manchester1 DX 40516 Harlow DX 53322 Clerkenwell DX 27031 Leominster [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DX 20747 Hanley [email protected] [email protected] 384 Cartwright King Solicitors John Scruton Nottingham NG1 2LJ DX 10032 Nottingham [email protected] 176 474 168 147 461 327 143 221 316 107 401 311 451 273 0 186 228 173 506 276 Central Law Practice Chabra Cass & Co Solicitors Chadwyck Healey & Co Challinors White Billingham Solicitors Chamber Solicitors Charles Kirit & Co Solicitors Charles Simmons Solicitors Chartwell & Sadlers Solicitors Christian Khan Solicitors Clarion Solicitors Clarke Kiernan Clarkson Hirst Solicitors Clinton Davis Pallis Cobleys LLP Coomber Rich Solicitors Corker Binning Solicitors Cotisens Solicitors Cousins Tyrer Criminal Law Advocates Crowell & Moring Arshad Mohammed Ashley Chabra Nicholas Chadwyck-Healey Mr Ghulam N. Sohail Mohammed Ayub Mr Bijat Kirit Mr Shakeel Bukhari Shah Femi Joshua Middlesex London London West Bromwich, West Midlands Bradford London Ilford, Essex London London Leeds Kent Lancaster London Liverpool Hampshire London Barking Leeds Reading Cardiff HA9 6DE NW2 3HY EC1M 4DN B70 8SW BD1 2NE E15 4QZ IG1 4PD SE15 2LB WC1A 1LY LS1 3AX TN9 1DU LA1 1ET E5 9BU L1 6BW RG21 7NX WCRR 3JJ IG11 8ED LS1 3BE RG1 4AU CF10 5BT DX 51159 Wembley Park DX 35363 CRICKLEWOOD DX 53312 Clerkenwell DX 713650 West Bromwich 6 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DX 92230 Stratford (London) 1 DX 200855 Ilford 4 DX 34255 Peckham DX 35737 Bloomsbury DX 26427 Leeds Park Square DX 5537 Tonbridge DX 63515 Lancaster DX 37651 Stamford Hill DX 14200 DX 3020 Basingstoke 1 DX 363 London/Chancery Lane DX 8509 Barking DX 26413 Leeds DX54723 Reading 2 DX 33016 Cardiff Rob Rode Dennis Clarke Matthew Winder H Pallis Kate Williams Joanne Coomber Nicola Finnerty Mrs Denise Cole Helen Cousins Adonis Daniel Mr Gerallt Owen 159 352 Cunninghams Solicitors Daniel Berman & Co David Caplin Elliot Perry Manchester London M3 2RJ NW5 1RS DX 46455 Kentish Town [email protected] [email protected] 251 Daniel Woodman & Co Ltd Daniel Woodman Bristol BS3 1LL [email protected]
VHCC Panel Members list - page 3
129 198 267 166 109 205 250 231 286 375 Darbys Solicitors LLP Darryl Ingram & Co Solicitors Dass Solicitors David Phillips and Partners David Taylor Partnership David Thomas Solicitors Davies & Jones Solicitors Davies Blunden & Evans Davis Law Associates de Maids Solicitors & Advocates Jennifer Harvey Mr Darryl Ingram Chris Walton Sue Christopher Michael O'Brien David Thomas Mr David Rees Peter JHC Sheppard John Davis Matthew de Maid 295 125 283 454 347 234 463 289 188 106 297 244 314 299 436 471 312 321 445 175 330 247 111 Dhanju McLaen Anwar Solicitors DLA Piper UK LLP Dobsons Don Solicitors Draycott Browne Solicitors E Rex Makin & Co EAD Solicitors EBR Attridge Edward Fail Neale & Co & Desmond Wright Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson Edward Hayes Edwards Duthie Emery Halil & Brown Erica Peat & Diable Solicitors Evans Bissett Solicitors Ewings & Co Faradays Farleys Solicitors Farnsworth Morgan Bakhat Farrell Matthews & Weir First Defence Solicitors Fisher Meredith LLP Foot Anstey Solicitors Nigel McLean Richard Smyth Graham Dobson Sajjad Hussain Sean Draycott Mr John O'Leary GS Lesin - Davis Warren Brazier Mark Butler Paul Harris Christopher Hayes Shaun Murphy Lee Bridges Simon Diable Rachael Archer Paul Ewings Mr Panayiotis Symeou Paul Schofield Simon Paul Farnsworth Clive Matthews Derek Johashen christopher Dowd Nigel Lyons 472 411 386 241 370 447 117 469 157 373 119 466 242 Forbes Solicitors Foresters Solicitors Foster Wells Solicitors Frank Brazell and Partners Freedman Sharman & Co Freemans Solicitors Frisy Solicitors Limited T/A Frisby & Co Galbraith Branley Gani & Co Solicitors Garcha & Co Garstangs Gartsides Solicitors Gepp & Sons Winston J H Hood Alan Boulton Christopher Hill Frank Brazell Mr David Freedman Michael Field Mark Davies Anthony Branley Zarina Gani Gurpeet Garcha Anthony Harris Lynda Rhead Roger Brice 52 New Inn Hall Street 1-3 Heriot Road Hendon The Old Doctor's Surgery 50 Newhall Street 202 Stanley Road Bootle 3rd Floor Muskers Building 1 Stanley Street 3rd Floor 136 George Street Marble Arch 32 The Parade Roath 68a Reading Road Bishops House Market Place 2 Park Court Mews, Park Place DMA House 4 The Ridgeway Iver 101 Barbirolli Square Crown Building The Walnuts No 1 Olympic Way, Wembley 12 Oxford Court Whitechapel 125 - 131 Picton Road 23 Southampton Place 1094a Uxbridge Road, Hayes 402 Commercial Road Temple Bar House 23-28 Fleet Street 517-519 Barking Road Plaistow 596 Kingsland Road Dalston 314 Mare Street Hackney Suite 3/4, 19 Greenwood Place, Kentish Town 148 High Street 114A Seven Sisters Road 22-27 Richmond Terrace 41a Richmond Terrace 20 Hammersmith Broadway 30 - 32 Bromham Road 405 Kennington Road 21 Derrys Cross Ribchester House Lancaster Road Lancashire 155 Hoe Street Walthamstow 126 Victoria Road Aldershot 97 White Lion Street Kenwood House 77a Shenley Road 35 Duke Street 26 Eastgate Street 736 High Road North Finchley 496 Brixton Road Brixton 88A Whitechapel High Street 227/228 Strand Brands House 2 Corn Street 58 New London Road Chelmsford Oxford London Birmingham Merseyside Liverpool London Cardiff Yateley, Hants. Chalfont St Peter, Bucks. Cardiff OX1 2DN NW4 2EG B3 3RN L20 3EP L1 6AA W1H 5LD CF24 2PB GU46 7UJ SL9 9HE CF10 3DQ DX 145840 DX 59315 Hendon 13006 Birmingham 1 DX 18806 Bootle [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DX 42714 Oxford Circus North [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] DX 94351 Yateley DX 31957 Chalfont St Peter Buckinghamshire Manchester Bromley Middlesex Manchester Liverpool Liverpool 15 London Middlesex London London London London London London Penge London Blackburn Blackburn London Bedford London Plymouth SL0 9HW M2 3DL BR6 0TN HA9 0NP M2 3WQ L1 1HQ L15 4LG WC1 2BP UB4 8QH E1 0LG EC4Y 1AA E13 8PT E8 4AH E8 1HA NE5 1LB SE20 7EU N7 7NS BB1 7AQ BB1 7AW W6 7AF MX40 2QD SE11 4PT PL1 2SW DX 42454 IVER DX 14304 Manchester 1 DX 31611 Orpington DX 14376 Manchester DX 14168 Liverpool DX703303 Wavertree DX 209 London Chancery Lane DX51761 Hayes Midddlesex 3 DX 300701 Tower Hamlets DX 432 London/Chancery Lane DX 152320 Plaistow 3 DX 48617 Dalston DX 35454 Hackney DX 46449 Kentish Town DX 89204 Hornsey DX 13604 Blackburn 3 DX 15255 DX 46758 Hammersmith 3 DX 5614 Bedford DX 37050 Kennington 3 DX 118102 Plymouth 2 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] gary.davis@eadlaw.com warrenbrazier@ebrattridge.com jonathanbutler@efnlaw.co.uk main@efbw.co.uk chayes@edwardhayes.co.uk shaun.murphy@edwardsduthie.com e.peters@ehbsolicitors.co.uk erica.peat@criminaldefencelondon.co.uk rachael.archer@debridgesolicitors.com enquiry@ewings.uk.com faradaysolicitor@aol.co.uk paul.schofield@farleys.com spf@fmbsolicitors.co.uk clive.matthews@fmw-law.co.uk djohashen@firstdefencesolicitors.co.uk christopher.dowd@fishermeredith.co.uk nigel.lyons@foot-ansteys.co.uk Preston London Hampshire London Borehamwood, Herts. London Stafford London London London London Newport Essex PR1 2QL E17 3AL GU11 1JX N1 9PF WD6 1AG W1U 1LH ST16 2LZ N12 9QD SW9 8EQ E1 7QX WC2R 1BA NP20 1DJ CM2 0PA DX 710059 DX 32016 Walthamstow DX50100 Aldershot DX 58272 Islington DX 45603 Borehamwood DX 42719 Oxford Circus North DX 14564 Stafford DX57357 Finchley 1 DX 132675 Brixton 2 DX 496 LDE Chancery Lane DX 148383 DX 3306 Chelmsford winston.hood@forbessolicitors.co.uk tina@foresterssolicitors.co.uk enquiries@fosterwells.co.uk frank@fgap.co.uk david.freedman@freedman-sharman.co.uk mf@freemanssolicitors.net mark.davies@frisbysolicitors.co.uk ab@gbsols.co.uk zarina@ganisolicitors.com garchaandco@hotmail.co.uk anthony.harris@garstangs.com lrhead@gartsides.com mackiep@gepp.co.uk
VHCC Panel Members list - page 4
257 271 293 374 268 328 274 183 193 320 479 426 275 239 259 473 236 233 485 339 424 491 318 366 124 468 192 427 132 292 456 291 355 302 414 211 455 319 371 215 396 397 379 280 163 206 Gerald Armstrong & Co Solicitors Glaisyers Solicitors Golden Solicitors Goldkorns Solicitors GQS Solicitors Grayson Willis Bennett Grech Gooden Solicitors GT Stewart Solicitor Guney Clark & Ryan Solicitors Hallinan Blackburn Gittings & Nott Hamnett Osborne Tisshaw Solicitors Hanif & Company Solicitors Harrow Solicitors & Advocates Hasan Solicitors Haw & Co Hayes Burcombe & Co Henry Milner & Company Henry's Solicitors Ltd Hickman & Rose Hill Dickinson LLP HKH Kenwright & Cox Hodge Jones & Allen Hodson Parsons James & Vaux Hogan Brown Solicitors Howard & Byrne Solicitors Howard Bernstein Solicitors Howards Solicitors Limited Howell & Co Howells Solicitors HSR Solicitors Hugh James Solicitors Hughmans Solicitors Hutton's Solicitors & Advocates Hyde's Solicitors IBB Solicitors Imran Khan and Partners Irwin Mitchell Solicitors J B Wheatley and Co Janes Solicitors JC Wroe & Co JD Spicer JGT Solicitors & Advocates JMW Solicitors John & Saggar Solicitors Jonas Roy Bloom Solicitors Joseph Hill & Co Mr. Gerald Armstrong Neil Ross Mohammed Asif Paul Robinson Mr Ishfaq Qadir M. R. Whitworth Jonathan Wilkins Greg Stewart Theresa Ryan Colin Nott Mr David Osborne Mr Aarif Perwaiz Hanif Elvin David Blades B S Hasan Roger Haw Julian Hayes or Alan Burcombe Mr Henry Milner Kieran Henry Jane Hickman Jack McGarva Khurram Saleem Mian Glen Henry Paul Philpott Michael Hogan. Partner. Colin Byrne Howard Bernstein Peter Eatherall David Michael Golden Danny Simpson Mr H S Rana Andrew Manners Emma Lipscombe Stuart Michael Colman Hutton Darren Stephen Hyde Anil Rajani Balvinder Gill Sarah Cleary Mr Richard Scotter David Janes Paul Gilmartin Philip Spicer John R S Greenwood Peter Grogan Khalid Sofi David Roy Joseph Hill 24 Frederick Street 10 Rowchester Court Print House Street 85-87 Bayham Street Camden 62 Camberwell Road 288 Baldwins Lane, Hall Green 7 North Church Street Clifton House, Four Elms Road 28 Grove Vale East Dulwich 60 Green Lanes 22 Westminster Palace Gardens Artillery Row 3 Hazelgrove Road 393 Coventry Road Small Heath 5-7 Mason's Avenue Wealdstone 643 Stratford Road Sparkhill 245 Camberwell New Road Camberwell 7 Cambridge Court 210 Shepherds Bush Road County House 14 Hatton Garden 72-74 Wellington Road South Stockport 144 Liverpool Road 34 Cuppin Street Mountview House 202-212 High Road 180 North Gower Street 14 Baneswell Road Newport 34 Castle Street Chestnut Court 148 Lawrence Street 6 Howard Street, Glossop Empress Business Centre 380 Chester Road 1341 Stratford Road Hall Green 15/17 Bridge Street Victoria House 526 Commercial Road Hodge House 114-116 St Mary Street 1st Floor 32 Farringdon Street 16-18 St. Andrew's Crescent 37 Lavender Hill Lovell House, 271 High Street, Uxbridge 47 Theobalds Road Riverside East 2 Millsands 190 - 196 Deptford High Street 18-21 Jermyn Street 24 Eldon Road 140 Kilburn Road Elizabeth House, 8 Elizabeth Street, Burnley 1 Byrom Place 233A Kentish Town Road Citadel 190 Corporation Street 220-224 High Road Tottenham Sunderland Birmingham London London Birmingham Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cardiff London London London Haywards Heath Birmingham Harrow, Middlesex Birmingham London London London Cheshire London Chester Ilford, Essex London Gwent Liverpool York Derbyshire Manchester Birmingham Sheffield London Cardiff London Cardiff London Middlesex London Sheffield London London Reading London Lancashire Manchester London Birmingham London SR1 1LT B4 6DZ NW1 0AG SE5 0EN B28 0XB S1 1TD CF24 1LE SE22 8EF N16 9NH SW1P 1RR RH16 3PH B10 0SP HA3 5AH B11 4DY SE5 0TH W6 7NJ EC1N 8AT SK1 3SU N1 1LA CH1 2BN IG1 1QB NW1 2NB NP20 4BP L2 0NR YO10 3EB SK13 7DD M16 9EA B28 9HW S3 8NL E1 0HY CF10 1DY EC4A 4HJ CF10 3DD SW11 5QW UB8 1LQ WC1X 8SP S3 8DT SE8 3PR SW1Y 6HP RG1 4DL NW6 4JD BB11 2BQ M3 3HG NW5 2JT B4 6QD N15 4AJ DX 60744 Sunderland chriswilson@geraldarmstrong.co.uk neilross@glaisyers.co.uk mohammed.asif@lawyer.com crimlaw@goldkorns.co.uk gqssolicitors@btconnect.com mwhitworth@gwbsol.co.uk jon@spirogrech.co.uk g.stewart@gtstewart.co.uk info@guneyclarkryan.com nick.gay@hallinans.co.uk david@hotsol.co.uk enquiry@hanifsolicitors.co.uk DX 34914 Walworth DX 20658 Shirley DX 122152 Roath, Cardiff DX 32160 East Dulwich DX 142580 Stoke Newington 3 DX 300629 Haywards Heath 1&2 DX 80403 Wealdstone DX 18665 Hall Green DX 35311 Camberwell Green DX 46767 HAMMERSMITH 3 DX 229 London Chancery Lane blades@harrowsolicitors.org lt@hasan-solicitors.co.uk julian.hayes@hayeslaw.co.uk law@henrymilner.co.uk DX 122234 Upper Islington DX 19991 Chester DX 124836 Ilford 7 DX 2101 Euston DX 148381 Newport (Gwent) 11 DX 14117 Liverpool janehickman@hickmanandrose.co.uk lachlan.nisbet@hilldickinson.com crime@hkhsol.com ghenry@hodgejonesallen.co.uk pphilpott@hpjv.co.uk michael.hogan@hoganbrown.co.uk mail@howardandbyrne.co.uk michelle@howardbernsteinsolicitors.co.uk crime@howardssolicitors.com DX 714153 Hall Green 2 DX 10584 Sheffield DX 300715 Tower Hamlets DX 33000 Cardiff 1 DX 53321 Clerkenwell DX 33065 Cardiff DX 121055 Battersea DX 45105 Uxbridge davidg@howell-solicitors.co.uk danny.simpson@howells-solicitors.com harryrana@hsrsolicitors.com andrew.manners@hughjames.com emma@hughmans.co.uk clare.strowbridge@huttons-solicitors.co.uk smart4sols@aol.com anil.rajani@ibblaw.co.uk balvinderg@ikandp.co.uk sarah.cleary@irwinmitchell.com richardscotter@jbwheatley.co.uk office@janes-solicitors.co.uk jcwroe@yahoo.co.uk solicitors@jdspicer.co.uk gst@jgtsols.com peter.grogan@jmw.co.uk k.sofi@johnsandsaggar.co.uk info@jonasroybloom.co.uk joehillsols@yahoo.co.uk DX 10513 Sheffield DX 56700 Deptford DX 140544 Picadilly 5 DX 37714 Kilburn DX 23871 Burnley DX 14372 Manchester DX 46473 Kentish Town DX 23540 Birmingham 3 DX 55603 South Tottenham
VHCC Panel Members list - page 5
354 185 150 148 403 475 202 112 261 Judge & Partners Solicitors Jung & Co Solicitors Kaim Todner LLP Kalber Struckley & Company Kamrans Solicitors Kangs Solicitors KBS Solicitors Keith Dyson Solicitors Keith Evans and Company Edward Judge Ms Viney Jung Karen Todner Karen Struckley Wajid Khalil Mr Hamraj Kang Upkar Bahia Mr Keith Dyson Scott Bowen Invicta House 2-4 Atkinson Street 41 North Road 5 St Bride Street 2 New Burlington Street 2nd Floor Waverley House 14 Woodhouse Square 2a Wake Green Road Moseley 29A Tyrrel Street 39 Liverpool Road Castlefield 14 Clytha Park Road The Willows 2 Rupert Road Huyton Fosters Chambers 17 Small Street 12-24 Sunbridge Road Knights Quarter 14 St Johns Lane 2-4 Leigh Road City Point Two, 156 Chapel Street, Salford 11 Quay Road 5 King Street Cloisters Clifton Walk Hammersmith 49 Church Street, Wellington 529 West Derby Road Tuebrook 402-404 Harrow Road Station House, Midland Road 24 Long Island House Warple Way Acton Wicker Chambers 19-21 Wicker Manchester House 84-86 Princess Street South Central 11 Peter Street 24 Camden High Street 6 Castle Street Blue Print Commercial Centre Imperial Way Southbank House Black Prince Road Stowe House 34 Blacker Lane 307A Birchfield Road Perry Barr 25 Union Street Kingston-Upon-Thames Joule House 49 The Crescent 3 Field Court, Second Floor, Gray's Inn 90 Edgbaston Road 19 Castle Street 12 Egerton Court 30 Egerton Road Davenport Chappel House 152-156 High Street Yiewsley Manchester Southall, Middlesex London London Leeds Birmingham Bradford, West Yorkshire Manchester Newport, South Wales M3 3HH UB1 2JL EC4A 4AS W1S 2JE LS3 1AQ B13 9EZ BD1 1RU M3 4NQ NP20 4PB DX 52258 Southall 2 DX 265 London Chancery Lane DX 44728 Soho Square DX 716929 Leeds 39 DX 10787 Moseley judge@judgeandpartners.co.uk vjung@jungsolicitors.com karentodner@kaimtodner.com office@kalber-struckley.co.uk mail@kamransolicitors.co.uk enquiries@kangssolicitors.co.uk kbs-solicitors@btconnect.com DX 728856 Manchester 4 DX 33213 Newport keith.dyson@hotmail.co.uk scott.bowen@keith-evans.co.uk 196 134 486 398 334 Keith Levin & Company Solicitors Kelcey And Hall Solicitors Khan Solicitors Kingsley Napley Knight Polson Robin Flett Jo Atherton Mohammed Sarwar Khan John Harding Alistair Wright Liverpool Bristol Bradford London Eastleigh, Hants. L36 9TF BS1 1DE BD1 2AA EC1M 4AJ SO50 9FH DX 15454 Huyton DX 78206 Bristol DX 11788 DX 22 Chancery Lane 34103 Eastleigh crown@keithlevin.co.uk; tmorgan@keithlevin.co.uk jatherton@kelceyandhall.co.uk info@khansolicitors.com jharding@kingsleynapley.co.uk lilianj@knightpolson.co.uk 448 388 Kristina Harrison Solicitors Lancasters Michael Johnson Victoria Lancaster Manchester M3 6BF DX 719391 Salford DX 61901 mail@kristinaharrisonsolicitors.co.uk crimeteam@lancasters-solicitors.co.uk Bridlington, East Yorks. YO15 2AB 138 413 104 201 296 Lansbury Worthington Solicitors Lanyon Bowdler Laurence Lee & Co Lawrence & Co Lawtons Solicitors Charles Worthington Rowland Waddington Laurence Lee Lawrence Lederman Stephen Halloran London Telford Liverpool London Luton, Beds. W6 0GY TF1 1DA L13 8AA W9 2EL LU2 0HS DX 32756 Hammersmith 2 DX 23101 Wellington DX 14123 Liverpool DX 148160 Maida Hill 2 DX 5908 Luton cw@lansbury-worthington.co.uk rowland.waddington@lblaw.co.uk info@laurenceleesolicitors.co.uk lawrence@lawsol.co.uk stephenhalloran@yahoo.co.uk 165 408 140 164 487 146 222 204 208 422 195 108 130 460 310 Ledgisters Solicitors Leviten Thompson & Co Levys Solicitors Lewis Hymanson Small Solicitors LLP Lewis Nedas & Co Linskills Lloyds PR Solicitors Lound Mulrenan Jefferies Solicitors LR Solicitors M&N Solicitors Maclaverty Cooper Atkins Maidments Solicitors Limited Mallets Solicitors Mann & Co Solicitors Mark Jones & Partners Tracey Ledgister John Thompson Michael Levy Ian Lewis Miles Herman Julian Linskill Mr Harsha Rupasinghe (Partner) Anthony Mulrenan Christopher Sharp Mr Naser Julie Cooper Allan Maidment Richard Mallet Steven Dosanjh Mark Jones London Sheffield Manchester Manchester London Liverpool Watford London Wakefield Birmingham Surrey Salford London Smethwick Liverpool W3 0RG S3 8JQ M1 6NG M2 5QR NW1 0JH L2 0NB WD24 4JP SE1 7SJ WF4 3EW B20 3BX KT1 1RP M5 4NW WC1R 5EF B66 4LB L2 4SX DX 80260 Acton DX 10569 Sheffield 1 DX 709030 Manchester 7 t.ledgister@ledgisters.co.uk ltandco@gotadsl.co.uk mal@levys.co.uk dee.scott@lhs-solicitors.com mherman@lewisnedas.co.uk julian@linskills.co.uk lloydspr@aol.com lmj@lmj-solicitors.co.uk chrissharp708@btinternert.com mnsolicitors@hotmail.co.uk DX 57056 CAMDEN TOWN DX 14215 Liverpool 1 DX 4504 Watford DX 31500 Kingston cm@maclaverty.co.uk alan.maidment@maidments.co.uk info@malletts.com stevedosanjh@yahoo.co.uk mark.jones@mjpsolicitors.co.uk DX 129 Chancery Lane DX 22561 DX 14254 Liverpool 102 Martin Cunningham Solicitor Martin Cunningham Stockport West Drayton, Middlesex SK3 8WZ martincunningham@btconnect.com 380 Martin Murray & Associates Solicitors Andrew Cosma UB7 7BE DX 47658 West Drayton acosma@mmasolicitors.co.uk
VHCC Panel Members list - page 6
219 407 Martyn Hewett Solicitors Martyn Prowel Solicitors Martyn Hewett William Martyn Prowel 131 376 336 118 332 477 315 331 457 116 156 128 141 335 387 433 476 418 340 174 378 350 110 483 416 333 410 153 391 114 382 284 495 470 351 McCormacks Solicitors LLP McCormicks Solicitors McKenzies Solicitors Meldrum Young Limited Mian and Company Solicitors Middleweeks Solicitors Mirza & Co Solicitors Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors Morgan Rose Solicitors MPR Solicitors LLP MSB Solicitors Murrays Partnership Solicitors Murria Solicitors N R Russell & Co Nadim Associates Solicitors Limited Needleman Treon Neumans Solicitors (Formally Sabir Selby) Nick Inge Solicitors Nikolich and Carter Solicitors Noble Solicitors O'Garra's Solicitors O'Keeffe Solicitors Oldhams Solicitors and Advocates Olliers Solicitors Owen White & Catlin Solicitors Panesar & CO Solicitors Pannone LLP Pattichil, Hill and Croques Paul Martin & Co Solicitors Peach Grey & Co Pearson Fielding Polson Peter Kandler & Co Petherbridge Basra Opus Hassain t/a Opus Law Phillipa Murray & Co Phoenix Solicitors & Advocates Andrew Palazzo Mr G. Rogers Mr Nev Niyazi Sylvia Sheikh Mrs Tanweer Mian Carl Richmond Mr Khalid Elahi Margaret Sheeran Simon Morgan Mrs Seema Parikh Sean Joseph Sexton Gillian Heathcote Jagtar Singh Kulair Ingrid Harrington Patricia Finley Jeremy Nicholls Mr Nabeel A.Sheikh Nicholas Inge Nicola Carter Pritpal (Paul) Singh Millan J. Michael O'Garra James O'Keeffe Nicola Broe Matthew Claughton Jeremy Huntingford Johanne Hayes Anthony Paul Barnfather Richard Hill Sandra Mannock Mr David Franklin Andrew Pearson David Martin Phillip Sweeney Phillipa Murray Martin Winter 214 431 154 184 342 301 Platt Halpern Solicitors Pollecoff Solicitors Powell Spencer & Partners Punatar & Co Solicitors Purcell Parker Solicitors Qamar Solicitors Alex Preston Ola Yusuf / Ahmed Subero Greg Powell Mary Tmaira Spencer Stephens Qamar Islam The Chestnuts Shepherdswell Hallinas House 22 Newport Road Security House 2 Romford Road Stratford 37 East Parade 20 Church Street Edmonton 16 Station Road The Citadel 190 Corporation Street 1st Floor, 18 - 20 Derby Street 216 Hoe Street Walthamstow 220 Chapel Street 44-45 Chancery Lane 8 Red Lion Court Alexandra Road MSB House 20/22 Tapton Way 94-96 Walworth Road Court Chambers 180 Corporation Street 2 London Wall Buildings London Wall John Laird Building 4 Park Road North Meridien House 42 Upper Berkeley St 10-12 Little Trinity Lane 18 Camberwell Church Street 19 Ralli Courts West Riverside 21 High Street 32 Park Square 1b Dyne Road 1 High Street Castfield Chambers 11 Duke Street Gavel House 90/92 High Street 3-5 Derby Road 123 Deansgate 1 Roman Road 8-10 Eastern Road Romford 14 College Place London Road Trueman Court Trueman Street 60 Golborne Street Vintry House 18-20 Piccadily Skipton Chambers 16-18 North Parade 272 Union Street Torre 2nd Floor Grampian House 144 Deansgate 41 Tabernacle Street 290 Kilburn High Road 32 Junction Road Archway 204-206 Corporation Street 7 Halifax Road Kent Cardiff CT15 7NU CF24 0TD DX 33037 Cardiff martyn@martynhewett.co.uk mprowel@martynprowel.co.uk London Harrogate, N.Yorks London Watford, Herts Birmingham Manchaster London Salford London Hounslow, Middlesex Liverpool London Birmingham London Birkenhead London London London Manchester Shefford, Bedfordshire Leeds London Baldock, Herts Manchester Feltham, Middlesex Grays, Essex Manchester Ilford, Essex Essex Southampton Liverpool London Bradford Bradford Torquay E15 4BZ DX 300704 Tower Hamlets DX 11974 Harrogate DX 36264 Edmonton 2 DX 51526 Watford 2 DX 23505 Birmingham 3 DX700014 MANCHASTER 6 DX 32038 DX 280 London Chancery Lane DX 3535 Hounslow DX 700701 Old Swan DX 133245 Walworth DX 23521 Birmingham 3 messages@mccormacks.co.uk g.rogers@mccormicks-solicitors.com nev.niyazi@mckenzies-solicitors.co.uk sylvias@mysolicitors.co.uk mians@btinternet.com law@middleweeks.com k.elahie@mirzasolicitors.co.uk msheeran@mbcsolicitors.co.uk jasonmorgan@morgan-rose.com seema@mprsolicitors.co.uk seansexton@msbsolicitors.co.uk admin@murrayspartnership.co.uk jkulair@murria.co.uk nrrussell_co@hotmail.com info@solicitorslaw.com N9 9DU WD17 1EG B4 6QD M8 8RY E17 3AY M3 5LE WC2A 1JB TW3 1JS L13 1DA SE1 6SW B4 6UD EC2M 5UU CH41 4EZ W1H 5QJ EC4V 2AR SE5 8QU M3 5FT SG17 5DD LS1 2PF NW6 7XG SG7 6AZ M3 4NF TW13 4ES RM17 6QD M3 2BU IG1 2NY RM1 3PJ SO15 2FE L3 2BA W10 5PR BD1 3LX BD1 3HT TQ2 5QY DX 44403 Marble Arch DX490 LONDON/CHANCERY LANE DX 35303 Camberwell geoffrey@ntlaw.co.uk nabeel.sheikh@sabirselby.com crimbrief@nickinge.com nicola@nikolichcarter.com DX 153444 Biggleswade DX 26424 Leeds Park Square DX 123869 Kilburn 2 DX 45003 Baldock DX 727755 Manchester DX 133826 Feltham 3 DX 54003 Grays DX 14314 Manchester 1 mog@ogarras.com jw@oksol.co.uk admin@oldhams.net matthewclaughton@olliers.com jeremy.huntingford@owenwhitecatlin.co.uk pspanesar@panesarandco.co.uk anthony.barnfather@pannone.co.uk pppdoris@hotmail.com sandra@paulmartinlaw.co.uk davidf@peachgrey.co.uk apearson@pearson-fielding.co.uk davidm@peterkandler.com p.sweeney@opuslaw.co.uk p.murray@philippamurrayandco.com martinwinter@vhccsolicitors.com DX 4610 Romford DX 38501 Southampton 3 DX 46658 Maida Hill DX 11706 Bradford Manchester London London London Birmingham Dewsbury, West Yorkshire M3 3EE EC2A 4AA NW6 2DD N19 5RE B4 6QB WF13 2JH DX 36649 Finsbury DX 123862 Kilburn DX 54758 Archway DX 23508 Birmingham 3 DX 23364 deansgate@platthalpern.co.uk reception@pollecoff.com gregpowell@psplaw.co.uk lawyers@punatar.biz jenny@purcellparker.co.uk qamar@qamar.co.uk
VHCC Panel Members list - page 7
101 346 262 Quinn Melville Quist Solicitors Rahman Ravelli Solicitors Peter Quinn Akhtar Raja Azizur Rahman 181 229 Raj Law Solicitors Ralli Rajdeo Boodhoo Stephen Fox 254 356 103 440 160 Rashid & Co Solicitors Reeds Solicitors Reynolds Dawson Solicitors Richard Nelson Business Defence Solicitors Robert Lizar Solicitors Tariq Rashid Lee Reed Mr C Reynolds Richard Nelson Adam Foster 227 298 121 459 191 482 294 438 237 135 279 167 265 365 290 325 383 404 358 405 322 277 430 113 136 360 368 478 385 417 178 313 223 253 200 304 Robin Murray & Co Roche & Co Solicitors Rodney Warren & Co Roger James Clements & Partners Roland Robinsons & Fentons Solicitors Ronald Fletcher Baker Rose Williams & Partners Ross-Brown & Birtwistle Rowberry Morris Russell Jones & Walker Russell-Cooke LLP Rustem Guardian Solicitors S Satha & Co Salhan & Company Solicitors Sanders Witherspoon LLP Sansbury Douglas Saunders Law Partnership Shah Solicitors LLP Shaw Graham Kersh Shearman Bowen & Co Shepherd Harris & Co Shires Defence Solicitors SJ Law Smith Brown & Sprawson Smith Partnership Soni and Kaur Solicitors Sonn Macmillan Walker Stephen Fidler & Co Stephen Lickrish & Associates Stephen Moore & Co Sternberg Reed Stokoe Partnership Sumal Creasey Solicitors Switalski's Solicitors T V Edwards LLP Tair Farrier Graham Richard Atkinson Paul Roche Rodney Warren Ian George Robert J Castle Miss Rakeebah Rahim Shawn Williams Iain Ross-Brown Mr. C. Shewad John Webber Rod Fletcher Mr Timur Rustem Mr Sathananthan Chaman Salhan Kevin Oddy Nick Arthur (Partner) Judith Wright Rajesh Shah Raymond Shaw Mark Bowen Ian Godfrey Velma Ferdinand Vijesh Saujani Andrew C Smith Steven Newcombe Sunvir Kaur David Sonn Andrew Bolton Stephen Lickrish Catherine Brockway Ben Thomas Maria Theodoulou Mr S C Fernando Robert Casey Anthony Edwards Mr Paul Barron 15 Stanley Street Third Floor, King House 5-11 Westbourne Grove Saracen House 10 Pellon Lane Unit 3 Trident Business Centre 89 Bickersteth Road Tooting Broadway Ralli Courts, Wesr Riverside Z.R. Building 401-401A Witton Road Witton 1, Cambridge Terrace 34 John Adam Street Charing Cross 6 The Midway 101 Princess Road Moss Side The Old Ragged School King Street Chatham The Gatehouse Cliffords Inn 43 Gildredge Road 72 Bridge Street 85-89 Adelaide Street 326 Old Stret 8 King Street 12 Drake Street Morroway House Station Road 50- 52 Chancery Lane 8 Bedfords Row 15 New Bridge Street Blackfriars 376-378 High Street North, 1st Floor Murdoch Chambers 153a Corporation Street Whitegates Business Centre Alexander Lane 6 Unity Street Essex Hall, 1- 6 Essex Street 168 Greenford Road Sudbury Hill 35 Great Marlborough Street 3 Dyers Buildings Nickel House 96 Silver Street Rutland House 24-26 Friar Lane 157a High Street 3-5 George Street West 14 York Road 80 High Street 19 Widegate Street 5 Dyers Building Barnett House 53 Fountain Street 34 Regent Place 102-106 South Street 646-648 High Road Leytonstone Carlton House 28 Regent Road Park House 29, Mile End Road 16-17 Regent Terrace Gateshead Liverpool London Halifax L1 6AA W2 4UA HX1 5SP DX 14154 Liverpool DX 35801 Queensway DX 16001 Halifax 1 pquinn@quinn-melville.co.uk mail@quistlaw.com azizur.rahman@rahmanravelli.co.uk London Manchester SW17 9SH M3 5FT DX 58858 DX 14359 Manchester rajlaw@hotmail.co.uk stephen.fox@ralli.co.uk Birmingham Oxford London Nottingham Manchester B6 6SP OX1 1RR WC2N 6HW NG7 2TS M14 4RB DX 40040 Covent Garden 1 tariq@rashidandco.com lvr@reeds-solicitors.com colin.reynolds@reynoldsdawson.co.uk law@richardnelsonsolicitors.co.uk afoster@robertlizar.com Kent London Eastbourne, East Sussex Newport Blackpool London Wolverhampton Rochdale Gloucester London London London London Birmingham Shenfield, Essex Bristol London Middx London London Enfield Leicester Walthamstow Luton Leicester Brentford, Middlesex London London Manchester Rugby Romford, Essex London Leicester Wakefield London Tyne and Wear ME4 4LY EC4A 1BL BN21 4RW NP20 4AQ FY1 4LX EC1V 9DR WV1 1ST OL16 1LU GL1 1DW WC2A 1HL WC1R 4BX EC4V 6AU E12 6PH B4 6PH CM15 8QF BS1 5HH WC2R 3HY HA1 3QZ W1F 7JF EC1N 2JT EN1 3EL LE1 5RA E17 7BX LU1 2BJ LE1 5TS TW8 8AE E1 7HP EC1N 2JT M2 2AN CV21 2PN RM1 1RX E11 3AA LE1 6YH E1 4TP NE8 1LU DX 6744 Chatham richard.atkinson@robinmurrayandco.com office@rocheco.co.uk DX 6969 Eastbourne DX 33200 DX 17039 Blackpool 1 DX 137773 Finsbury 5 DX 10442 Wolverhampton 1 rw@rodneywarren.co.uk pat@rjcp.co.uk csmc@rrfsolicitors.com r.rahim@rfblegal.co.uk crime@roselaw.co.uk r.b.b@btconnect.com admin@rowberrymorris.co.uk enquiries@rjw.co.uk jae.carwardine@russell-cooke.co.uk T.Rustem@rustemguardian.co.uk sssatha@aol.com csalhan@salhan.co.uk kevin@sanderswitherspoon.co.uk narthur@sansburycampbell.co.uk info@saunders.co.uk info@shahsolicitors.co.uk raymond.shaw@sgk-solicitors.co.uk markb@shearmanbowen.co.uk mail@shepherd-harris.co.uk info@shires-defence.co.uk info@sj-law.co.uk luton@lawsbs.co.uk s.newcombe@btinternet.com soniandkaur@btinternet.com dsonn@smw-law.co.uk abolton@stephenfidler.co.uk s.lickrish@stephenlickrish.co.uk catherine.brockway@stephenmoore.ncounterus.co.uk ben.thomas@sternberg-reed.co.uk mtheodoulou@stokoepartnership.com info@sumalcreasey.co.uk rob.casey@switalskis.com enquiries@tvedwards.com paul.barron@gatesheadsolicitors.co.uk DX 7500 Gloucester DX 202 London Chancery Lane DX 112 London Chancery Lane DX 53303 Clerkenwell DX 133012 Upton Park 2 DX 23532 Birmingham 3 DX 7821 Bristol DX 33870 Finsbury Square DX 43255 Sudbury Hill DX 218 Chancery Lane DX 144341 Enfield 8 DX 10809 Leicester 1 DX 32043 Walthamstow DX 5970 Luton DX 10831 Leicester 1 DX 90360 Brentford DX 857 London City DX 8 LDE DX 11675 Rugby DX 4614 Romford DX 58205 Leytonstone DX 28803 Leicester 2 DX 15017 Wakefield DX 300700 Tower Hamlets DX 60304
VHCC Panel Members list - page 8
161 Talbot Walker LLP David Melville Walker 489 484 189 224 381 Tank Jowett Solicitors Tates Solicitors Taylor Nichol Taylor Street Solicitors The Johnson Partnership Mr B Tank MR John M Batchelor Carolyn Taylor Philip J Street Digby Johnson 362 458 The Purkiss Partnership Thos Boyd Whyte Andrew Purkiss Gordon Luckhurst 306 235 255 432 133 421 169 162 323 282 437 177 TNT Kelly Solicitors TNT Solicitors Toussaint & Co Tuckers Solicitors Tyndallwoods Solicitors Vahib & Co Veja and Co Solicitors VHC Flecthers Solicitors Vicker Chisman & Wishlade Wainwright & Cummins Solicitors Wannop & Fox Solicitors Watson Woodhouse Solicitors Philip Kelly Kenneth Carr A M Toussaint Brian Craig Exdol A. Mitchell Raj Veja Andrew Siddall Peter Wishlade Andrew Wainwright Mr Gareth Morgan Mrs. Andrea Blenkinsop 300 288 287 481 308 363 West Midlands Solicitors Whitelock and Storr Wilson & Co Woodfines LLP Yasmin Shaid Ltd Youngs Criminal Defence Services Ltd Mr Najeeb Ali Keith Goddard Simon Pugh Chris Hallsworth Yasmin Khan Janice Young 16 Bridge Street Andover Wembley Point 1A Harrow Road Wembley Jubilee Chambers The Headrow 3 Station Place Barfield House Grove Road Cannon Courtyard Off Long Row The Hayloft, Badshot Farm St. George's Road Runfold 302 Broadway 3 Mitre Buildings West Square Harlow Imperial Works, Perren Street 451-453 High Road Wembley 18 Camberwell Church Street Priory Gate Steelhouse Lane Alco House 435 Green Lanes 593 Uxbridge Road Hayes 111 Carrington Street 33 Silver Street 413A Brixton Road Brixton Pallant House 8 South Pallant York House, 102-108 Borough Road Suite 8 Graphic House 15-18 New Road 5 Bloomsbury Square 697 High Road Tottenham Regency Court 228 Upper Fifth Street Victoria House 237 Dewsbury Road 10 Ellesmere Road Hants SP10 1BJ DX 90300 Andover cwinters@talbotwalker.co.uk Middlesex Leeds London Ash, Surrey Nottingham HA9 6DE LS1 2QS N4 2DH GU12 5BD NG1 6JE DX 51150 Wembley Park DX26439 LEEDS DX 57453 Finsbury Park DX 99283 Ash Vale DX 10082 Nottingham office@tankjowett.com post@tateslaw.force9.co.uk taylor.nichol@easynet.co.uk philfaos@hotmail.co.uk mail@thejohnsonpartnership.co.uk Farnham, Surrey Bexleyheath GU9 9HR DA6 8AB N/A DX 31804 Bexleyheath andrewpurkiss@btinternet.com gtl@tbw.uk.com Essex London Middlesex London Birmingham London Middx Nottingham Stockton-on-Tees London Chichester, West Sussex Middlesborough CM20 1DR NW5 3ED HA9 7AF SE5 8QU B4 6EB N4 1HA UB4 8HR NG1 7FE TS18 1SX SW9 7DG PO19 1TH TS1 2HJ DX 40548 Harlow DX 46475 Kentish Town DX 80220 Wembley Central DX 35303 Camberwell DX 16073 Birmingham Fountain Court Dx 57754 Haringey DX 51756 Hayes (Middx) 3 DX 10087 Nottingham DX 60617Stockton DX 58783 Brixton DX 30305 Chichester DX 60502 Middlesbrough plk@tntkelly.co.uk kennethcarr@btinternet.com andonio1@aol.com sinclairf@tuckerssolicitors.com emitchell@tyndallwoods.co.uk vahib@vahib.co.uk rajveja@hotmail.com info@vcwsolicitors.co.uk andrew.wainwright@wainwrightcummins.co.uk gmorgan@wannopfox.com ablenkinsop@watsonwoodhouse.co.uk Willenhall London London Milton Keynes Leeds Sheffield WV13 2BG WC1A 2LX N17 8AD MK9 2HR LS11 5HZ S4 7JB DX 24409 Willenhall DX 35739 Bloomsbury DX 52200 Tottenham 2 DX 54465 Milton Keynes DX: 14077 Leeds Park Square DX 701282 Sheffield westmidssols@tiscali.co.uk keithg@whitelockandstorr.com sp@wilsons-solicitors.org.uk mail@woodfines.co.uk yasmin_shaid@hotmail.co.uk ycds@btconnect.com
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