Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer,

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dear children’s ministry volunteer, thank you so much for choosing to..with their family, friends, and neighbors. i pray that as we partner..needs, please don’t hesitate to contact them. they will do all...

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Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, pdf

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: May 14, 2012
: Tony
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Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 1
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, Thank you so much for choosing to make a difference in the lives of the children in our valley! Our goal is that every child here at Calvary Chapel Murrieta would experience the love of Jesus through those they come in contact with. I realize the responsibility of Christian education belongs to the family; however, we as a church need to be a strong encouragement and support to families. Our Children’s Ministry is committed to providing Jesus Christ’s example of love and acceptance to the children we minister to. Additionally, we are committed to Biblical teaching to help our children grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Finally, we are committed to evangelizing children giving them the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and to encourage them to share their faith with their family, friends, and neighbors. I pray that as we partner with the parents of our valley, many children will come to know Jesus as their personal savior, and grow stronger in their relationship with Him! I am so glad you have chosen to be a part of that exciting process! Please review and familiarize yourself with the information contained in this handbook, as it is designed for two reasons. To help you be effective in your ministry with the children, and for your safety. As we grow, so do our needs, and it is impossible for me to completely oversee the entire Children’s Ministry. Once you have been assigned an area of service, you will receive the name and contact information of your Coordinator. If you have any needs, please don’t hesitate to contact them. They will do all they can to help you or bring an issue to my attention if necessary. I look forward to serving along side you in this exciting ministry! Please feel free to contact me or any of our staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Children’s Ministry. Blessings! Tony Schaffner Children’s Pastor Calvary Murrieta Page 1
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Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 2
Table of Contents Preface: Welcome Letter Our Philosophy Page 1 Page 3 Expectations: Volunteer Requirements Volunteer Responsibilities Volunteer Guidelines Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Tips & Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions Relationships with Parents Classroom Management Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Policies & Procedures: Child Safety Policy Suspected Abuse Procedure Emergency Procedure Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Age & Grade Characteristics: Nursery (1-12 Months) Toddlers (13-24 Months) 2 & 3 Year Olds 4 & 5 Year Olds First & Second Grade Third & Fourth Grade Fifth & Sixth Grade Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 2
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 3
Our Philosophy Vision: A place where the children of Calvary Chapel Murrieta can discover Biblical truths in a fun, safe environment. Children are challenged to commit their lives to Jesus Christ by the example of a devoted team of servant leaders, dedicated to serving Him in their own lives. We commit to partner with parents in cultivating this into a real life relationship with Jesus. Out of this relationship our mission is to bring the Gospel to the Inland Valley and beyond! Verse: “I tell you lift up your eyes, and see that the fields a ready for harvest.” John 4:35 Motto: Equip the children today, to Reach their community tomorrow, and Impact their world for a lifetime. Mission Statement: Encourage – The children will be encouraged to make long-lasting meaningful relationships with other children who have made Jesus Chris their Savior. Experience – The children will experience the love of Jesus with all of the children’s ministry personnel they come in contact with. Equip – The children will be taught in an exciting and interactive way, at their age appropriate level. Engage – The children will be challenged to think critically, and have the opportunity to ask questions in class. Empower – The children will be given the opportunity to accept Jesus as their own personal Savior. Evangelize – The children will be given the tools to share their faith in Jesus Christ with others. Page 3
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 4
Volunteer Requirements These are requirements that all Children’s Ministry Volunteers at Calvary Chapel Murrieta must comply with and adhere to. You must have a personal relationship with Jesus that is evident by your life and your testimony. Calvary Chapel Murrieta must be considered your home church and you must regularly attend services. You must have a Children’s Ministry Application Form on file. Please contact your coordinator, if you are unable to fulfill your commitment. This will allow them time to find a substitute for your class. You will need to be Live Scanned at the earliest possible opportunity. This is done quarterly at the church at a predetermined time. Prepare your lesson before you enter the classroom. We will provide you with all the tools and training for your classroom. You must arrive at least 20 minutes early to receive your students, and stay until the last student is picked up. Most students begin arriving 10-15 minutes before class. As a Children’s Ministry Volunteer at Calvary Chapel Murrieta you must adhere to and comply with all safety policies and procedures in this Handbook. Page 4
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 5
Volunteer Responsibilities Classroom Teachers: Learn the names of your students, pray for your students often. Plan your lesson during the week and delegate responsibilities. Arrive in your classroom 20 minutes before class begins. Call your coordinator to help find a substitute when you cannot be in class. Reach out to parents keeping a communication flow through an occasional note. Study the characteristics of your particular age group. Attend at least one service or other Bible Study opportunity here during the week. Attend required meetings for your own personal growth and encouragement. Meet with assistants to ensure good planning for the coming week. Classroom Assistants: Learn the names of your students, pray for your students often. Help plan your lesson during the week. Arrive in your classroom 20 minutes before class begins. Help keep a clean, cheery room atmosphere. Call your coordinator to help find a substitute when you cannot be in class. Study the characteristics of your particular age group. Attend at least one service or other Bible study opportunity here during the week. Attend required meetings for your own personal growth and encouragement. Meet weekly with the lead teacher to ensure good planning for the next week. Classroom Helpers: Learn the names of your students, pray for your students often. Help the Teacher and Assistant. Arrive in your classroom 20 minutes before class begins. Let the teacher know when you will not be there. Give your full attention to the children. Attend at least one Bible study here at Calvary Chapel Murrieta. Page 5
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 6
Volunteer Guidelines Here are a few guidelines to help your time with the children you minister to be the most effective. The Children’s Ministry Office has all the supplies that you might need. If you would like something unusual for class, let us know. You may leave a message for supplies you might need. You will need to pick up your supplies before class! Don’t forget to think ahead. Each classroom has a sign in book that will either be in the classroom or can be picked up before class in the Children’s Ministry Office. Children must be signed in by an adult and given a ticket with a corresponding number. If it is necessary to contact a parent during service, use this number for identifying them. Review the lesson, pray, and make a plan! Gather your Bible and supplies and you are ready for your class! Always begin with prayer and end with prayer. Give children an opportunity to pray for things that are on their heart. God hears each one! Each is precious to Him! Everyone gets to participate in worship through music! Please note there will be no trips to the bathroom during worship; please ensure that they are going before or after. Join in, it’s fun! They are looking to you, the teacher, to be their example! Parents may only pick up their children if they have their child’s ticket. Always try to have the same person sign kids in and out. When parents come back to pick up their child, make sure all parents wait outside the classroom as you call for the child and have other helpers in the class gather the child with all their belongings. Our check in system is for safety and emergency purposes, so we ask that you make every effort to adhere to it. Each room, with a bit of creativity and a bit of time, can be transformed into your room. Whether you are a 2 Year Old Teacher or a 4th Grade Teacher, own your room with your kids. Anything goes just remember that you need to be consistent and clean up after your class time. Page 6
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 7
Frequently Asked Questions What should my room look like? Neatness and order are important factors to consider in your room set up. Do not allow curriculum, sign in sheets or art projects to clutter any of the desks or tables in the classroom. The only items that should be on the check in table are the sign in sheets, the tickets and nametags. Once you are finished for the day, please return all supplies to designated area, and leave the room in better condition that you found it. What do I do when at the end of service there are kids in my classroom? Please take the child along with the sign in sheet to the Children’s Ministry Office. The children will be cared for until the parents are able to check them out. I’m sick and I won’t be able to fulfill my serving responsibility, who do I contact? Your coordinator is the best person to contact. Be sure to call in plenty of time so a replacement can be found for you. What if I need assistance? If a child is sick, or cannot be consoled after 10 minutes of class. Contact the service overseer, or use phone in classroom and dial extension 1310. We will then notify the parents. May I have coffee in my room? Hospitality is provided on Sunday mornings in the Children’s Ministry Office for all volunteers. You may enjoy your coffee and snacks in the office only. Only water may be brought in the classroom. Can we do outings with the kids? Yes! Plans for the outing must be submitted in writing to the Children’s Ministry Director in advance for approval. You must be willing to plan and carry out the outings. You will be provided with direction and support as needed. Page 7
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 8
Relationships with Parents Please use these as guidelines to help you in your relationships with the parents of the children in your class. Greet every parent and child at the door. Parents are positively affected by a cheerful show of welcome and concern by the teacher. Introduce yourself with a handshake and tell them that you are the teacher. Set their minds at ease that their child will be loved and ministered to in your class. Wear your nametag, give parents the feeling of comfort when they first arrive. Wearing a nametag gives the parent an opportunity to call you by name and also shows that you are a part of the Children’s Ministry Team. Acquaint them with future lesson topics. Type or copy a brief description of future lessons. Give this to them with a letter of explanation and encouragement to be involved with their children. Involve parents in the class, parents can be extremely helpful in the classroom as aides or “important guests.” If they are planning on helping the entire class time have them go to the resource room and pick up a Visitor Tag. If they are helping for just a short period of time they do not need to have a tag. Say “goodbye” to children in front of their parents, children love this exit greeting, and parents do not expect it. It is a good time to ask the parents to call you regarding a problem, to share some joy from the class, or pass on one of their children’s special qualities, characteristics, or contributions. Your attitude must be one of humility towards the parents. First, you are a servant of Christ; then, you are a servant to the parents and their children. Know that God has placed each child in your class for spiritual guidance during the time they are with you. Pray for them weekly and watch God work in their lives. Page 8
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 9
Classroom Management The most common discipline problem in classrooms are talking and fidgeting. This type of problem can usually be taken care of by a teacher getting near the child or relocating the child’s sitting position. The key to less discipline is good planning. Have a variety of activities and well-set boundaries in your classroom for your own particular group, each group will vary. When a child is causing a problem the child should be given a verbal warning or a choice between behaving correctly or spending time doing something away from the group. Make sure children understand why you are disciplining them, so they can return to the group. The Parent of the Week Program is a wonderful way to deal with a discipline problem. Observe how the parent deals with the student and how that student reacts. Sometimes just having the parent in the classroom to help, the students will behave themselves. Try it, the parent may even realize they love working with kids! Positive reinforcement and preparation are the best deterrents to discipline problems. Sometimes there are exceptions. If a child is disrespectful to a person of authority or a classmate, address this immediately. Be consistent and respectful always! Never reprimand a child in front of other students. Give a warning, and if this does not stop the problem, discuss behavior with student privately in the back of the room or outside the door. Never hit or grab the child, please use wisdom! Sometimes those who are the most disruptive will be the leaders of tomorrow! Give them something to be responsible for they may feel like they are not a part of what the class is doing or they may need a challenge! As a last resort, contact the service overseer, or use phone in the classroom and dial extension 1310 to contact Tony Schaffner. He will then make the decision on how to deal with the student. Page 9
Dear Children’s Ministry Volunteer, - page 10
Child Safety Policy Calvary Chapel Murrieta Children’s Ministry will do everything possible to protect our children from child abuse, and to protect our volunteers. We expect the following from all who are involved in Children’s Ministry: Everyone who is working with children must complete a ministry application form. Always wear your nametag when you volunteer, and follow the check-in and check- out policy Volunteers should never be alone in the classroom. All classes will have two or more working together in the room. Make sure the blinds are open on the windows and doors, and that the lights are always on. Never tickle, swing a child by the arms, wrestle or kiss a child on the lips or coax a child to kiss you. Be very wise how you treat a child physically. Children, kindergarten and up, are not to sit on male volunteers laps. Volunteers of 4 year olds and up do not need to go into the restroom with the children. You should wait at the door with the door opened and remind them to wash their hands. Check the restroom first to make sure no other adult is in the restroom. Female volunteers of 3 year olds and younger, should take the children into the women’s bathroom and only help those who need help. Never touch a child inappropriately. Any place a bathing suit would cover, do not touch. All of these things will help us stay above reproach and any accusation that could come against us. Please feel free to talk with the Children’s Ministry Director or any of our staff, if you have any questions. Page 10
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