Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing

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mack trucks class 8 service bulletin listing number title sb004003 sb008001 sb008002 sb008003 sb008004 sb008005 sb008006 sb008007 sb008008 sb008009 sb008010 sb016001 sb016002 sb019003 sb019004 sb019005 sb019006 sb022001 federal motor vehicle/carrier mack transmissions transmission fluids for use in allison automatic transmissions new..applications repairing lower frame flange cracks — le model chassis suspension crossmembers...

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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing pdf

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: Rmkurk
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 1
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB004003 SB008001 SB008002 SB008003 SB008004 SB008005 SB008006 SB008007 SB008008 SB008009 SB008010 SB016001 SB016002 SB019003 SB019004 SB019005 SB019006 SB022001 SB023001 SB023002 SB121020 SB121021 SB121022 SB121023 SB121024 SB121025 SB121026 SB121027 SB121028 SB121029 SB121030 SB121031 SB121032 SB121033 SB121034 SB121035 SB121036 SB121037 SB121038 SB121039 SB122003 SB131002 SB131003 11/2/2007 Title Federal Motor Vehicle/Carrier Safety Regulations Diagnostic Tools For Eaton® Vorad® Collision Avoidance System J 38351-A and J 38351-B Serial Link Adapter Special Tool Upgrade Campaign Programming PTOs with V-MAC® III Pro-Link PCMIA Pro-Link Multi Protocol Cartridge (MPC) and V-MAC® III Communication Problem V-MAC® III Step 8, MPC V6.1 PCMCIA Card 801111 or Update 801111F V.I.P.™ (Vehicle Information Profiler) Programming Harness Compression Test Gauge for E7G Natural Gas Engines Snap-to-Connect Transmission Oil Line Fitting Removal Tool Communication Adapter Part No. 88890020 Fuel Injection Line Nut Torque Adapter — ASET™ AC, AI and AMI Engines MACK RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant for Engine, Transmission and Carrier Applications Fastener Change — MACK Transmissions (T200/300), Transfer Cases and Carriers Go-J and Go-J Plus Thermally Stable Gear Oil Stock Vehicle Storage and Maintenance — All MACK Vehicles Discontinue Usage of Chevron Delo® Trans Fluid ESI® in MACK Transmissions Transmission Fluids for Use in Allison Automatic Transmissions New Vehicle Safety Certification Requirements for Vehicles to be Sold in the U.S. and Canada (New U.S. Requirements) Vibration Diagnostics Powertrain Noise/Vibration Due to Air Compressor Air Intake Tube Contacting Cab Service Crossmember Assemblies Huck-Spin™ "HP8" Frame Fasteners Right Rear Suspension Gusset Reinforcement Rear Crossmember Reinforcement — CX, CH and CL with CH/CX Style Rear Crossmembers Severe Service Back-of-Cab Crossmembers — CL and RD Model Chassis Left-Side Frame Rail Repair — Chassis with 28-Degree Frame Taper and Equipped with AL Suspension and MACK Rear Axles Frame Rail Cracks in Area of Rear Spring Front Hanger Bracket Back-of-Cab Crossmember for CV, RD6 and RB Chassis Equipped with REPTO 14 MM Huck-Spin® Frame Fasteners Service Replacement Intermediate and After Frame Crossmembers — CV Model Chassis Used in Mixer Applications Repairing Lower Frame Flange Cracks — LE Model Chassis Suspension Crossmembers — CXN and CHN Models Equipped with MACK AL Suspension Suspension Crossmembers for CT, CTP, CV, CL and MR Models Equipped with Raydan AL460/AL520 Vocational Air Suspension Frame Flange Relief Cutout Templates — GU7, GU8, CT and CTP Models with 105 MM Frame Flanges Availability of Fully Drilled Service Replacement Frame Rails Service Replacement Suspension Crossmember — MR and LE Models Equipped with a TELMA DriveLine Retarder Interference Between Driveline Yoke and Front-of-Suspension Crossmember — CXU, CXP, CXN, and CHN Models Cracks in Lower Frame Flange — CV and RD Models Suspension Crossmembers — CV and CL Models Equipped with Neway Tri-Drive Rear Axle Suspensions Lower Frame Flange Cracks — MRU and MR Models Frame Tie Bar Mounting Brackets — CHN Model Chassis Front Spring Pins, Bushings and Seals Used on FDM Model Chassis Chassis Lean Publish Date 3/30/1994 6/11/1999 6/17/1999 7/2/1999 11/11/1999 9/28/2001 11/6/2001 1/14/2003 6/2/2005 7/21/2006 7/27/2007 7/18/2006 8/28/2007 12/2/1996 6/30/2006 11/2/2006 1/12/2007 1/26/2007 7/24/2001 6/29/2001 4/16/1996 4/3/1996 1/30/1997 8/19/2005 11/8/2002 10/10/2000 6/13/2007 6/17/2004 7/24/2007 2/20/2006 1/21/2005 9/6/2007 8/10/2007 7/10/2007 9/6/2007 11/9/2006 2/19/2007 8/6/2007 8/2/2007 9/7/2007 8/2/2006 5/27/1998 11/22/2004 Page 1 of 15
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 2
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB131004 SB131005 SB131006 SB131007 SB131008 SB131009 SB135001 SB135005 SB135007 SB135008 SB135009 SB135010 SB136006 SB136007 SB136008 SB136010 SB136011 SB136012 SB136013 SB136014 SB137007 SB137010 SB137011 SB137012 SB137013 SB137014 SB137015 SB141001 SB153002 SB164004 SB164005 SB164006 SB210010 SB210011 SB210015 SB210016 SB210017 SB210018 SB210019 SB210020 SB210021 SB210022 11/2/2007 Title Front Suspension Load Cushion Damage — LE and MR Model Chassis Equipped with 20,000-Lb. Suspension and Taperleaf Front Springs Interference Between Front Spring Rear Eye and Rear Hanger Bracket — CV and RD Model Chassis Front Suspension Spring Pins — CXN Models Equipped with 12,000 Lb. Front Suspension and Maintenance-Free Spring Pins Chassis Lean — CXN Model Chassis Dual Height Control Valve Conversion — CXN Models Equipped with AIRTEK® Front Air Suspension Front Suspension Shock Absorber Lower Mounting Bracket Reinforcement Plate — CT Model Chassis Spring Shock Insulator — for Service Use Transverse Torque Rod Installation and Repair SS44 Bogies Adjustable Transverse Torque Rods for MACK AL Suspensions SS65 Camelback Spring Interference with S652 Axle Housing Spring Hanger Mounting Bracket Wear Plates — MAXLITE™ 20/40 Rear Air Suspension Rear Shock Absorber Failures on CV and CL Models Equipped with Neway AD 369 Tri-Axle Rear Suspension Driveline Vibrations — AL II Suspensions with Vendor Axles Height Control Valve Linkage Travel Over Center AL401LH Upper Shock Bushing Wear MAXAIR™ 40/40A Ride Height Specification Change Ride Height Adjustment Tool and Gauge — MaxLite™ 20/40 Air Suspensions Air Suspension Ride Height Gauges MaxLite™ 20/40 EZ Thrust Angle Adjustment Severe-Service Transverse Torque Rods for Chassis Equipped with MACK Air Suspensions S501 Trunnion Bracket Retrofit — CV, CL, MR, DM, DMM, RB and RD Models with 50" or 55" Axle Spacing Reyco 102W Suspension Maintenance Torque Alignment Heavy-Duty 38,000 and 44,000-Lb Rubber Bushed and 44,000-Lb Bronze Bushed Trunnion Brackets SS/SW58 Trunnion Bracket Mounting Bolt Hole Size Change Rubber Bolster Separation — Hendrickson HN 402/462 Rear Suspension S501 Trunnion Bracket Fastener Spacers Redesigned Trunnion Bracket for MACK 38,000 Lb., 44,000 Lb. and 46,000 Lb. Suspensions Battery Hold-Down Bolts — CX and CH Model Chassis Fifth Wheel Slide Plunger Interference with Fifth Wheel Outboard Mounting Bolt — Holland Fifth Wheels FDM Barrel Crack Repair Drum Revolution Counter FDM Upper Structure Support Mounting Plate Cracking Soot Related Oil Thickening, All Mack Engines Propylene Glycol Type Antifreeze Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block Leak Test Procedure (All E-Tech™, E7 and E6 Engines) Specs for 1996 Certified E7-330/350 V-MAC® II Maxicruise Engines Specs for 1996 Certified E7-355/380 V-MAC® II Maxicruise Engines Engine Oil Analysis — Soot, Total Base Number (TBN) and Nickel (Ni) Specifications Specs for 1996 Certified E7-310/330 V-MAC® II Maxicruise Engines Mack EO-L Plus Diesel Engine Oil Specification E9 Engine Service Notes Running DOS-Based V-MAC® Programs from Windows™ 95 Publish Date 4/27/2001 7/21/2004 6/13/2007 9/7/2007 4/21/2006 8/23/2006 5/30/2007 10/17/1994 10/7/2003 6/4/2004 5/30/2006 11/1/2006 5/25/1996 9/26/1997 11/16/1999 12/2/2004 9/3/2004 10/11/2005 4/20/2007 4/7/2006 8/20/2003 5/27/1998 5/6/2003 8/31/1999 6/14/2004 11/11/2004 6/22/2005 9/10/2002 3/6/2007 4/30/1996 3/5/1996 3/4/1997 7/1/1997 6/23/1995 5/21/1999 3/19/1996 3/19/1996 3/16/2005 3/29/1996 7/24/1996 4/17/1998 4/23/1998 Page 2 of 15
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 3
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB210023 SB210024 SB210027 SB210028 SB210029 SB210030 SB210031 SB210032 SB210034 SB210035 SB210036 SB210037 SB210038 SB210039 SB210040 SB210041 SB210042 SB210043 SB210044 SB211007 SB211008 SB211011 SB211012 SB211013 SB211014 SB211015 SB211016 SB211017 SB211018 SB211020 SB211021 SB211022 SB211023 SB211024 SB211025 SB212016 SB212017 SB212018 SB212019 SB212020 SB212021 SB212022 SB212023 SB212024 SB212025 SB212026 SB212027 SB212028 11/2/2007 Title Mack EO-M Diesel Engine Oil Specification Test Strips for Testing Glycol, Nitrite and pH Levels in Heavy-Duty Coolant New Horsepower Curve for E-Tech™ 460 Engine Mack EO-M Plus High Performance Diesel Engine Oil Specification E-Tech™ Engine Left-Side Redesign Engine Coolant and Fuel Lines with Crimp-On Style End Fittings Engine Oil Temperature Limits E-Tech™ Current-Controlled Rate Shaping (CCRS) Engine Miscellaneous Fastener Changes — E-Tech™ Engines Mack EO-N Premium Plus '03 High Performance Diesel Engine Oil Specification Revised oil change Intervals — ASET™ AC-460P and AC-460E Engines Specification Corrections for ASET™ AC and AI/AMI Engine Manuals Steel-Braided Oil Supply Line — ASET™ Engines with J-Tech™ Engine Brake Oil Change Intervals for Chassis Equipped with ASET™ AI or AMI Engines Engine Crankcase Blow-By Measurement MACK EO-O Premium Plus High Performance Diesel Engine Oil Specification Mandatory Usage of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) Fuel in US07 Emission Compliant Engines Use of BioDiesel Fuel in MACK Diesel Engines — E-Tech™, ASET™, MP7 and MP8 Engines Use of Starting Aids with US07 Emission Compliant MP7 and MP8 Engines Cylinder Sleeve Seat Repair Isolating Oil Pan Gasket Dual Timing Pointers Used on E9 Engines Flywheel Housing Standardization E7 and E7-EUP Engines Die-Cast Aluminum Flywheel Housings, E-Tech™ and E7 Engines Elimination of Timing Pointer on E-Tech™ Engines Engine Position Sensor Relocation in Timing Cover Increased Oil Pan Mounting Gasket and Isolator Flywheel Housing Mounting Pad Through-Hole Closure Plugs Cylinder Block Oil Passage Changes to Improve Oil Pressure — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines Timing Gear Cover Revisions to Strengthen the Power Steering Pump Mounting Flange Flywheel Housings with 7/16" Transmission Mounting Bolt Holes and Six-Bolt Side Mounting Pads 51-Quart Oil Pan — ASET™ AI and AMI Engines Corrosion Resistant Oil Pan Timing Gear Cover Substitution for E6 Engines Revised Oil Pan Mounting Isolators E7 Connecting Rod with Alignment Sleeves Mack Flywheel Resurfacing Mack Flywheel Resurfacing Missing or Illegible Valve Adjustment Markings on E7 Flywheels E7 Connecting Rod Changes Elimination of Wrist Pin Bushings in E-Tech™ and E7 Piston Crowns New-Style Connecting Rod Capscrews Two-Piece Steel Top Piston Replacement for One-Piece Aluminum Piston Used in Pre-1991 E7 Engines Main Bearing Running Clearance Change Twelve-Bolt Vibration Damper Improved Top Piston Ring — E-Tech™ Engines Auxiliary Shaft Nut Installation Teflon-®-Type Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Publish Date 10/8/1998 7/13/2001 3/23/1999 5/4/1999 12/17/1999 8/23/2002 9/12/2000 4/5/2002 5/14/2002 10/24/2003 1/26/2006 7/20/2005 9/28/2005 10/19/2005 10/24/2006 10/31/2006 1/15/2007 6/28/2007 10/15/2007 2/12/2007 10/12/1999 1/5/1996 1/24/1997 11/25/1998 3/2/1999 6/19/2001 4/15/2003 7/9/2002 11/1/2002 12/9/2004 12/9/2004 1/26/2006 1/3/2007 8/30/2005 4/24/2006 3/26/1998 1/31/1996 9/27/2005 1/31/1996 6/20/1996 7/30/1999 1/25/2000 4/18/2000 1/12/2001 3/22/2002 3/19/2003 9/10/2002 7/9/2003 Page 3 of 15
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 4
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB212029 SB213008 SB213009 SB213012 SB213013 SB213015 SB213016 SB213017 SB213018 SB213019 SB213020 SB213021 SB213022 SB213023 SB213024 SB213025 SB213026 SB213027 SB213028 SB213029 SB213030 SB213031 SB213032 SB213033 SB213034 SB213035 SB213036 SB213037 SB213038 SB213039 SB213040 SB213041 SB213042 SB213043 SB213045 SB213046 SB213047 SB213049 SB214008 SB213048 SB214009 SB214010 SB214011 11/2/2007 Title E-Tech™/ASET™ Auxiliary Shaft Usage on E7 and Eco-Tech™ (E7G) Engines Cylinder Head Capscrew Retorque Proper Fire Ring/Cylinder Sleeve Combinations, Repair of E7 Cylinder Head Gasket Combustion Leakage and Cylinder Sleeve Stand-Up Height Specification Change Valves, Rotaters, Keys and Jacobs Brake Exhaust Stem Cap Camshaft and Push Rod Applications for Mack Diesel Engines E7 Valve Rocker Arms and Valve Yokes with Spiralock™ Threads Inlet Valve Seat Angle Change Valve Guides and Valve Stem Seals Offset Camshaft Keys for E-Tech™ Engines E-Tech™ Cylinder Head Cover Changes Valve Spring, Rotator and Valve Spring Retainer Combinations — E7, E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines Cylinder Head Pipe Plugs with Encapsulated Epoxy Sealant J-Tech™ "Spherical Nut" Tightening Instructions Engine Valve Lash Acceptable Range Cam Bushing and Camshaft Enhancements Pinless Valve Yokes — Inlet and Exhaust Valve Locations Camshaft and Lifter Break-in Procedure Valve Yoke Guide Pin, Rotator and Slave Piston Spring Breakage — Engines Equipped with J-Tech™ Engine Brake New Cam Timing Gear to Prevent Lack of Thrust Washer End Play on E7 Engines E-Tech™ Engine Cylinder Head Cover Changes Flange-Style Jam Nuts for Rocker Arm and Valve Yoke Adjusting Screws — E-Tech™ Engines Initial Valve Lash Adjustment Valve Lifter, Camshaft and Other Valve Train Changes — ASET™ and E-Tech™ Engines Inspection and Repair of Dislodged H-Rings H-Ring Alignment Checking Tool Current Cam Kit Part Numbers, Descriptions and Labor Times for Camshaft Replacement Cylinder Head Cover/J-Tech™ Engine Brake Spacer Gasket and Isolator Improvements Valve Spring, Rotator and Spring Seat Combinations and Cylinder Head Part Number Information — ASET™ Engines Valve Yoke Guide Pin Installation Instructions Cylinder Head Part Numbers — ASET™ Engines Re-Establishing Engine Brake Lash Following Cylinder Head Replacement — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines Repair Options for Broken Valve Yoke Guide Pins — ASET™ and E-Tech™ Engines Repair of Cylinder Head Gasket Combustion Leakage Revised Rocker Shaft Mounting Bolts Retaining Engine Brake Pistons when Removing Rocker Shaft — MACK MP7 and MP8 Engines Cam Bearing Cap Bolt Torque Procedure Error — MACK MP8 Engine Service Manual, 5-113 Revisions to Adjustable Idler Gear Hub and Mounting Capscrews to Prevent Stripped Threads — MP7 Engines Valve Yoke Installation — MACK MP7 and MP8 Engines Exhaust Manifold and Mounting Arrangements, E7 Engines Engine Timing Gear Kit for Use When Field-Installing a REPTO Unit — US04 Emission Compliant MP7 Engines Low Boss Exhaust Manifold for E6 Engines Turbocharger and Oil Drain Inlet Tube Changes on E7 Engines New E-Tech™ Breather Filter Housing Publish Date 6/9/2006 10/11/1993 5/4/1999 3/30/1995 4/25/1996 6/11/1996 3/14/1997 8/16/2006 5/28/2002 11/12/1998 2/15/2005 5/21/1999 5/25/1999 11/15/2002 11/4/2003 5/23/2003 11/17/2000 2/7/2003 4/10/2001 9/7/2001 9/11/2001 11/15/2002 4/1/2004 6/14/2002 10/4/2002 12/12/2006 4/4/2005 8/28/2003 11/4/2004 11/9/2005 9/19/2005 10/4/2005 2/15/2006 12/21/2006 4/5/2007 5/30/2007 6/15/2007 8/27/2007 6/23/1995 7/25/2007 6/23/1995 3/9/1996 5/13/1999 Page 4 of 15
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 5
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB214012 SB214013 SB214014 SB214016 SB214017 SB214018 SB214019 SB214020 SB214021 SB214022 SB214023 SB214024 SB214025 SB214026 SB214027 SB214028 SB214030 SB214031 SB214032 SB214033 SB214034 SB214035 SB214036 SB214037 SB214038 SB214040 SB214041 SB214042 SB214043 SB214044 SB214045 SB214046 SB214047 SB214048 SB214049 SB214050 SB214051 SB215006 SB215010 SB215011 SB215012 SB215013 SB215015 SB215016 SB215017 11/2/2007 Title Turbocharger Part Number Correction for 1999 MACK Engine Tune-Up Specifications Manual Schwitzer S400S "Small-Frame" Turbocharger Turbocharger Model/Part Number Changes — E-Tech™ Engines Steel-Core Inlet/Water Manifold Gasket Wastegate Turbochargers — Description, Operation and Troubleshooting High-Temperature Center Exhaust Manifold and Improved Turbocharger Mounting Nut and Gasket Service Replacement Turbochargers Actions Required to Avoid Repeat Turbocharger Failures Engine Breather Improvement — E7G Natural Gas Engines Mass Flow System Replacement Instructions and Engine Electronic Control Unit (EECU) Information Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) Turbocharger Troubleshooting and Calibration Cylinder Head Cover-Mounted Breather and Oil Drain Tube Wastegate Turbocharger Control Solenoid — E7G Natural Gas Engines EGR Mass Flow System Conversion Kit (From Two-Piece Tube with Bellows-Type Connections to One-Piece Tube with Hose Connections) — ASET™ AC Engines Service Replacement Components for Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) Turbocharger VTG Control Valve Solenoid Replacement Kit — ASET™ AC Engines Plugged EGR Cooler — ASET™ AC Engines VTG Control Valve Oil Coalescing Air Filter — ASET™ AC Engines EGR Valve Improvements — ASET™ AC Engines Turbocharger Boost Pressure Relief Valve Revisions Boost Pressure Relief Valve Outlet Tube Conversion to Rubber Hose — ASET™ AI-427 and AI-460 Engines Used in CV Model Chassis VTG Control Valve Oil Coalescing Filter Air Line Shut-Off Valve Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube for ASET™ AC Engines Equipped with Turbocharger Part No. 631GC5176BM EGR System Diagnostic Procedures — ASET™ AC Engines EGR Cooler Hot Side Tube Clamp — ASET™ AC Engines Heavy-Duty V-Band Clamp for Air Inlet Connection — ASET™ AI/AMI Engines Revised Front Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield — ASET™ AC Engines EGR Cooler Coolant Outlet Hose — ASET™ AC Engines EGR Cooler Cleaning Procedures — MP7 Engines Cleaning the Exhaust Manifold Following a Catastrophic Engine Failure Heavy-Duty Band Clamp for Turbocharger Turbine Housing-to-Bearing Housing Joint — E-Tech™ CCRS Engines with Borg-Warner Model S400S Turbocharger Revised Exhaust Manifold — ASET™ AC Engines Revised Exhaust Manifold Nut and Repair Instructions for Exhaust Manifold Center Section Stud and/or Gasket Failures — ASET™ AC Engines Broken Exhaust Stud Removal — ASET™ Engines Revised Exhaust Manifold — ASET™ AI and AMI Engines Revised Exhaust Manifold Gaskets and Mounting Nuts — ASET™ AI and AMI Engines Actions to Avoid Repeat Mass Flow Tube Failures Viscous Fan Clutch Diagnostic Procedure Horton Fan Clutch Diagnostic Procedures Enhanced Cooling System Package and Drive Belt System for CH Model CH Water Pump Support Bracket Water Pump Pulley Installation and Pulley Axial Runout Check Horton Fan Drive Installation Water Pump Integral Shaft and Bearing Kysor Fan Drive Air Line Routing Publish Date 5/19/2000 6/16/2000 12/21/2001 6/29/2001 12/11/2003 6/18/2002 7/21/2005 9/22/2006 7/17/2003 7/24/2003 2/23/2006 10/24/2006 1/7/2004 3/16/2006 3/1/2004 7/12/2004 1/11/2005 6/29/2004 9/21/2006 8/12/2004 10/6/2004 3/22/2005 7/21/2005 11/22/2005 12/29/2005 5/3/2006 5/18/2006 9/7/2006 11/3/2006 9/22/2006 11/28/2006 12/21/2006 1/19/2007 1/24/2007 6/1/2007 5/3/2007 10/15/2007 4/25/1996 12/19/1994 6/25/1997 10/22/1999 9/27/2002 4/23/2003 1/16/2001 6/29/2001 Page 5 of 15
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing - page 6
Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB215018 SB215019 SB215020 SB215021 SB215022 SB215023 SB215024 SB215025 SB215026 SB215027 SB215028 SB215029 SB215030 SB215031 SB216001 SB216002 SB216003 SB216004 SB216005 SB219005 SB219006 SB219007 SB219008 SB219009 SB219010 SB219011 SB219012 SB219013 SB219014 SB221015 SB221017 SB221018 SB221019 SB221020 SB221021 SB221022 SB221023 SB221024 SB221025 SB221026 SB221027 11/2/2007 Title Integral Shaft and Bearing Water Pump Replacement Information — E-Tech™ Engines Redirected Thermostat Bypass Arrangement for Plate-Type Oil Cooler — E-Tech™ Engines Water Pump Support Bracket for Low-Mount Water Pump — CX Model Chassis with E-Tech™ E7-427 or E7-460 Engines Longer Capscrews and Spacers for Mounting the Water Pump to the Water Pump Housing Recommended Low-Mount Water Pump for CX Model Chassis with E-Tech™ E7-427 and E7-460 Engine and Enhanced Cooling Package Improved Water Pump Support Bracket for Mid-Mount Water Pump — CV, CL, RB, RD6, RD8, DM and DMM Models Behr Electronically Modulated Fan Drive Cooling System Revisions to Improve Water Pump Seal Life, Eliminate Pushing Coolant and Reduce Cooling System Surge Noise/Vibration — ASET™ AC Engines Cooling System Revisions to Improve Water Pump Seal Life, Eliminate Pushing Coolant and Reduce Cooling System Surge Noise/Vibration — ASET™ AI/AMI Engines Revised Fan Drive Mounted Nut — CXP and CTP Models Equipped with Behr Electronically Modulated Fan Drive Dual Thermostat Arrangement — ASET™ Engines Coolant Filter Shut-Off Valve Repair Kit — MP7 Engines Air Compressor Coolant Return Pipe Revision — US04 Emission Compliant MP7 Engines Air Compressor Coolant Return Line Stand-Off Bracket Mounting Screw — US04 Emission Compliant MP7 Engines Heavy Duty Banded Belts Fan Belt Breakage — CX and CL Model Chassis with E-Tech™ Engine and Air-Operated Fan Drive Improved Fan Drive System Components — ASET™ Engines Accessory Drive Belt Idler Pulley Installation — ASET™ AC, AI and AMI Engines Accessory Drive Belt Tensioners — ASET™ AC and AI/AMI engines E7 Oil Pump Changes Die-Cast Oil Pump Inlet Tube Poppet-Type Oil Filter Bypass Relief Valve Higher Volume Oil Pump — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines High Volume Oil Pump and Improved Drive Gearset — E6, E7 and E7G Engines Oil Filter Requirements — ASET™ AI, AMI and AC Engines New Oil Fill Tube and Cap for Improved Cap Retention — E7, E-Tech™ and ASET™ AI and AMI Engines Centri-Max® ULTRA and ULTRA PLUS Centrifugal Oil Filter Turbocharger Oil Passing and Oil Spilling from Cylinder Head Cover-Mounted Breather — ASET™ Engines Revised Oil Filter Mounting Bracket Gasket — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines Gasket and O-Ring Installation on E7 Injection Pump and Econovance Mounting P8500/RE30 Product Enhancements and P7100/RQVK Product Improvements Different Head Sizes on E7 Injection Pump Timing Adjustment Bolts Low Idle Speed Adjustment for V-MAC® II and Auto Trans Installation of Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) Plunger Spring and Spring Seat Injection Pump Timing and Installation Procedure Corrections for E5 2-Valve Head Engine Overhaul Manual V-MAC® III 6-4 Fault Logging Condition On Chassis Equipped With Eaton® ABS/ATC V-MAC® III Step 7 and 7A Software CL Model Chassis Equipped with Cummins ISX Engine V-MAC® III VECU Internal Clock Setting Elimination of Center O-Ring on Electronic Unit Pumps V-MAC® III Step 8 VECU Software Evolution Publish Date 1/20/2004 5/24/2002 12/11/2001 3/22/2002 3/18/2003 2/5/2003 6/12/2003 3/27/2007 3/27/2007 11/30/2006 1/5/2007 3/30/2007 5/4/2007 5/31/2007 1/17/1996 10/29/2002 11/16/2006 10/6/2004 3/30/2005 4/3/1996 10/24/1997 12/9/1997 9/10/2002 9/10/2002 10/1/2002 3/5/2003 8/11/2004 10/22/2004 7/27/2007 4/7/1994 10/17/1994 11/16/1994 3/25/1997 6/11/2002 9/3/1999 11/16/1999 4/25/2000 5/19/2000 7/14/2000 7/18/2000 11/14/2000 Page 6 of 15
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB221028 SB221029 SB221030 SB221031 SB221032 SB221033 SB221034 SB221035 SB221036 SB221037 SB221038 SB221039 SB221041 SB221042 SB221043 SB221044 SB221045 SB221046 SB221047 SB221048 SB221049 SB221050 SB222006 SB222007 SB222008 SB222009 SB222010 SB222011 SB222012 SB222013 SB223001 SB224003 SB224004 SB230001 SB231002 SB231004 SB231005 SB231006 SB231007 SB231008 SB231009 SB231010 SB231011 11/2/2007 Title Fuel Supply Pump Improvements — E-Tech™ Engines Wastegate Turbocharger Operation Diagnostic Blink Code 4-5 — E-Tech™ E7-460 CCRS Step 8 Engines Seal Ring Kit for Non-Warrantable Repairs of E-Tech™ Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP) — Pre-CCRS and CCRS Engines V-MAC Online — Update Calibration Codes 9-2 Fault Code Diagnostics and Repair Procedures Removing and Installing the Engine Electronic Control Unit Harness Connectors — ASET™ AC Engines Engine Harness Connector and Terminal Pin Part Numbers and Terminal Pin Crimping Tool Information V-MAC® III Step 10 and Service Support Software Compatibility Engine Electronic Control Unit Mounting Arrangement and Field Service Mounting Bracket Troubleshooting an Intermittent 3-4 (Engine Position Sensor) Fault Code Delta Seal O-Ring Kit for Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP) Mack Trucks, Inc. Recommended Field Service Personal Computers and Support Policies Introduction of V-MAC® Dealer Programming Software J1708/J1587 Scan Function — All Models Except E7-G (Liquefied and Compressed Natural Gas [LNG/CNG]) Engines V-MAC® Dealer Programming, VCADS and Pro-Link 9000 Advisories Availability of VCADS Software Hand Primer Pump Availability for Fuel Pumps — ASET™ and E-Tech™ Engines Corrections to the V-VAC® III Service Manual, 8-211 (October 2003), and the V-MAC® III Service Manual Diagnostic Update (October 2004) Engine Electronic Control Unit (EECU) Flash and reprogram Prior to Replacement Computer Specifications for Premium Trucks Tech Tool Recommended Datalink Adapter and Kit V-MAC® IV Vehicle Interface Connector Orientation Resulting in Multiple Fault Logging — CXP and CTP Models Fuel Supply Pump with Revised Drive Gear — E-Tech™, ASET™ New Bosch Nozzle Holders Out-of-Warranty Repairs of E-Tech™ Pre-CCRS Fuel Injection Nozzles High-Pressure Fuel Injection Lines — ASET™ and E-Tech™ Engines Warrantable Repairs of E-Tech™ Pre-CCRS Fuel Injection Nozzles Service Procedures for E-Tech™ CCRS Leakless Injection Nozzles Fuel System Priming Procedures — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines Installation of High-Pressure Fuel Injection Lines — ASET™ AC Engines Service Procedures for ASET™ Engine Leakless Injection Nozzles Water Entry Into the Throttle Body Actuator Housing — E7G Natural Gas Engines Fuel Line Interference with Centri-Max® Ultra Oil Filter Canister — CV and DM Model Chassis with ASET™ AI and AMI Engines Location of Fuel Gallery Port for Checking Fuel Pressure — ASET™ AC, AI and AMI Engines V-MAC® I to V-MAC® II Conversion Kit Pressure and Thermal Relief Fuel Cap Dual Draw/Dual Return Fuel System Imbalance Diagnostic Procedures New Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters and Filter Mounting Adapters Fuel Tank Strap Webbing Fuel Filtering, Water Separation and Fuel Heating Protective Conduit for Fuel Return Line on E-Tech™ Pre-CCRS Engines Heavy-Duty Fuel Tank Support Bracket (J-Bracket) Fuel Starvation Caused by a Plugged Pre-Pump Filter — ASET™ AC Engines Primary Fuel Filter Adopted for ASET™ AC Fuel Systems Publish Date 11/20/2001 6/18/2002 7/16/2002 8/10/2006 12/4/2003 1/23/2003 5/23/2005 11/26/2003 1/26/2004 5/24/2006 3/31/2004 7/13/2004 2/14/2005 8/15/2005 4/5/2007 2/14/2006 2/21/2006 9/26/2006 11/2/2006 4/5/2007 5/4/2007 6/29/2007 4/19/1996 2/19/2002 3/2/2006 2/19/2002 5/26/2006 2/23/2005 5/30/2007 5/26/2006 9/17/2003 3/28/2003 11/19/2004 7/2/1999 11/16/1988 2/26/1996 12/2/1996 9/12/2005 2/15/2002 8/16/2002 5/30/2003 9/29/2003 1/22/2004 Page 7 of 15
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB231012 SB231013 SB231014 SB232007 SB232008 SB232009 SB232010 SB232011 SB232012 SB232013 SB232014 SB232015 SB232016 SB232017 SB232018 SB232019 SB232020 SB232021 SB232022 SB232023 SB232024 SB232025 SB232026 SB233013 SB233021 SB233022 SB233023 SB233024 SB233025 SB233026 SB233027 SB233028 SB234004 SB234005 SB234006 SB234007 SB234008 SB234009 SB234010 SB234011 SB234012 SB234013 SB234014 SB261003 SB261004 SB261005 11/2/2007 Title Nylon Fuel Line Replacement DAVCO 382 Fuel Pro® Fuel/Water Separator O-Ring Upgrade Revised Fuel Level Sending Unit — GU, CTP and CT Models Heavy Duty Radiator Mounting Insulators RD Model Metal Expansion Tank Replacement Radiator Core Leakage with Valeo Radiators Fitting/Retainer for Fan Clutch Air Line Heavy-Duty Radiator Tie Rod for CH Model Chassis Improved Vent Cap Arrangement for Coolant Recovery Bottle Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Coolant, Coolant Conditioning and Elimination of Spin-On Coolant Conditioner Canister Texaco and ROTELLA™ (Shell) Extended Life Coolants Coolant Loss Due to Blocked Bundle-Type Oil Cooler Inlet Screen Cooling System Enhancements — CX Model Chassis Equipped with Either an E-Tech™ 427 or 460 Engine Fan Drive Air Line Routing — CX Model Chassis Fan Ring Boot Clamp Retention — CX Model Chassis Coolant Loss and/or High Oil and Coolant Temperatures — ASET™ AC, AI, AMI and E-Tech™ CCRS Engines Radiator Bottom Tank with "Nutted-in-Place" Transmission Oil Cooler Radiator/Charge Air Cooler Removal/Reinstallation Procedures — CX Model Chassis Surge Tank Revisions — CXN, CHN, CV and RB Models Lower Radiator Shields — CV Models Used in Snow Plow Operations Investigating Pushing Coolant Complaints (Coolant Loss from Coolant Recovery Bottle) — ASET™ Engines with Cartridge-Style Water Pump Cooling System Cleaning and Flushing — All MACK Engines Pushing Coolant from Recovery Bottle — CXP, CTP, CXN, CHN, CX, CH, CT and CV Models Cleaning Chassis Mounted Charge Air Cooler Air Cleaner Mounting Strap Rust Air Cleaner Cover Fastener Retrofit Kit — CX and CH Model Chassis Charge Air Cooler Mounting Hardware Loosening — RD, DM and DMM Model Vehicles Inlet Air Duct Maintenance Charge Air Cooler Tube Shield — CX Model Chassis Charge Air Cooler Hot-Side Tube Clamp and Isolator — CX Models with ASET™ AC Engine Charge Air Cooler Hot-Side Hose Retention Charge Air Cooler Hose Clamp Breakage — CX Model Chassis Muffler-to-Vertical Exhaust Pipe Clamp Exhaust Pipe Flange Cracks at Turbocharger Connection — MR Model Chassis Improved Muffler Stanchion — MR Model Chassis Heavy-Duty Muffler and Heat Shield Stanchion Straps — RD6, RB and MR Model Chassis Exhaust Tie Rod Mounting Bracket — CX Model Chassis Under Cab Exhaust Pipe Clamp — CX and CH Model Chassis Vertical Exhaust Stack Heat Shield Clamps Revised Stainless Steel Heat Shield — CXN and CHN Mufflers Revised Turbocharger Exhaust Pipes — CXN and CHN Models Revised Exhaust Heat Shield — CHN Rawhide Models Exhaust Pipe Flange Cracks at Turbocharger Connection — CXN and CHN Models Equipped with ASET™ AC Engines Air Compressor Safety Valve Bendix Tu-Flo 550, 700, 750 Longer Coolant Inlet Line for Bendix Air Compressors Drive Coupling Replacement for MACK Engines with Holset Single Cylinder Air Compressors Publish Date 8/24/2005 2/20/2007 5/2/2007 10/25/1994 1/3/1997 8/22/1997 5/4/1999 5/14/1999 7/19/2002 10/1/1999 2/11/2000 3/3/2000 2/12/2002 11/30/2001 11/6/2002 9/29/2003 10/9/2003 11/26/2003 1/9/2006 10/4/2005 2/15/2006 5/18/2007 6/7/2007 2/16/1987 3/20/2001 4/24/2001 5/8/2001 7/31/2001 7/21/2003 5/4/2004 3/4/2005 4/8/2005 6/29/2007 7/20/2001 9/27/2002 5/5/2003 1/30/2004 4/15/2004 11/3/2004 4/7/2006 5/22/2006 5/4/2007 8/31/2007 9/22/1995 3/31/1998 1/25/2000 Page 8 of 15
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB261006 SB261007 SB261008 SB261009 SB261010 SB261011 SB261012 SB261013 SB261014 SB261015 SB264003 SB266006 SB266007 SB266008 SB266009 SB266010 SB266012 SB266013 SB266015 SB266016 SB266017 SB266018 SB266019 SB266020 SB266021 SB266022 SB266023 SB266024 SB271002 SB271003 SB271004 SB271005 SB273004 SB273005 SB273006 SB273007 SB273008 SB273009 SB273010 SB273011 SB276001 SB292009 11/2/2007 Title Bendix Tu-Flo 550/750 Unloader Piston Leakage Converting from Holset QE296/338 to Meritor WABCO Air Compressor on All Chassis Equipped with an E-Tech™ Engine Cylinder Block Flushing and Air Compressor Feed Line Relocation Following an Air Compressor Failure Meritor WABCO 636 Air Compressor Retrofit Kit for CX, CV, CH and CL Models with E-Tech™ Engines Air Compressor Cylinder Head Gasket Oil Leakage — Bendix Tu-Flo 550 and 750 Air Compressors Meritor WABCO 318 Air Compressor Replaces Bendix Tu-Flo 750 Air Compressor — ASET™ AC Engines Oil in Air Intake System Between Air Cleaner and Turbocharger — CXN, CHN, CX and CH Models with WABCO 318 Air Compressor Air Compressor Intake Tube Clamp Breakage — CXN, CHN, CX and CH Models Chassis Vibration — CXN, CHN, CX and CH Models Equipped ASET™ AC Engine and Meritor WABCO Model 318 Air Compressor Cylinder Head Replacement Kit for Meritor WABCO Model 318 Air Compressors Air Conditioner Compressor Mounting Arrangement Jake Brake Information Air Control Solenoid Valve for Mack E7/Stealth Retarding System Jake Brake Throttle Lever Switch Installation and Adjustment Jake Brake Units and Mounting Bolt Changes Engine Brake Relay — V-MAC® II Equipped Vehicles J-Tech™ Model 690 Oil Supply Screw J-Tech™ Engine Brake with Top Oil Supply Port for External Oil Line Converting J-TECH™ 757GB58 Series Engine Brake Units to Top Oil Feed Mack Powerleash™ Engine Brake Engine Brake Service Information Summary — E-Tech™ and ASET™ with J-Tech™, and E7 with Jacobs Engine Brakes Powerleash™ Engine Brake Solenoid Cylinder Head Cover Connection Mack PowerLeash™ Engine Brake Hydraulic Actuator Lash Specification PowerLeash™ Retrofit Kit Installation Procedures PowerLeash™ Engine Brake Solenoid J-Tech™ Engine Brake Slave Lash Specification Change Revised Engine Brake Solenoid — PowerLeash™ Engine Brake Replacement of PowerLeash™ Rocker Shaft Components Alternator Mounting Bolt Tightening Torque Specifications High-Temperature Alternators for All MACK Model Chassis Alternator Mounting Bracket — CX Models Equipped with E-Tech™ E7-427 and E7-460 Engines Leece-Neville Model 4800/4900 Alternators Engine Speed and Engine Position Sensor Installation and Adjustment E-Tech™ Engine Oil Pressure and Boost Air Temperature Sensors with NPT Threads Ambient Air Temperature Inaccurate/Inoperative Oxygen Sensor Following an Engine Repair — E7G Natural Gas Engines Boost Pressure Sensor Relocation — ASET™ AC Engines Coolant Level Sensor Anti-Capillary Jumper Harness Inaccurate Coolant Temperature Gauge Readings — All Models WITHOUT an Electronic Instrument Cluster Revised Exhaust Temperature Sensor — CXP and CTP Models V-MAC® Sensor Update Cab Foot Control Enhancements Publish Date 2/22/2000 2/22/2000 1/7/2004 7/1/2003 7/30/2003 6/30/2004 5/12/2006 11/29/2005 4/11/2006 3/30/2007 1/20/2003 6/28/1996 10/22/1997 10/10/1997 12/9/1997 7/14/1998 6/23/2000 1/11/2002 2/9/2004 5/16/2006 5/16/2006 9/29/2003 10/28/2003 2/24/2004 11/8/2004 8/8/2006 4/21/2006 5/4/2006 8/22/2000 3/6/2006 9/8/2004 7/21/2006 2/27/1998 5/12/1998 10/12/1999 5/19/2003 10/6/2004 12/16/2005 4/11/2006 4/20/2007 7/26/1996 7/26/1996 Page 9 of 15
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Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing Number SB292010 SB292011 SB299004 SB299005 SB312007 SB313002 SB313003 SB313004 SB315001 SB320003 SB320004 SB320005 SB321007 SB322010 SB322011 SB322012 SB322013 SB322014 SB322015 SB322016 SB322017 SB322018 SB322019 SB322020 SB322021 SB322022 SB323006 SB323007 SB323008 SB323009 SB324006 SB324007 SB324008 SB324009 SB324011 SB324012 SB324013 SB329005 SB329006 SB360010 SB392003 SB392004 SB392005 11/2/2007 Title Revised Throttle Pedal Assembly Throttle Pedal Calibration Procedure — Vehicles Equipped with Cummins Engines New-Type Engine Rear Mounting Arrangement Engine Front Mounting Insulator — CX and CH Models Clutch Assembly Lubricant Air-Operated Clutch Assist System Clutch Air-Assist Cylinder Vent Relocation Revised Air-Assist Clutch Cable Allison HD Transmission Flexplate-to-Torque Convertor Mounting Bolts MAXITORQUE® ES (T300) vs. T200 Series Transmissions False Reporting of High Automatic Transmission Oil Temperature — CV Models Equipped with Allison Automatic Transmission Revised Transmission Heat Shield — CXP and CTP Models with T300 Transmission and Dual Exhaust Oil Fill Plug — T300 and T200 Series Transmissions High Range Clutch Pack Holding Clip New Rear Compound Mainshaft and Main Drive Gear Revised Range Clutch/Synchronizer Components Elimination of Reverse Idler Gear Thrust Washer New-Type Reverse Gear Idler Shafts Used on T200 Series Transmissions T200 Transmission Synchronizer Repair Helpful Hints Elimination of Mainshaft Spacer on T2070A (Long Compound) Transmissions Production Release of T2090L and T2090LR Transmissions T2050 Transmission Component Standardization Main Box Countershafts with Integral Low, LO-LO and Reverse Gears — Maxitorque® ES T300 Series Transmissions (9 through 18 Speeds) Rear Compound Mainshaft Snap Ring Groove Change for Heavier Snap Rings Replacing T200 Series Transmission Components with T300 Components Countershaft Consolidation and Implementation of Revised Countershaft with Integral First and Reverse Gears — T310 Series Transmissions T2060A, TM309, TM308 and T306G Transmission Shiftability/Reliability Improvements Shift Rail Arrangement Improvements — T200 Transmissions Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Damage to Eaton® Autoshift™ Generation I Swing-Arm Gear Selector — CX and CH (with CX Style Interior) Models Shift Lever Dampener Arrangement — T300 Transmissions Improved Range Shift Cylinder T2070 (B/C/D), T2080 (B/D), T2130/80 (B) New Style Range Shift Valve for T200 Transmissions Revised Air Fittings for T200 Transmission Air Control System Range Shift Interlock Valve Overhaul Kit Range Shift Cylinder Conversion — T300 Series Transmission with Compound Case-Mounted PTO T309(L)(LR) Transmission Rear Compound Service Replacement Parts Rear-Mounted Range Shift Cylinder Rebuild Procedures Revised Transmission Oil Cooler Mounting Brackets — CV and RD Model Chassis Automatic Transmission Fluid Contaminated with Engine Coolant — Allison Automatic Transmissions Power Take-Off Pump Driveshaft/Radiator Clearance — MR Model Chassis Gear Shift Lever Disengagement — CX and CH (with CX Style Interior) Model Chassis Relocation of Shift Bar Housing-Mounted Breather — MR and MRU Models Equipped with Eaton® Fuller® Transmissions Additional Shift Lever Detent Spring for Eaton FR Model Transmissions Publish Date 1/19/2004 11/30/2001 6/15/1999 2/3/2006 7/11/1994 11/9/2006 9/13/2007 9/18/2007 8/17/1999 6/29/2001 11/23/2005 9/28/2007 4/25/2005 1/31/1996 5/6/2003 2/10/2005 1/15/1999 7/2/1999 7/20/1999 5/9/2000 8/8/2000 4/24/2001 9/14/2001 5/6/2003 2/27/2006 3/20/2006 3/11/2003 11/28/2000 6/14/2002 9/21/2005 2/18/1997 9/10/1999 9/3/1998 4/8/1999 7/8/2004 2/15/2005 2/14/2006 8/28/2003 1/11/2007 12/18/1998 7/27/2001 8/16/2007 9/10/2007 Page 10 of 15
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