Brownie Troop Start-up Kit

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brownie troop start-up kit this booklet is a resource designed for a..for getting your troop started: • • • • • • for safety reasons there must people at all times, and to live by the girl...

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Brownie Troop Start-up Kit pdf

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: April 27, 2012
: Williamm
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Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 1
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit This booklet is a resource designed for a new leader to help make it through those first couple of troop meetings before a Basic Leadership and a Brownie Program Age Level Training is completed.
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Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 2
Welcome to Girl Scouts! Thank you for volunteering your time to invest in a group of girls! Hopefully this kit will help you get through the first couple of meetings and give you an ex- ample of how to plan future ones. This resource will help you start meeting with the girls even if you have not yet completed the required Leadership training and secured the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook and Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts. We hope that your Girl Scout experience will be a positive one as you help girls grow strong! If you have any questions or need any help please contact ______________________________________________________________. Tips for getting your troop started: For safety reasons there must be 2 adults at every meeting. Have a co- leader, assistant leader or another registered adult helper at every meeting. Create a “Troop Box” of materials that will be used at every meeting. Recite the GS Promise and Law at every meeting to help the girls learn them and live by them. Show the girls examples of the uniform they might wear and the Try-Its they will earn. Tell the girls what they are going to do at the next meeting so that they will be excited to come back. Τo prevent you from being overwhelmed, get help from the girls’ parents to serve in different troop committee positions. Girl Scout Promise: On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. Girl Scout Law: I will do my best to be: Honest and fair Friendly and helpful, Considerate and caring, Courageous and strong, and Responsible for what I say and do, And to, Respect myself and others, Respect authority, Use resources wisely, Make the world a better place, And be a sister to every Girl Scout.
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 3
Girl Scout Glossary: Girl Scout sign: Hold the middle three fingers up by putting your pinky and your thumb together. Girl Scout handshake: Shake hands with your left hand while making the Girl Scout sign with your right hand. Friendship circle: This stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world. Everyone stands in a circle and places their right arm over her left and holds hands. Everyone makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand. Friendship squeeze: After someone shares something in the circle, they squeeze the hand of the person standing next to them and then it gets passed around the circle. Quiet sign: Hold up your right hand. As people in the group see the quiet sign, they stop talking and also raise their hands. Once everyone is silent, the meeting continues. Girl Scout motto: “Be prepared!”. Girl Scout slogan: “Do a good turn daily!” Brownie ring: A circle that Brownie Girl Scouts sit in to share ideas. Brownie Try-It: Recognition earned by Brownie Girl Scouts. Girls have to complete a required number of activities for each Try-It. There is no minimum or maximum number of Try-Its to earn throughout the year. The girls should have a say in determin- ing which Try-Its to work on. Girl Scout Songs: Brownie Smile Song I’ve got something in my pocket, it belongs across my face, I keep it very close at hand, in a most convenient place. I’m sure you couldn’t guess it, if you guessed a long, long while So, I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a great big brownie smile! Princess Pat The Princess Pat (Egyptian pose), Light infantry (salute) And she sailed across (wave motion in front of body with one hand) The seven seas (number 7 with your finger, then make a "C" with one hand) She sailed across (wave motion) The channel two (two hands tracing a channel, then number 2 on one hand) And she took with her (throw a sack over your shoulder) A rig-a-bamboo! (trace a wavy figure in front of you going down, bend knees as you go) Chorus: A rig-a-bamboo (same as before) Now what is that? (shrug shoulders, hold out hands) It's something made (bang one fist on top of the other) For the Princess Pat (Egyptian pose) It's red and gold ("twirl" one arm down by your hip) And purple too (flip hands as if you were saying "Oh my gosh!") That's why it's called (cup hands in front of mouth, shout) A rig-a-bamboo! (same as before) Now Captain jack (salute), Had a mighty fine crew (salute several times) They sailed across (wave action), The channel two (same as before) But their ship sank (plug nose, one hand over head and waving as you bend knees) And yours will too (point to others in the circle) Unless you take (throw an invisible bag over your shoulder) A rig-a-bamboo! (same as before) Chorus Now the Princess Pat (Egyptian pose), Saved Captain Jack (salute) She pulled him out (pull out of water), She brought him back (pat yourself on the back) She saved his life (hug self), And his crew too (salute several times) Do you know how?-- (make question mark in the air) With a rig of bamboo (trace a wavy figure in front of you going down, bend knees as you go)
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 4
Meeting 1 Introduction to Girl Scouts Materials: Foam sheets Permanent marker 1 Safety pin/girl Something to store a First Aid Kit Band-aids Alcohol swabs Poster Advanced Preparation: * Cut the foam sheets into shapes such as butterflies, hearts, flowers for the girls to wear as a nametag. * Learn the “Brownie Smile Song”. * Make a poster of the GS Promise and Law. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. As the girls arrive have them make a nametag for themselves. Opening 1. Sit in the Brownie ring and have everyone introduce themselves. Business 1. Tell them that they will be learning about being a Brownie Girl Scout and that they will begin earning the “Girl Scout Ways” Try-It. Activity 1. Teach them the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Have them repeat one line after you. 2. Introduce the girls to the Girl Scout Ways described in the glossary in the introduc- tion. 3. Discuss how you can be prepared for certain situations. For example, how can we be prepared for bad weather, a house fire, the power going out, a long trip or an injury or a fall? 4. Make a troop first aid kit, having each girl put an item into the kit and telling what it might be used for. 5. Have the girls share some of the things that they would like to do in Girl Scouts throughout the year. Closing 1. Explain that a Girl Scout always leaves a place cleaner than it was. So everyone should pitch in to help clean up! 2. End in a friendship circle and ask the girls to share one thing they learned about Girl Scouts. Back Pocket Activity 1. Play a band-aid relay game. Have girls divide up into two lines. Each girl is given a band-aid. The girl at the front of the line takes about 10 large steps forward and turns around to face the others in the line, she is the starter. The leader (or extra girl) can be the caller. She says Go, Arm or Leg or Elbow…. When “GO, arm!” is said, the first girl in line runs up to the starter, hold out her arm and gets a band-aid stuck on it. She then becomes the starter, and the first starter goes to the end of the line. Relay continues until all girls have a band-aid stuck on them.
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 5
Meeting 2 More Girl Scout Ways Materials: Brownie Story Graham crackers Large marshmallows Milk chocolate bars A couple of long sticks or hangers Camp stove, gas stove or microwave Square pieces of paper Word search Origami Instructions Advanced Preparation: * Buy the graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate bars. * Get sticks/hangers for roasting marshmallows. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. Make cat and dog origami. Opening 1. Gather the girls to form a Brownie Ring. 2. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Business 1. Explain that they will be learning more about who Girl Scouts are and what they do. Activity 1. Read “The Brownie Story” and/or “A Brownie Tale” (pages 29 and 33 in the Girl Scout Brownie Handbook). 2. Ask the girls how they can be helpful Brownies. 3. Ask if anyone knows what a S’more is. Tell them that it is a special sweet treat that Girl Scouts love to make. 4. Make S’mores over a camp stove, a gas stove or in the microwave. Closing 1. Clean up! 2. Form a Brownie Circle and teach the girls “The Brownie Smile Song”. Back Pocket Activity 1. Have the girls do a word search.
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 6
Meeting 3 Be Prepared! Materials: 1 large tablecloth (or trash bags)/8 girls Newspapers or other stuffing Tape Yarn (approx. 5 ft/girl) Permanent marker Advanced Preparation: * Buy tablecloths. * Cut the tablecloth into 1’x1’ squares. * Hole punch the sides of the squares to allow the girls to sew them up. * Cut the yarn into 5’ pieces and tape one of the ends and make a knot in the other end. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. Teach the girls the “Princess Pat”. Opening 1. Gather the girls in a Brownie Ring. 2. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Business 1. Remind them that the Girl Scout motto is “Be Prepared!” Ask them how they can be prepared if they are outside and the ground is too damp, hot or cold. Tell them they can make a Sit-Upon. You can use these at your troop meetings, at camping events or other Girl Scout get-togethers. If you don’t want to store them, just have the girls take them home. Activity 1. Have each girl make a sit-upon: *Give each girl two squares of tablecloth. * Have the girls sew the pieces together with a piece of yarn with tape on one end. * Leave an opening to stuff it with newspaper. * Sew the rest of it up. * Write their name in a corner. Closing 1. Clean up! 2. Explain that now they have earned the Girl Scout Ways Try-It. Tell them that they will begin to work on another Try-It at a later meeting. Back Pocket Activity 1. While sitting on their Sit-Upon, play Brownie, Brownie, Juliette (just like duck, duck, goose).
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 7
Meeting 4 Prepare for the Investiture Ceremony Materials Needed: Crayons Investiture invitations Whirly Bird sheets Paper Clips Advanced Preparation: * Prepare investiture invitations to invite the parents to the ceremony. * Plan the investiture ceremony. There is a sample one on the following page. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. Have the girls color a “Whirly Bird”. Opening 1. Gather the girls in a Brownie Ring. 2. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Business 1. Tell them that the next meeting will be a ceremony welcoming them to Girl Scouts. Their parents will be invited to see it. Ask them how we can be pre- pared. Tell them that we need to practice the ceremony and make invitations to give to their parents. Activity 1. Practice the ceremony. 2. Color the invitations. 3. Tell the girls about Juliette Gordon Low. Closing 1. Clean up! 2. Remind the girls to take the invitations home to their parents and tell them about the ceremony. 3. End the meeting with a Friendship Circle. Back Pocket Activity 1. Cut out their Whirly Bird. 2. Attach a paper clip to the bottom of it. 3. Drop it and let it whirl!
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 8
Meeting 4 Sample Investiture Ceremony Girl 1: “Please Stand”. Girl 2: “Please say the Girl Scout Promise”. All: Recite the Girl Scout Promise. Leader: “Where are the girls who want to be Brownie Girl Scouts” All: “Here we are!” Leader: “You have all agreed that you are ready to make the Girl Scout Promise and receive your pin as Brownie Girl Scouts. Do you remember who the founder of Girl Scouts is? Her name is Juliette Gordon Low and her nick name was Daisy. Girls throughout the world say the GS Promise in their own lan- guage and give the same handshake. Now you are a Brownie Girl Scout.” Assistant: “__________ as a Brownie Girl Scout would you come forward?” Leader: “Welcome __________. Here is your Brownie Girl Scout pin.” She pins girl, gives Girl Scout handshake, “And here is your certificate.” Repeat this for each girl. Leader: “Tonight we welcome you and your daughters to the world of Girl Scouting. We will close with a song and the Girl Scout Friendship Circle”. Leader: “Now lets stand up and sing our Brownie Girl Scout song”. All: Sing “Brownie Smile Song”. Leader: “Let’s all (including the parents) make a Friendship Circle by putting your right hand over your left.” Share the Friendship squeeze and all turn around.
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 9
Meeting 5 Investiture Ceremony Materials: Girl Scout Brownie Pins Certificates (can be purchase in the GS Shop or created yourself) Refreshments Table cloth Name tags Advanced Preparation: * Set up the room for the ceremony. * Buy Brownie pins from the GS Shop. * Prepare certificates if you would like to hand them out. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. Have everyone make a nametag. Opening 1. Welcome the parents and introduce the leaders. Business 1. Explain that today, this Investiture ceremony is held to welcome the girls into Girl Scouts. 2. Share some of the ideas of things the girls would like to do throughout the next year. Activity 1. Investiture Ceremony. 2. Invite everyone to join you for refreshments. Closing 1. 2. 3. 4. Clean up! Sing “Brownie Smile Song”. Form Friendship Circle with the parents. Thank the parents for attending and tell them they can talk to you if they have any questions.
Brownie Troop Start-up Kit - page 10
Meeting 6 Introduction to “My Body” Try-it Materials: 1 Pen or Pencil/girl Sheets of paper Pieces of paper the size of a dollar bill 1 balloon/2 girls Advanced Preparation: * Cut paper into pieces the size of a dollar. Blow up balloons. Meeting: Pre-meeting activity 1. Have the girls draw a picture of themselves. Opening 1. Gather the girls in a Brownie Ring. 2. Recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Business 1. Explain that they will begin to work on “My Body” Try-It (page 44 in the Try-it book). Activity 1. Have each girl put her picture in front of her. Talk about the different parts of the body and discuss how they all work together. 2. Brain Power: Try these activities to see how your brain works. Different muscles: Sit at a table and write your name. Then take one of your feet and move it in a circle on the floor. Now try doing both things together. Explain that sometimes it’s hard for your brain to do two things at once. Eye to Brain to Hand: Have the girls get into partners. Give one of them a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill. She should hold it in front of a friend. The idea is for your friend to have her hands in position to catch the piece of paper before it falls to the floor. Now let go of the piece of paper. What happened? Was your friend able to catch it? Explain that the eyes send messages to the brain, which then tells the hands what to do. But sometimes an object falls faster than the message travels. Keep practicing until their reaction time improves and then switch roles. 3. Muscle Reaction: With the same partners, have one of the girls place her arms straight down by her side. One girl should press the other girls arms down as hard as she can while her partner should try as hard as she can to lift them. Count to 20 and then let go. The girl whose arms were held down should hold still. Her arms should start to raise in the air. 4. Body Volley: Have the girls stand with their partners and face each other. Give them a balloon. Tell one girl to call out a body part. They must keep the balloon in the air using only that body part. After a little while let the other girl choose a dif- ferent body part to keep the balloon in the air. (Now they have completed 3 out of the 4 required activities to earn the My Body Try-it. Closing 1. Clean up! 2. End with a Friendship Circle and have them share what their favorite activity was. Back Pocket Activity 1. Sing the “The Brownie Smile Song”.
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