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individual objectives all employees should have 3-5 individual objectives. individual objectives..director by the 5th working day of each month. • prepare and..1st. • devise and implement systems and procedures for the efficient...

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INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES All employees should have 3-5 individual objectives. Individual objectives should be relevant to your position at Creighton. Personal development objectives should be part of the development plan. You can have one individual objective around development if you have at least three job specific objectives. Objectives should be: S pecific M easurable A ttainable R elevant T ime bound SAMPLE OBJECTIVES Financial Management Design and test new billing system for self-financing units, by December 15, 200X. Design and facilitate user training and turn over to client units by March 31, 200X. Increase unit’s net revenues by 5% during financial year 200X-200Y by, for example, revisiting expenditures and make recommendations on potential money re-allocation or cuts. Prepare and obtain approval for budget for project XYZ, by October 31, 200X. Complete project XYZ within 5% of approved budget. Analyze and discuss the year-to-date financial situation of the department with the Director by the 5 th working day of each month. 1 st . Prepare and complete a cost analysis concerning equipment needs for project xyz by December Search and target new sources of revenues to increase by no less than $xxx per year for each of the next three fiscal years. For Nov. 1 st , develop and start providing a monthly status report of the unit’s financial operations based on the agreement with the director. Reconcile the gap between the budget and the Year- To-Date Revenues and Expenditures, while providing suggestions to improve the unit’s financial management. 1
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Administrative/Processing Time Reduce overall processing time for (xyz form) by x days by reviewing the detailed the form flow. Reduce processing error rates by developing and providing increased training (specific) to team members before December 1 st . Devise and implement systems and procedures for the efficient functioning of the office by March 31 st . Within the next six months, reduce the reject rate for registration forms in Program ABC from its present level of six percent (6%) to a maximum of three percent (3%). By the end of the next reporting period, and by the end of each reporting period thereafter, identify at least one work process improvement having measurable, operational, or financial benefit. Monitor monthly charges and post 25% of charges weekly. Post and maintain daily log sheet. Maintain an average daily charge lag of < 10. Maintain open charge list monthly: no visit should age more then 60 days. Use new process for visit management. Decrease the number of no shows and cancelled appointments by 10%. Conduct reminder calls and reschedule appointments immediately when appointments are cancelled. Project Management Obtain approval of project design and action plan from client department and senior management, by January 31, 200X. Customer Service Reduce the number of complaints concerning ABC by 5% by January 1, 200X. Research (analyze), contact and answer client complaints within 24 hours (set a realistic time). Respond to messages by telephone or e-mail contact on the next working day. Conduct student surveys and implement one initiative addressed by end of academic year. Respond to all inquiries via phone or e-mail within 24 hours. Ensure reduction in complaints about campus appearance and/or cleanliness. 2
Operations Management Create a process (program) by September 1, 200X, to predict monthly inventory levels necessary to meet cyclical needs with minimum inventory necessary and with no more than 5% surplus after each cycle. Conduct monitoring visits to the working areas on a monthly basis to assess the performance of the (e.g. volunteers) against plans and objectives. Review and update operations manually and distribute to all staff by December 1, 200X. Prepare the web version by March 1, 200X. Launch two new (testing programs) in the coming fiscal year. Reduce the reject rate from 50% to less than 10%, without increasing the cost of the operation. (By reducing the number of errors made by registrants, and improving the quality (accuracy) of the registration forms received from registrants. Ensure all registration materials are online for the incoming freshmen class by August 1, 200X. Develop new filing system and implement by August 1, 200X. Research and implement at least one new classroom technology for the academic year 200X/200Y. Enhance the appearance of campus grounds by performing all jobs thoroughly and on time. Report unsafe conditions to management immediately. Ensure all areas are cleaned in detail 100% of the time and that all unsafe conditions are corrected immediately by reporting to appropriate persons. Staff Management Recommend alternatives to Director, to reduce recurring overtime in the unit from 150 hours/month to 50 hours/month by December 1, 200X. Recommend a plan to increase the diversity in underutilized positions from X% to Y% by December 31,200X. Ensure there is no discrimination toward any qualified candidate. Provide an inventory of human resources talent in the unit/area. Train all staff, (e.g. customer service) by March 30, 200X. Reduce the time to fill open positions to 30 days or less. 3
Safety Attend a hazard recognition training course by December 31, 200X. Conduct monthly inspections of (e.g. work area, laboratory, etc.) and follow-up on gaps identified. Plan and lead (monthly) safety meetings with 100% team participation through June 30, 200X. Identify safety training requirements for team members (by December 15, 200X) and ensure all team members meet the requirements. If required, schedule appropriate coaching or training within the next 6 months ongoing. Leadership Develop and share my vision, mission, and goals – and the rationale behind them – to my team members and colleagues. Organize specific meetings to communicate them to staff members. Identify individuals (within the unit) with promotional potential and their development needs; help them expand relevant development plans. Quality of Work Identify problems resulting from lack of attention to detail; take corrective actions to ensure they don’t recur. Gather information about the quality of my department’s products/services from both internal and external contacts. Invite their complaints, comments, and suggestions. Develop and implement solutions to improve the department’s products/services based on feedback received. Judgement Become a member of a decision-making task force. Participate actively and listen to learn from other task-force members. Discuss with supervisor what was learned within one week of the task force’s dissolution. Date for completion: June 30, 200X. Identify and make (two) improvements in the processes or products of my department by June 30, 200X. Organizational Influence Identify a work-related procedure or process that needs changing and identify improvement options. Weight pros and cons associated with improvement options and discuss the options with supervisor by June 30, 200X. Develop partnerships with community organizations to expand awareness of Creighton’s programs and community offerings. 4
Job knowledge/Personal Development *Should only have one if included in the Individual Objectives section and must have at least three job specific objectives. Personal Development items should be part of the development plan. Read at least one job-related book or journal per month. Discuss what’s learned with supervisor once per month. Ongoing, beginning August 1, 200X. Build an informal network of peers in other universities or in similar roles. Exchange ideas and discuss issues and technical advances in my field. Ongoing. Attend appropriate professional development seminars and summarize for department at staff meetings Attend one conference/convention addressing xyz in 2007. Maintain xyz certification and attend xyz education sessions regularly. Take an interest in other operational areas of department to expand knowledge and awareness of department responsibilities, objectives and impact. Improve computer skills by attending two campus training sessions per year. Apply learnings and teach others in department. 5
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