Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and Principles of Design free pdf ebook was written by Barrigan-Dougherty on June 30, 2010 consist of 10 page(s). The pdf file is provided by www.cwu.edu and available on pdfpedia since April 18, 2012.

6/30/2010 elements and principles of design elements of design: line linear marks/lines edges implied line line shape measure/size position color texture rectilinear curvilinear line line (rectilinear) piet..or tone (light/dark) shapes direction horizontal or vertical 8 6/30/2010 harmony visually satisfying unity visual linkage meets the needs and...

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Elements and Principles of Design pdf

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: April 18, 2012
: Barrigan-Dougherty
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: 10
Elements and Principles of Design - page 1
6/30/2010 Elements and Principles of Design Elements of Design: Line Shape M Measure/Size /S Position Color Texture LINE Linear marks/Lines Edges Implied Line Rectilinear Curvilinear LINE Line (Rectilinear) Piet Mondrian, Composition A, 1923 Line (Curvilinear) Alphonse Mucha Sarah Mucha Nathan Sawaya Yellow www.brickartist.com 1
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Elements and Principles of Design - page 2
6/30/2010 SHAPE Organic Geometric Can be C b explicit or created b negative space li it t d by ti Geometric Organic Shape Negative Space Negative Space Negative Space 2
Elements and Principles of Design - page 3
6/30/2010 MEASURE (SIZE/Scale) Area Occupied Relationships between Objects MEASURE (SIZE/Scale) Lawrence Argent g I See What You Mean At the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO Andrew Wyeth Christine’s World POSITION Where things are in relation to other things Overlapping Objects Vertical Location G p g Groupings Position Overlapping Objects create a sense of depth. Edgar Degas The Milliner 3
Elements and Principles of Design - page 4
6/30/2010 Vertical position The higher the object is in the viewing frame, the further away we believe it is. Marc Chagall My Village COLOR Hue Value/Intensity Color Hue: Another name for color Tint: Color + White Tone: Color + Grey Shade: Color Bl k Sh d C l + Black Value: The lightness or darkness of a color Value: The lightness or darkness of a color 4
Elements and Principles of Design - page 5
6/30/2010 TEXTURE Quality of Shape Rough Smooth Soft Hard Glossy Pattern TEXTURE TEXTURE 5
Elements and Principles of Design - page 6
6/30/2010 TEXTURE The Principles of Design Balance Gradation Repetition Contrast Harmony Unity Balance Balance 6
Elements and Principles of Design - page 7
6/30/2010 Gradation Size and Direction Color Value (Warm to Cool) Dark to Light Repetition The repeating of a single element Monotonous without variation Repetition Repetition 7
Elements and Principles of Design - page 8
6/30/2010 Repetition Repetition Contrast Colors Opposites on color wheel Value or Tone (light/Dark) CONTRAST Shapes Direction Horizontal or vertical 8
Elements and Principles of Design - page 9
6/30/2010 Harmony Visually Satisfying Unity Visual linkage Meets the needs and expectations of the work All elements comprising the design share an aesthetic Representation There are several ways to visually communicate ideas Naturalistic vs. Abstracted (distorted) Visual symbols Words Naturalistic Visual Realism The Reproduction of proportions, forms and three-dimentional space as observed in nature. Abstraction Or DISTORTION is the exaggeration of shapes or proportions found in nature in order to emphasize meaning or bring focus to a specific aspect of the image. John Singer Sargent Madme X Pablo Picasso Girl Before a Mirror 9
Elements and Principles of Design - page 10
6/30/2010 Visual Symbols Words By Alex Design Picture Sources: Line: http://danidraws.com/images/2006-11/line01.jpg http://www.nzartmonthly.co.nz/imtiaz3.jpg Texture: http://www.snarkpit.net/userimages/tutorials/tut121_1.jpg http://www-personal.umich.edu/~wagnerr/SandTexture.jpg http://img3.travelblog.org/Photos/1/195834/f/1458250-Hairy-Frogfish-0.jpg Shape: http://www.rainbowcrystal.com/stainedglasspix/geometric.jpg http://www.tensionnot.com/pics/displayimage.php?pid=694&fullsize=1 http://www.perceptivephotography.com/commercial-photography http://best-photoshop-tutorials.blogspot.com/2009/11/collection-of-brilliant-logo-design.html http://bear-byte.net/blog/glossy.jpg http://www.bl.uk/learning/images/medieval/patterns/Pattern%2010-%20motorway%20l.jpg Contrast: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/IMC/P5882~Big-White-Cat-Small-Black-Cat-Posters.jpg Scale (Measure) http://researchmag.nmsu.edu/2007_SP/images/feature_tiny-light.jpg http://expasy.org/spotlight/images/sptlt084.jpg Representation www.260art.info/kids-drawing.html http://wardomatic.blogspot.com/2005/09/ava-thursday-i-want-toy-from-daddy.html http://www.childs.mccsc.edu/art98/art3p4a1.htm Position: http://www.desktoprating.com/wallpapers/landscape-wallpapers-pictures/snow-landscape-wallpaper.jpg http://www.teachersnetwork.org/images/ACF143D.jpg Color: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c5/Gray_scale.jpg/800px-Gray_scale.jpg 10
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