The Jazz Age

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the jazz age society in the 1920s mass media in the 1930 29% of the workforce was women. ? women working in the 1920s ? ? ? ? ? but business..8th grade for farm children. rural v. urban rural americans didn’t like the flappers and thought the...

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The Jazz Age pdf

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: April 17, 2012
: Carol Mathias
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The Jazz Age - page 1
The Jazz Age Society in the 1920s Mass Media in the Jazz Age Cultural Conflicts
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The Jazz Age - page 2
The Jazz Age The 1920s were a time of rapid social change in which many people particularly women adopted new lifestyles and attitudes.
The Jazz Age - page 3
Setting the Stage 1880s: Industrialization and immigration. WWI accelerated urbanization and what happened to men in the war made the young question traditional values.
The Jazz Age - page 4
The Flapper Breezy, slangy, and informal in manner; slim and boyish in form; covered in silk and fur that clung to her as close as onion skin; with vivid red cheeks and lips, plucked eyebrows and close- fitting helmet of hair; gay, plucky and confident.
The Jazz Age - page 5
The Flapper Wore shorter dresses than their mothers. (9- inch hemline for mom) Short hair and hats to show off short hair Bobbed hair Wore make up Drank and smoked in public
The Jazz Age - page 6
The Flapper Not many women were full flappers. But changes were happening. Parents didn’t like it!
The Jazz Age - page 7
Women Working and Voting More women chose flapper hair and clothes because they were simpler for the working girl. Convenience
The Jazz Age - page 8
Women working in the 1920s 15% of women were professionals 20% had clerical jobs By 1930 29% of the workforce was women.
The Jazz Age - page 9
Women working in the 1920s BUT Business was prejudiced against women. Seldom trained women for jobs beyond entry level Did not pay same wage as men. Married or pregnant often meant you were fired.
The Jazz Age - page 10
Women and the Vote 1920 women were allowed to vote. 1920 only 35% of the women eligible to vote did vote. By 1928 145 women in state legislatures. Jeanette Rankin first woman congresswoman. From Montana
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