Backward Design Lesson Plan Template

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l. galloway etec 430, fall 2008 integrated lesson plan 1 lesson title: community..4/5) inform students that follow-up lessons will give them time to..their learning to future endeavors (later in this unit) hcps iii...

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Backward Design Lesson Plan Template pdf

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: April 15, 2012
: Beth Pateman
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Backward Design Lesson Plan Template - page 1
L. Galloway ETEC 430, Fall 2008 Integrated Lesson Plan 1 Lesson Title: Community Action Project What is a PSA? What criteria will our Community Action PSA Project have to meet? How can a PSA be made on Essential Question(s):, as a Powerpoint movie or iMovie? Created by: L. Galloway Intended Grade Level: Grade 9-12 Subject Area(s) or Topic(s): Science Lesson Description (based on Gagne’s 9 Event Instruction) This lesson will: 1) gain students attention with a short video that introduces a “Community Action Project” and encourages students to choose a technology option by showing an interesting example PSA; 2) clarify learner objectives via whole group discussion of project handouts (see attached); 3) stimulate recall of prior learning by requiring students to use content knowledge previously taught (this project is intended for the last quarter term of a year-long course in which environmental issues have been explored); 4/5) inform students that follow-up lessons will give them time to do additional content research as well as guided and independent practice with suggested media; 6/7) inform students when draft projects are due and feedback can be expected; 8) inform students of project criteria (see attached); and in a later lesson, 9) enhance student retention and transfer by relating this project to future studies, career plans &/or personal living goals (see “Future ‘Aha Survey” sheet attached). Desired Results Established Goal(s)/Target(s) Students will be able to: 1. Understand what a PSA is and how to begin making one using 2. Choose what kind of Community Action Project they want to do 3. Write a Community Action Project proposal with peers 4. Understand who will evaluate their projects and based on what criteria 5. Transfer their learning to future endeavors (later in this unit) HCPS III Standard: SC.ENV.5: Interdependence of The Environment and Human Societies — Understand the interdependence between environmental systems and human societies. Assessment Evidence Project Proposal in complete, clear and feasible, and is handed in on time. Project progress checks shows adequate research, practice with chosen media (can be high tech, low tech or no tech) and problem-solving by all students in the group 1 This template has been adapted from the ITE Elementary Program, and uses the framework of “backwards lesson design,” adapted from Tomlinson and McTighe, Integrating Differentiated Instruction + Understanding by Design, ASCD, 2006. 1
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Backward Design Lesson Plan Template - page 2
Assessment Evidence cont’d Presentation of project to invited guests is completed & evaluation is triangulated (self-evaluation, peer &/or guest, and teacher) Learning Plan Minutes 4 10-15 Learning Activities 1. INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO – play “What’s a PSA Project?” video 2. INTRO PROJECT – give students the “Community Action Project” handout & read aloud 1 st page (whole group), stopping as follows: In subsection “Some Issue Options” – ask students to give local examples of each issue (recall prior learning &/or current news) In subsection “Increase Awareness!” – discuss with the class 2-3 environmental issues & the most appropriate goals & methods for each (i.e. Why do it? What is the best audience? What is the best venue? What is the best media - video, Powerpoint movie, podcast, print or live presentation?). Example: A Fair Trade Chocolate Sale project could raise awareness at school & many local venues, plus include a local radio, TV &/or newspaper PSA. The project could culminate with a presentation at a school assembly about total sales, where the funds will go & how the project helped solve the problem of child slavery. Local media could be asked to share the story with the public. Encourage students to consider using skills they already have (for time management) but also to increase skills they wish to advance, such as public speaking & expertise with specific technologies In subsection “Take Action!” – ask students to share any ideas & questions they are considering 3. DISCUSS EVALUATION & TIMELINE – before giving students time to complete the 2 nd page of the project handout, ask them to review the criteria on the “Project & Presentation Evaluation” handout in order to clarify &/or modify the rubric. Inform students that follow-up lessons will give them time to do additional research online &/or in libraries as well as practice with their chosen technology, but they will also be expected to do homework for this project. Tell students individual and group progress checks with the teacher will include journal writing and discussion, and be done at least twice on these dates: _____________ (agree on dates as a class; unit may take 4-10 weeks, but can be taught with other content as student project goals are addressed) 4. Give students the “Internet Sites to Explore for Your PSA Project” handout for later research. Discuss examples and non-examples of appropriate “target skills” noted in the last bullet. 5-10 5-10 2
Backward Design Lesson Plan Template - page 3
15-30 5. INDEPENDENT WORK – tell students their “Project Proposal” (2 nd page of 1 st handout) is due on _______________ (within 1 week), then allow them class time to share ideas, form groups, and explore Internet & print media, noted below and on the handout. If time, preview some of these in class and discuss PSA “do’s & don’ts: Winning Hawai‘i high school student PSAs (health related): Environmental Stewardship PSA: psa_news Making a PSA (narrated slideshow with links to YouTube): Legal Images to Search & Use: & Quick Guide to Online Video-making: (click on “Quick Guide” on the homepage for a short reading; go to & click “Never Made a Movie?” for a tutorial) 6. CLOSING – remind students of due dates for project proposals, progress checks and final presentations 1 40-70 minutes total Materials Teacher will need: LCD project, screen & computer with Internet access (note: test volume and connections beforehand) Handouts x 3: copies for each student of – “Community Action Project” (2 pages), “Project & Presentation Evaluation”, and “Internet Sites to Explore for Your PSA Project” handouts Optional: Current newspaper articles & website to research local environmental issues (see lesson plan activity 2 above, 1 st bullet) Technology Assignment Students are encouraged to choose a technology assignment for this project, but it is not mandatory. Emphasis is on learning progress and effort, with some grades given for quality of final products. Assessment will be individualized, based on the individual “target skill(s)” students choose to learn, practice and use as part of their group project work. Assessment of technology products students choose to create is included in the overall project rubric (see criteria 4 & 5), but technology-specific requirements are not tailored to the technology chosen. However, general criteria does encompass criteria normally assessed in student technology products, such as clarity, purpose, relevance to the topic and quality of presentation (see criteria 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7). The student project grading is triangulated and based on the traditional letter grades (see the “Project & Presentation Evaluation” handout). 3
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